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Hey there, have you heard of this new task site – Or are you looking forward to joining this earning site? Well, if your answer is yes, I suggest you hold your horses, and read this review till the end.


Basically, sun-invest is an earning site where you get paid for completing simple tasks. However, you don’t get these tasks for free as you will need to fund your account, then purchase a package on this platform.


On the other hand, no one knows how legit this site is, or if it’s safe to put your money inside sun-invest, and that’s why you need to know the answer to the question – is legit or scam? – before joining this site.

Well, if you don’t know the answer to that question, then it’s a good thing that you are reading review. So, I suggest you read every word on this review, and if you would like to ask a question, or probably share your reviews on this site, then you can do so at the end of this article. Review

Making money sites these days provides easy, and lasting income — however, not all earning site out there is safe to join. And the same goes for — finding out whether this site is safe or not should be your first priority.

Well, in today’s review, I’m going to be walking you through all you may need to know about this website.


In review, I’m going to be discussing the following: what is sun-invest? How does sun-invest work? How to earn on sun-invest? Who is the founder of sun-invest? When was sun-invest launched? Sun-invest login, and most importantly, I will be giving the answer to the question – is legit or scam?

So, read this review completely so that you won’t miss out on any important info that I will be sharing.


What is

Basically, sun-invest is just a site where everyone can complete simple tasks, and get commission for every task completed.

Well, like I mentioned earlier, these tasks on sun-invest are not free, and you will have to purchase one of its package before you can start earning on this site. Nevertheless, you can get this package less than its original price on your first purchase.


I’m sure you want to find out how you can do that — well, you can learn how by reading the next part of this review till the end.


How to Earn from

To start getting tasks, and making money on, you need to first become a member. By this, I mean create your sun-invest account. Well, after you are done with your account registration, this platform gives you a sign up bonus of $15.

As you should know by now, you cannot withdraw this bonus without depositing. The minimum deposit you can make on this platform is $6 which when added to the sign up bonus, you can purchase a sun-invest package/plan.


Once you have purchased this package, you get 2 daily tasks, and for each task you complete, you get a commission of $0.6 — meaning you make $1.2 daily. Well, the good thing about this package is that it lasts for a month which means at the end of this package cycle, you would have $36.


Moreover, you can decide to earn more on this platform by upgrading your account package. There are numerous packages on sun-invest that you can select from. However, making this move is not advisable as it ups your risk rate by 20%.

On the other hand, all users on can earn without buying a package, or even depositing. How then? Well, by participating in the sun-invest referral program you could earn up to 10% commission for every referral you bring with your invitation link.


How to get Referrals

To get your referral link, just log into your account, then select ‘team’. This way, you would find ypur invitation link, and code which you can copy, and invite whomever you deem fit to be in your team.

For every referral you bring with your invitation code, you could earn up to 10% commission. However, this depends on your referral level. On the other hand, you can also earn as a team on


By doing this, you keep on earning out of your team’s profit without doing anything. Isn’t that amazing?!


When was Launched is currently a new task site which was launched on the 20th of October 2022.

Who is the Owner of

For some reason which no one knows, the founder of sun-invest has decided not to reveal his identity. Well, this move has made all this platform users curious, and also ask – is legit? Sign Up

Well, the first thing you need to do to make money on this platform is to create your own account. However, to do this, you will need to submit some necessary details.


These details are; your email address, login password, transaction password, and also your referral code. Note that you cannot create an account without a referral code.

So, to get started, go to the sun-invest website ‘’, then select register. Login

To log into your account, all you need to remember is your email address, and password. Now, open the sun-invest website ‘’ which would open the login page, and login.


How to Withdraw on

Withdrawing your earnings on this platform doesn’t take time as you get your payment within 1 – 5 mins of request. Moreover, before you can request payment on, you will have to first meet the withdrawal threshold of $1.

Also, you will need to submit either your ERC20, or TRC20 wallet address to get your payment. So, click ‘mine’, then select ‘withdrawal method’ to submit your wallet address.


Is Legit or Scam

There is currently no proof of payment from because this platform was recently launched, and is yet to pay any of its users. Also, there has been no suspicious activities nor reports from the users of this site.


Despite this, I would advise all users to refrain from putting more than they can afford to lose, but stick to the sun-invest minimum package.

Well, have you been paid by this platform? If yes, do share your reviews with us by telling us your answers to the question – is legit?


Thanks for reaching the end of review.

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