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Whosdaking Review Is Legit Or Scam? Get Honest Answers

I am excited to tell all my readers about, and how to make money on Whosdaking!


Are you observant? If you are, then you would have probably noticed that is currently trending on different online platforms(Facebook, telegram, and even Google). I don’t find it surprising that a lot of people have caught interest in Whosdaking. Because, the kind of opportunities(money opportunities) that this site is offering is, one of a kind.


The next few minutes of your time would you be spent on gaining information about how works, and if you should give the platform your valuable time.

You may have noticed that some people have been going around saying isn’t legit, and it is just one of those online ponzi’s.

If you really want to find out what this site is, then stick around for a while as I unfold every bit of necessary information to all those ready to know.


What is

The site domain’s name is WhosDaking, but people often call it Who’s Ducking. Just like the name says, this platform promises to make their members live like kings. ‘Rich Kings!!’ is like every other referral website, but the bonus that is made on this site is nothing like any other website.

Since the pay is in Euro, this automatically boost earnings when the payment is converted to your local currency.


Of course, there is more to know about Whosdaking. Which is why this review is only just starting!


The reason for Review

Questions related to Whosdaking have been flying in and out of the net. Some of the main queries related to Who’s ducking, is how making money on the site is possible.

And others who know that is mostly about referrals, are asking for a step-by-step guide on how to perform the process.

This Whosdaking review will give answers and solutions to a lot of queries. Examples include, how to withdraw on, how to login on, e t c.


I promise to also clear your readers on the trending matter. Which is, Is legit or scam?


I also guarantee that this review will be the best you come across anywhere on the internet.


How does work / How to make money on

If you are a professional in the ‘Game of Referrals,’ then Whosdaking was made specially for people like you!

Did you know? You can make at least €10 everyday on Whosdaking.


Here is a why and how it is very possible – Who’s Ducking doesn’t have a limit on the amount of referrals a members can get in a day. So if you can dedicate your time, and consistently share your referral link everyday, you should be able to get at least ten invitees everyday.


The pay for one successful referral, is one Euro(€1).

If you can invite ten people in a day, you are ten Euro’s richer than the day before!


Is this sounding great to you? I am sure this is sounding great to you!


How to get Referral

If you have good communication skills, can brilliantly convince people, then I strongly believe you will have no problems at all as you earn on Who’s durking.


This is because, you can’t just go around sharing your link to anyone you come across online. You have to be able to convince people to click your referral link. Then after clicking, they have to completely sign up.


Only then, will you receive your refer bonus.


How to withdraw on

According to what I researched about the website, allows members to withdraw when the have at least €100 in their dashboard account balance. Phew. I don’t think that is going to be easy at all.

Anyways, to place withdrawal on, you must have a working Paypal account. This is the only method of payment that the site uses.


The withdrawal process is something that anyone can easily figure out. Once you perform your login process, find the withdrawal tab and click on it.

The rest is simple.



Who is the CEO / founder of

I have done some findings. And unfortunately, I was able to get absolutely ‘Nothing.’

It is very obvious that the owner of, whoever he or she is, is doing a tough job in concealing his/her identity.


When was launched

I gathered that Who’s durking was probably launched in the first days of February 2022.


The site is only being recognized now. Meaning that if it existed before, we will probably have been hearing about it before now.


I will like you readers to know that this is only an assumption. The website isn’t helping anyone with informations such as when was lunched. So all I’ve got are logical assumptions. Login

To gain access to your account dashboard, simply go to their Telegram group, get the right links, then do what is asked of you. SignUp

If you find interesting, but you are yet to sign up, then do the following.


1. Go to

2. Click on ‘Join the game on Telegram.’

3. Do the next step that is given to you on Telegram.


You have nothing to worry about though. Be rest assured that sign up process doesn’t even take up to two minutes.

Is Legit

I have got to be honest with you here. seems legit. It all makes sense to me. But there is something that doesn’t quite add up.


The minimum withdrawable amount is €100. Meaning, you have to get at least hundred Whosdaking referrals before you can cash out. This is absured, and very unfair.

Also, this is the reason why some people think Whosdaking isn’t legit.


Is Scam

The site doesn’t look like a scam. They don’t even ask members to deposit or invest any money. So it is kinda safe.

If you think is a scam, then tell us your reason in the comment box below.

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  1. Yasir haruna maijamaa

    I dint trust you about this platephone becouse I was doing the weekly only job, like u sayd if some one have a $300 u can withdraw it but I have a $815 dollars but still show me ur payment request is submitted, somewhat is the problem and how can I trust you again with another platephone, this is scam not rea I if the link is real u have to pay us

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