Jumiashareonline Review (Is Jumiashareonline.co.za Legit or Scam??) Find Out

Hey there! The rumors are actually true. Jumia Share-Za is back! But this time, they’ve rebranded, and the platform now goes by the name Jumiashareonline.co.za! Not too much difference in the name though.


Since people discovered jumiashareonline, there have been mixed feelings from people on the internet. Some are extremely excited that they are likely going to make a lot of money once again(just like they did with share-za). A few internet users are angry that the site has the guts to return. Apparently, share-za scammed some members before crashing.


Well, there are those with no idea of what Jumia share online is, and we will be happy to tell you everything we know.

And also, for those that want to know what differences share-za and jumiashareonline has, prepare to see them all in this article.

Jumia share online is pretty new, and people have been rushing to join the site to start making money. Do not be among the ignorant once. Do yourself the favor of reading this Jumiashareonline.co.za review. Remember, information is power!


Jumiashareonline.co.za Review

For the purpose of clarity, please know that this article is not for the promotion of jumia share online website. This is only a review, and we do not own the platform. Do not hold this website responsible for whatever action you choose to make when dealing with Jumiashareonline.co.za!


Now, this review will be answering a lot of questions. These questions include: How to make money from jumiashareonline easily, how to withdraw from jumia share online, how to get jumiashareonline referral, is Jumiashareonline.co.za legit or scam, and so on.

What is Jumiashareonline.co.za

Jumia share online is an online website to earn money from. You could say it is an investment site as well. This site is just like those online schemes that gives you back returns after a short while of investment.

That’s how Jumiashareonline.co.za works.


Beware of this, jumia share online is not the same platform as Jumia e-commerce store.

The store is for buying products, and not for earning quick money.


Did we forget to mention that when you join this platform newly, you will receive what is called jumiashareonline. co.za sign up bonus.

This bonus is a whooping sum of R10. Might seem little to you, but it’s not so bad.


Good job jumia share online!


How you can make money from Jumiashareonline.co.za

Making money on jumia share online is the same way it worked on jumia share-za, but for the benefit of those that didn’t know about share-za, we will still give an explanation on how you can earn.


You either have to invest and deposit, or you get new members to join the platform(this is called jumia share online referral). Oh! There is also a daily reward of R2 if you log into your dashboard that day. On days when you don’t enter into your jumiashareonline account dashboard, you will not receive any daily bonus.


Now, because of how terribly share-za ended, we will not advise anyone to deposit into jumiashareonline.co.za, but we will strongly agree with the referral option.


Jumiashareonline.co.za referral is available for all members, and it is a 100% free. Referring alone can earn you a lot of money daily, so it won’t be a bad idea to focus on it only.


Jumiashareonline referrals earn you R3 for every successful referral. It’s not so bad. There are limitless slots for referral, so you can invite / refer as many people as possible.


How to refer or invite on Jumiashareonline.co.za

To get referrals, you will need to gain access to your dashboard. So firstly perform jumiashareonline.co.za login process, if you haven’t already done that.


Then, go to your profile page and click on ‘Referral.’

Copy the link you find. That’s your jumia share online referral link, and you have to share it with people you know. You could also share with people you don’t know. Just make sure you are giving out the jumiashareonline referral link to people that want it. Do not spam internet users with your link!


When was Jumiashareonline.co.za launched

Jumia share-za existed about a year ago(2021), but this new version was launched in the last week of April, 2022.


The exact date of jumiashareonline launch is not known.

Who is the CEO / owner of Jumiashareonline.co.za

There is a likelihood that the people who owned share-za are still the same ones that launched jumia share online, but this is only an assumption.


It’s an assumption because no one knows the owners of share-za, nor do we know the owners of jumiashareonline.co.za


Apparently, the owner(s) of these platforms hide their identities for obvious reasons. They do not want to be tracked if ever they scam members.

This sounds harsh, but it’s actually the truth. You just can’t trust websites like jumiashareonline.co.za!


Jumiashareonline.co.za Sign Up

If you go to https://jumiashareonline.co.za, you would be taken to a login page. But at the bottom of the screen, you will find a link that says ‘Sign Up.’


When you click on sign up, you will be taken to jumiashareonline.co.za sign up page.

Your username, password, and email will be required from you.

It shouldn’t take you more than a minute to wrap up jumiashareonline.co.za sign up process.


Jumiashareonline.co.za Login

For jumiashareonline login process, just go to the website homepage url, you will see where you have to input in your username and password.


Tick the ‘Remember me’ box before tapping on Login. This will help you get automatically logged in everytime.


How to withdraw on Jumiashareonline.co.za

Apparently, the least amount you can withdraw from jumia share online is R400. This isn’t really easy to reach except you make investments. But still, we advise against investments on a website like this.


If you want to withdraw, perform jumiashareonline.co.za login process, click on ‘My profile,’ then click on ‘withdraw credit.’

Provide your bank details and the amount you want to withdraw. Good luck cashing out on jumia share online.


Is Jumiashareonline.co.za Legit or Scam

There is no need to sugar coat it, jumiashareonline is most likely a scam. This is because, if share-za could have scammed people, then why would this one be any different?


Anyways, if you are not convinced and want to still go around asking, ‘Is jumiashareonline.co.za legit or scam?’ Then it’s best you try it out yourself.


Thank you for reading to the end of this jumia share online review. Please drop questions, comments or opinions in the comment box below.

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