Review(Is Legit or Scam??) Check it Out

Like the idea of earning dollars remotely(that is, mostly from the comfort of your home)? If you do, then why are you hesitating to join! Which is the new most talked about the online money-making platform. Or are you just hearing about Money-order?


Anyways, it doesn’t matter. You are reading this review now, and you are about to find out all that you ‘need’ to know about this site.


So, if you have been looking for a site where you can easily be able to earn dollars everyday, please stick to the end of this article. It might be really helpful to you.


One, out of many fun facts, about is that as a new member, you will be given a sum of $10.

All new members are given sign up bonus. Also called welcome bonus.

Note that this will be added to your balance, and it can be withdrawn when you reach the withdrawal threshold.

Would you like to know more about If yes, then have fun reading this review! Review

Since you landed on this page in search for the answer to a question related to money-order, we decided to dedicate the whole of this article answering most asked questions.


We know for sure that you have some questions to asks, so we will be providing well researched, factual, and logical answers to you readers. Questions we will be answering, includes: How you can withdraw from, how to earn money on, how possible it is to earn via referral, ecceteria.


During research, we discovered that many keep asking, ‘Is legit or scam?’

It seems people think this might just be too good to be true. Well, be informed that we will address the matter of whether is legit, or scam.

What is

Money-order is a website where you earn money everyday by just spending a few minutes of your time on the platform.


For your info, you do not need to make any deposits or recharge before you become eligible to start withdrawing your earned earnings.

With the free vip option on, you can always make free money everyday. But you will need to work hard.


PS: Working hard on doesn’t mean you would need to be physically fit, or strong. It just means being consistent.


How to make money on

The important part of this review, is this part. Because clearly everyone is here because they wish to earn money from this site. So, here is how you do it!

Remember that you first earn $10 when you join the platform for the first time? Remember that this is sign up bonus? Well unfortunately, you cannot withdraw the sign up bonus because it is not up to the withdrawal threshold(the threshold is said to be about $20).


So, to earn more money, you need to either get Referrals or perform VIP tasks. Vip tasks

There are eight vip levels on this website, but only one is free. The remaining seven requires you to make deposits before you can withdraw from ’em.


It is quite sad that the only free vip level on offers little percentage of profits. Meaning it takes forever for you to earn nice amounts of money.


If you are thinking of depositing and upgrading to a higher VIP level, then that might be a huge mistake.

We suggest that you just dive into the alternative way to earn on the site. Referral

Of course you must have expected to see referrals here, even if this is the first time you are hearing about this earning platform. It has now become custom for all earning websites to add referral program to the list of ‘how you can make money from their sites.’ LOL.


Well, you can earn at least $0.50 for every referral you get. Mathematically, when you get ten referrals, you get $5 easily!


How to get Referral

You can simply get referrals by sharing what is called your referral link. If you do not know where to find your link, then do the following:

1. Carry out login process

2. In your dashboard landing page, click on ‘Invite.’

3. In the invite page, click on ‘copy invitation link.’

Now that you have the link copied, share it with anyone you know that would be interested in joining money-order.

Do not forget to mention to people that if they register, they will get a sign up bonus.


When was launched must have been launched in April, 2020. This is an assumption, but it is most likely accurate. Because this platform wasn’t even existing in the month of March.


Who is the Owner of

There is no primary information about the owner of, yet. On the website, it is stated that money-order is in collaboration with sites like Lazada, Amazon, Ebay, Tokopedia, Shopee, and others.


If this were true, we would know the owner of! Because everyone knows the owners of the sites they ‘claim’ to be in partnership with.


Where you can find

For your information, the only place you can find is on the net. Sign Up

Find your way to, then click on ‘Register.’


Next, provide your phone number, password, and an invitation code. All these will be done on the sign up page.

Then click on ‘Registered Account’ to finish up the registration process. Login

If you head to homepage, you would realize the landing page is also the login page too.


So simply provide your phone number and password in the boxes provided.


How to withdraw on

Money-order allows withdrawal via crypto only. Just go to the ‘withdraw’ page, select the method you like the most, then provide your crypto wallet and place your withdrawal!


Is Legit or Scam might be legit, there is no way of knowing for sure. The only way to find out is to give it a try.

But be informed once again that we do not support the act of depositing into, because it is unsafe and risky.

What we are literally saying is, if you keep asking the question, ‘is legit or scam?’ Then we suggest you find out by registering and seeing for your self.


It was really nice of you to read this review to the end. Do well to drop some questions and comments below.

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