You are currently viewing 2022 Rollbol Review(Is Legit or Scam? Get Answers Here)

2022 Rollbol Review(Is Legit or Scam? Get Answers Here)

For the past couple of years, I have been very active in the area of legit money making sites, and I must say this – I have never really seen anything like!

Rollbol is a social Media platform, like Facebook.


This platform allows members to meet new people, but it doesn’t just end there. Rollbol actually pays members to use the platform.


This is actually pretty cool because a lot of us use famous social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp daily. But we earn nothing from it.

This alone is enough to convince you to give Rollbol.Com a try.

But wait! Before you zoom off to the sign up on the website, there are still a couple of things that you ought to know. So I promise to be spending the next five minutes providing quality and top notch information in this review.


Whatever your issue may be with this earning social media site, I assure you that this Rollbol review will be beneficial in so many ways that you probably can’t imagine.


What is

Rollbol is an online website for people to make new friends, communicate, and also make money online.

It is a free website. And just like all the other social media platforms, signing up is very easy on


The best feature, is the part that involves making money. It is so easy and very unlike other platforms.


The owners of even made it so that there will be different methods to earn on the website. It is really amazing and rare.


If you wish to know more, then I advise that you keep reading.


Reason For Review

For the sake of clarity, this review is going to be all about enlightening both members, and prospective members, on how to go about performing different actions on this

Some members have been asking questions like; how exactly do I make money on Rollbol? How do I withdraw on How do I carry out roll login process?


Furthermore, there are also those that have been worried sick about whether this is a legit website. These set of people are the ones that keep google searching the same keyword, Is legit or scam?


Well you have nothing to worry about anymore. Because I have got just the perfect answer that would satisfy your curiosity. Just keep reading this Rollbol review to get all the information you need.


How does work

I would like to begin this review by giving a thorough and easy to understand explanation of ‘How to Make Money on Rollbal.’

As at the time this article was written, there are only two ways to make money on the social media site. The two ways are – Affiliate marketing and Tasks.


Rollbol Tasks

Tasks are given on a Rollbol, but do not be alarmed, this is simply the usual kind of tasks most of us perform on Facebook. They include; liking posts, creating posts, and so on.


When you perform a simple task such as commenting on a post, you are paid in points and this points can eventually be converted into real cash.


It is simple and very easy for everyone.

Rollbol Referral

Another way to make money on is by affiliate marketing. People also call this Referrals. referral is yet another very simple action basically all you have to do is share your Rollbol referral link, and when people register on the site, you get paid $1 reward. Referral Process

People, most especially the new members, often ask how it is possible to get Rollbol referrals. Well, all it takes is to get the ‘referral link.’ That’s just it.


If you are confused on how to get your referral link, then follow these steps;

1. Perform your login process

2. Find the refer or invite tab then click on it.

3. Copy the link you see there.

4. Share the link.


Who is the CEO / founder of

Although Rollbol has been operating for a while now, but it is still surprising that the CEO or founder of has not come out to reveal his or herself.


Many members are still hoping to find out who this person is, but for now no one is really sure. I will keep doing my research and if I get any tangible info about the site owner or founder, trust that it will be updated here.


When was launched was launched in 2018. This simply means that the rare rewarding social media site has been existing for over four years now.

However, they seem to be growing bigger now. Which is why you may just be hearing about them only recently. Login

If you wish to perform login process, you can start by going to the main website, clicking the login tab, and providing your correct details. Sign Up

The sign-up process is just the same as logging in. You have to start by going to


Next, you need to click on ‘Sign Up.’ Then provide your personal details correctly.


How to withdraw on

For you to withdraw on Rollbol, it is necessary that you have either a skrill account or a PayPal account.


Without any of one of the above mentioned, then it is impossible to place withdrawal. doesn’t send payment to local bank accounts.



Is Legit

By the looks of things, there is a very high chance that is legit. Since they have been operating for a very long time, it means that they haven’t been scamming people. This is only an intuition I made though.

Those who can’t stop asking, Is rollbal.Com legit? It’s best if you find out yourself by giving it a try.


Is Scam

Chances are that, rollbal isn’t a scam website. It seems logical, only that it takes forever for the points to accumulate to $1.

Or do you think is a scam??

I would like your honest opinion in the comment section below.

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