Review (Is Legit or Scam?) Review (Is Legit, Paying, Real, Fake, Working, Genuine, or Scam). Find out all you need to know about in this “ Review”


Gamers are usually considered as unserious sets of people. LMAO. This is because, those who do not know, think playing games is a waste of one’s precious time. Wrong! Gamegoda is an earning platform that you will earn you money if you are one with love for games. is a newly launched website mainly for making money. The site is for gamers(mostly), and it is a really fun site. Interested in knowing how it works? Then read this “gamegoda review.”

Incase you do not know, making money from playing games is not something that just started. For decades, professional gamers have been earning millions of their local currency from playing games. This is usually by streaming, and Youtubing. It takes quite a while to earn much via this method. And this is where comes in.


With, you earn quick money from gaming. There are no requirements to be eligible. And interestingly, you won’t need to pay to earn.

This site can be considered as a get-paid-to site. So here’s a disclaimer. You cannot earn millions from the platform. You cannot get rich from gamegoda. You can only earn a few stash of cash. Keep this at the back of your mind.


There are many other things you ought to know about this platform, and I promise to reveal it all in this “ review” article. Review

Gamegoda is not complicated in anyway. But there’s a possibility that you may not fully understand how the platform works. You may probably even have challenges with registering/joining. This is where I come in.

I wrote this review to help ever member and prospective member to be able to carry out every possible action with ease and zero stress.


In this “ Review”, I will be answering questions like; Is Legit? Is a scam? How does work? Who is the owner of registration/signup, login/sign in, is paying? withdrawal, Plans/Packages, and many more about will be discussed in this “ Review.”

Please ensure that you read to the end. This article will be of great help to you if you are truly interested in earning from gamegoda.


What is

Gamegoda is all about games. If you’re a gamer, good for you. If you’re not, then you can become one(anything for the dough, right?)


The idea is to play games and give your honest feedbacks of what you think about the games. You don’t even have to be a professional player before you get rewarded for your efforts.

According to the site: “Test Games , Give feedback and to top it off, Get Paid for your efforts, Gamegoda have a Big Companies needs help impact games development for exciting new games That why Gamegoda allows you to earn for each feedback you do.” Pretty cool, huh?

How to Earn from

By now you should have probably figured out how you can earn money from the platform.


Before I go into that, I would like you to know that before carrying out any action, you would earn a bonus of $10 just for registering with gamegoda.

This bonus is given to all members as soon as they perform sign up bonus.

Now, to start earning money, all that you need to do is find your way to your dashboard(you can only get to your dashboard by logging in). Then start playing and testing the different games available.


For most of the games, you only have to play for about thirty seconds. And the reward for playing a game for just a few seconds, can be as much as $0.50 to $1.


Another way to make money on gamegoda is by Referrals.



Gamegoda referral is a rewarding and easy way to boost your daily revenue, and a smart way to get closer to the withdrawal threshold.

Members get $1 for every successful invite. So, if you could get about ten successful referrals for ten days, this would mean you have earned $100 with ease.

How to get Referrals

It is simple. Firstly, perform login process.


Secondly, scroll down your dashboard and click on ‘Invite friends, Earn now.’ You will be taken to the referral page. Copy your gamegoda referral link from this page, and share the link with your folks.


When was Launched

On gamegoda website, it was made clear that the platform began operation this year(2022). However, they failed to reveal the month and exact date that was launched.

All I can say, is that launched on october 2022. The day they started operation remains unknown.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of gamegoda is a mysterious man. Or probably woman.

He, or she, has taken extreme measures to hide their identity. It is worth noting, that since the owner is hiding his identity, then there is something fishy going on. Sign Up

To start as a member, go to the site’s homepage( and click on ‘Get Started.’

You will be taken to sign up page, and you will need to provide your personal information.

When done, click on ‘create account.’ Login

To login, head to the homepage. If you are not automatically redirected to your dashboard, then click the menu icon at the top right corner.


Select ‘Login,’ then you will be taken to login page. Fill in your username and password. Then submit.

How to Withdraw on

If you are logged in, find and click on ‘Payout options.’ If you are not logged in, perform gamegoda login process first.


In the withdrawal page, choose your method of withdrawal. The least you can withdraw is $80, and it’s via Webmoney.


Is Legit or Scam

After researching this platform, in and out, I can say that there is nothing that would make you think isn’t legit. The platform makes a lot of sense, and there is indeed a high chance that gamegoda is legit.


So give it a trial today, and see where it takes you to(could lead you straight to your bank).


Do you have friends asking, “Is legit or scam?” Well, you know what to tell them now!


Thank you for reading all the way to the end of this “gamegoda review.” If you have any questions, then drop it below.

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