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Looking for ‘get paid to’ sites that offer daily tasks, as well as daily rewards and payments? If yes, the is the typical kind of site you unconsciously wish for!


Sites like are not that hard to find. The real issue is knowing how they operate, and how legit they are. And that’s exactly what we will be talking about in this review.


Before proceeding, there is something we would like to know. On a scale of one to ten, how strongly do you believe in earning from the internet?

If you pick a number below seven, then you haven’t been using the internet the right way.

The internet is one of the most powerful tools for earning. And some sites similar to have proven this so many times.

The point here is, try taking ‘online oney making sites’ more seriously. They(these sites) have changed lives of many people. You might be next.


Enough said about that. Let us now give you readers, a summary of context of this review. Review

All reviews on this blog are for purpose of assistance, enlightenment, and guides.

This review won’t be any different. We will explain all you need to know, and more. The only price you have to pay, is your focus and attention.

Some of the things you should expect to see as you go deeper into this article, are; How to make money from jumia bet, how to get referral, how to perform login details, is legit or scam, how to withdraw from jumia bet, e.t.c.


What is is a money making website that pays you for tasks done on the website. Every action performed on this site will get you a reward, and this is why people have been talking none stop about for the past couple of days now.


DISCLAIMER: is not a gambling platform. You do not place any bets at all. Also, is not the same with the popular online store known as Jumia.

Infact, there might be copyright issues that will come up, if the owners of Jumia online store finds out that is using their name.

This is none of our business though.


Our business is telling you how you can make money from, so check the next line!


How to make money on

Some people online have made it known that after performing sign up process, they then got stuck because they didn’t know how to start earning. This shouldn’t be an issue for anyone at all. Check out how you can earn money from


You can either earn by performing tasks, or earning by getting referrals. Tasks

Daily tasks are the simple grabbing of daily orders you need to do on the website to earn everyday.

However, daily tasks is not free at all. You will need to make some deposits(at least 1000naira).

Wondering if it is safe or advisable to deposit money into Our answer is NO!

Instead, just try out referral! Referral

Jumia bet referral is the best way to earn money from the site. Unlike daily tasks, it is 100% free, and there are no limits daily. It is also easier.


According to the website, here is how much you could earn from merely referring alone: “When your friends register and recharge 10000# successfully. The platform will reward you 2000.


When your friend completes the task of grabbing an order, the system will automatically settle your commission to your agency account. You can use it for tasks or choose to withdraw cash.

The rules are as follows:

Profit by inviting friends. Friends can be divided into 3 levels! Activating the proxy feature requires at least one subordinate to activate the proxy Level 1: Friends you personally invite. You can get


0.13 of their commission For example, if you earn 20000 # on the first level


today, you will earn 2600 in commission.


Calculation method: 20000*0.13-2600# Level 2: Friends invited by your first level. You can get 0.06 of their commission


For example, if your second tier earns 20000 # today, you will get 12 MYR in commission. Calculation method: 20000*0.06-1200€.


Level 3: Friends invited by your second level. You


can get 0.02 of their commission For example, if your third tier earns 20000 #today, you will earn 400 #


Calculation method: 20000*0.02-400N.”


How to refer or invite on

Firstly, and most importantly, perform login process first. Then, find and click on ‘Invite Friend.’ You will find that tab in the ‘Mine’ page.


Click on invite friends, then click on ‘Copy.’ Once you have copied your referral link, share it with all your friends that show interest.


When was launched was most likely launched in the month of April. In 2022.

This is the month that people started registering and talking about it. Hence, our assumption.


Who is the owner of

We don’t know who the owner of is, and we probably may never find out. This is because the owner of has been hiding from the public all these while.

Where you can find

You cannot find offline, only on the internet. Keep that in mind. Sign Up

You can easily become a member by going to the main website(, then finding the sign up link and clicking on it.


To sign up, just provide your name and password. So simple! Login login process is done just the same way you perform the registration. But for this, you need to head to the Login page.


How to withdraw on

If you ever want to withdraw, then head to the Withdrawal page and provide your account details.


Is Legit or Scam

Are you part of those people that have been asking ‘is legit or scam?’ If yes, then we would like you to know that no one knows for a fact if is legit or not.


The reasons are because, the website is still new, and no one has come out to reveal that jumia bet scammed him or her.

But we are of the belief that it is a risky action to deposit money into this site.

That’s a wrap on this review. If you have further questions or complaints, then comment below.

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