Review (Is Legit or Scam?) Review (Is Legit, Paying, Real, Fake, Working, Genuine, or Scam). Find out all you need to know about in this “ Review”


Even though there are lots of investment sites, and you are scared to invest, there are some that you can earn from without having to deposit a cent. For example, Scatec-za is a platform that deals mainly with investments. Don’t want to invest? That is not a problem, you can still make money from


If you are interested in fully knowing how works, then we would gladly indulge you with all the available information about the platform. Kindly read this “ review” to the end.

By now it shouldn’t be news to anyone that there are hundreds of thousands of different ways to make money on the internet.

The easiest ways is what we discuss on this blog. Now, can scatec-za be considered as an easy way to earn? If it is, then the other important question to ask is: “Is legit or scam?”


All these questions will be looked into, in this scatec-za review write up. And we can guarantee that thorough and satisfactory answers will be provided.

Many are already joining, even those without enough info are joining. Don’t be like them. First, gather more than enough information before registering. You never can tell if you would discover findings that will make you know whether the platform is going to be a total waste of your time. Review

There are many aspects of that we will talk about in this article. Every part will be as important as the last, so do not skip any line for any reason.

We know you are probably asking within yourself, ‘Is scatec-za legit or scam?’ Well you just read on for a little longer. The answer to that question will be provided, along with answers to many other questions.


In this “ Review”, I will be answering questions like; Is Legit? Is a scam? How does work? Who is the owner of registration/signup, login/sign in, is paying? withdrawal, Plans/Packages, and many more about will be discussed in this “ Review.”

While you may feel that this review writeup is a bit lengthy, and will take your time, stop to consider the tons of free info you will gain from reading to the end.


What is is a money making scheme made primarily for South Africans. If you are from another country, you can still earn from the site by getting yourself a SA phone number and bank account.


The site is one that offers a variety of ways for internet users to earn without having to go through any complex course, or having to carry out though actions.

According to the site, you can earn money every single day. And all these earning will be happening remotely(from the comfort of your home).

How to Earn from

There are no secret ways to make money from, there are just two ways to earn actually.


But before we discuss the two earning methods, here is something you should know.

As a new member of scatec-za, you qualify to receive a free bonus of R40. You will definitely receive the bonus the moment you complete sign up process. Do not be surprised when you see R40 in your balance!!

Now, about making more money, you can increase your revenue by:

First, you can earn by picking one of the different investment packages.


Although we do not recommend investing in such a platform, if you still want to go ahead to investing, know that there are different plans available on scatec-za.

The plans come with different amounts and return on investment(roi). Make up your mind and invest in the plan that suits you.

The second way to earn, is referral.

Yeah, you probably saw this coming. Almost all sites similar to scatec-za, have a referral program. referral allows you earn by getting new members to register into the platform. There is a reward for every referral you get, and you also get from the earnings of your referral.



How to get Referrals

It is so simple that you should be able to figure it out. Anyways, here is a simple guide.

Firstly, perform login process. When logged in, find your way to the referral page where you can copy your scatec-za link from.


Copy the link, and share it.

When was Launched

To tell you the truth, Scatec was only recently launched in South Africa. But in Nigeria, there is a version called Scatec-ng, and it has been operating for many months now.


Obviously, both the Nigerian and South African version are owned by the same person(s). But the version for SA, which is scatec-za, was launched in October, 2022.

Who is the Owner of

The owner of scatec-za has hidden his identity from the general public. Although we are digging and finding ways to get info on who this person is, we will probably get nothing. Sign Up

If you want to register, then go straight to the homepage( Then, click on ‘Create an account.’


When you get redirected to sign up page, you will fill up the empty boxes with your personal details. Then click on ‘Register.’ Login

Don’t know how to login? All you need to do is go to the homepage. You will instantly get redirected to login page.


Provide your mobile number and password, then click on ‘Login.’


How to Withdraw on

All payments are said to be paid to bank accounts, and your bank account are meant to be submitted in the withdrawal page.

The minimum withdrawal amount is R50. To place withdrawal, perform scatec-za login process, then find and click on ‘Withdraw Now.’


Is Legit or Scam

If it is indeed true that the same people who owned, are also the ones running, then just know that this site will end up being a scam.


Statec-Ng scammed a lot of Nigerians, and chances are that scatec-za will scam South Africans too.

Bear in mind, isn’t legit!!


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Thank you for reading this “ review.” If you have questions or opinions, drop below.

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