EliteZap Review | Is Elitezap.com Legit or Scam? Get Answers

There are one thousand and one survey websites out there, but this article will be talking about one that stands out. Elitezap.com is what they call it. And incase you are wondering, it is actually quite new!


If you are wondering what exactly it is that make elitezap.com stand out, well we would proudly announce to you that one of elitezap outstanding trait is the fact that they give $35 to new members. Not a lot of survey websites actually offer this much to their new members.


Do be informed that elitezap.com sign up bonus of $35 is just one out of many great traits that this platform possesses. If you are curious to know more, then we suggest you read ever word and line of this elitezap.com review!


For those that are determined to know more about Elitezap, you have no idea how lucky you are to be reading this review.

This is no doubt the best Elitezap review writeup you will find in the internet.


Elitezap.com Review

A friendly reminder, this review(or any other review you find on our website) is not meant for the promotion of any earning platform. We simply do this for enlightenment purposes.


That is to say, this Elitezap.com review is only to enlighten you on things related to elite zap that you are yet to be aware of.


For instance, a lot of questions will be answered in this article. Questions like, How to make money from elitezap, how to get elitezap.com referral, who is the owner of elitezap, how to withdraw from elitezap, and so on.


There have also been questions about elitezap legitimacy. Apparently, people are of the belief that survey sites like this one is just another shady scheme. So if you have been asking, ‘Is elitezap.com legit or scam?’

We will also address this too.


Let’s get this started!!!


What is Elitezap.com

Elitezap is just another survey platform on the website. As usual, the whole purpose of it all is for members to be able to make money from the comfort of their home.

Incase you are wondering, you earn U.S dollars from elitezap. But that doesn’t mean you can’t withdraw it to your country’s local currency.

There are different ways to withdraw the dollars, we talked about that somewhere else in this article.


How does Elitezap.com work / How to earn on Elitezap.com

There is literally a long list of things you could do to make money from elitezap.com and you wouldn’t even get tired. There are even fun activities you could do on this site that will earn you money. Check them out below.


Downloading Apps

EliteZap actually pays you to download certain mobile apps. It doesn’t matter if you eventually use this app. As soon as you download the app, you get paid.

You can earn $50 for every app installed.

Posting on Social Media

A lot of you readers are fond of posting on social media already. Well elitezap.com is ready to pay you for putting up some specific posts on your social media walls and status.

You can earn over $45 from elitezap for every post you make for them.


Elitezap Daily Login

If you can be consistent with this website, you can also earn dollars everyday for just being present on the website.



Answering and completing surveys on elitezap.com is probably the most rewarding of all.

You can earn up to $100 when you complete one survey. Imagine how much you can make in ten days, after completing ten surveys each day.


EliteZap Referral

This is probably the easiest method to earn money on elitezap.com!

Sharing links is so easy, and the owners od elitezap has made it known that you can get referral rewards even when no one signs up using your link.

When a person just clicks on your elitezap.com referral link, you get a sign up bonus of $1. But when the person goes ahead to sign up using your elitezap referral link, you get a bonus of $15.


PS: You also gain 15% of all money earned by your referrals! Make sure anyone you refer is making money so you can make more.

Now you see why elitezap.com stands out!


How to refer or invite on Elitezap.com

You can easily start getting elitezap referrals by sharing your link. And you can easily find this link by performing your elitezap.com login process.


You will find your referral link at the top of your screen, in your dashboard.


When was Elitezap.com launched

To be fair, Elitezap website actually did a pretty good job in being transparent. They have a ‘faq page,’ and they provided answers to many questions. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. They failed to provide information regarding when elitezap.com was launched.

No member has any idea of when elitezap was launched.


Who is the Founder of Elitezap.com

Over 90% of survey owners(not statistically proven) like to keep their identities concealed.


The founder or owner of elitezap is not known by anybody either.


Where you can find Elitezap.com

You know survey platforms only work online. They don’t have physical locations. You only see them on the internet.


Elitezap.com Sign Up

You can register and become a member of elitezap easily by going to the website(https://elitezap.com).

Click on ‘Sign Up Now.’ Then, provide your details and become a member.

Remember, you will be gifted $35 as elitezap.com sign up bonus! And it is probably even withdrawable.


Elitezap.com Login

You can perform elitezap.com login process by going to this link(https://elitezap.com/login).


Just provide your username and password in the elitezap login page. You will quickly be given access to your account dashboard.


How to withdraw on Elitezap.com

According to the ‘FAQ’ page on elitezap.com, the website doesn’t have a minimum payment amount to cashout. However, you must meet some requirements before you cash out for the first time to help prevent fraud.


This simple means you can be eligible to withdraw at any time!


Is Elitezap.com Legit or Scam

There are chances that some people will get paid by elitezap. But we can’t be sure that everyone will be lucky enough. Remember, we do not own the platform.

For those asking, is elitezap.com legit or scam? Well, spend less time asking, and focus more on working and earning.

Elitezap.com is a free website, so you won’t loose a dime to it. Give it a try today. There is a high chance that elitezap is legit though.


This is the end of this elitezap.com review. Thank you for reading. Please drop your questions below.

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