Review(Is The Weekly Income Legit or Scam? Get Your Answers)

Let me tell you about, and how you can make money with this site.


Most of the time, I am amazed when I hear people say they are yet to start making money because they lack capital. This mindset should be changed, because it is now 2022 and capital is not 100% necessary for making money these days. Especially if you aim to make money online.


To be honest with you readers, I have made lots of spare cash on the net without having to use capital. All that is required, is my smart phone and a steady data connection. is one of the thousands of ways that internet users can make money online, believe me!

I have given it a shot and I can assure that it is what a trial. This site claims that some serious members can make as much as $100. It seems actually possible, and you don’t need a dime for capital, on theweeklyincome.


If you are finding this interesting, then I suggest you take a seat, relax, and go through every part of this review.


What is

Theweeklyincome is a general money making site for almost every internet users from almost all parts of the world.

I have made attempts to register with weekly using different locations(by changing my IP address), they all worked fine. Meaning that anyone is eligible to become a member of the weekly income.


Making money on is not so hard if you can simply be consistent. And this article will be providing a guide on how to make money on The weekly income, easily.


I advise all you who are currently reading this, please you will be doing yourself a favour if you read all part of this review.

If this is your first time Reading a review on this website, I would like to let you know that the kind of reviews produced here are meant to be a guide to all who have queries and are a bit confused about how some things work. This Theweeklyincome review will be doing just that!


For those who have queries about how The weekly income works, and are confused about a thing or two about The weekly income, I would be doing the honours of providing accurate and exceptional informations to you readers.


This is a top-notch review, so enjoy.

How to make money on

There isn’t really much to talk about when it comes to this topic it is a simple and straight forward something. To make money on weekly involves referrals weekly reference is the only thing that can earn you money on the website unfortunately there are no other methods of ending for now but the fact that weekly has only method available to make money on the site this doesn’t main that earning huge amount of money is not possible.


How to refer or invite on

It is simple to carry out Theweeklyincome referral process, but if you are confused then here are the simple steps;

1. You first need to perform login process to be able to access your dashboard.

2. Then, you will be shown your Theweeklyincome referral link on the dashboard’s landing page.

3. This said link can be easily copied at any time of your choice and as many times as possible.

4. After copying the referral link, share it with friends and families.

I personally recommend that you take your time in convincing people to join this platform. Just sharing links alone will not help. I know people who have failed in this “referral business” because they lacked good communication skills.


How to withdraw on

Withdrawal on The weekly income is a very simple thing to do. in fact, all you need to do is log into your account and you will be only see where it is boldly written “You need to have made $300 before you can place withdrawal.”


If you don’t have at least $300 in your Theweeklyincome account, then it is impossible to place withdrawal.

Who is the CEO / founder of

I have researched all day long to find out who this mystery person, but it was all a waste of time and effort. The owner or founder of the weekly income has taken every measure in concealing his/her secret.


Just like you readers who are curious to find out the ceo of, I am also very curious as well. But it is impossible to know if the person keeps hiding.

I still promise to keep doing more research on this matter.

When was launched

Theweeklyincome was obviously launched in the month of January(2022).


I say so because wasn’t a site anyone knew before the above date. Sign Up

It is simple to register and become a member.


Steps are as follows; Click on, then go to ‘Start Now.’


Next step is to provide your details, then finish the sign up process by clicking on ‘Register.’ Login

I timed myself and realized that I could complete The weekly income login process in less than sixty seconds. It is extremely easy!


Just go to the Login page, fill in the boxes with your username and password, then click ‘Login.’


Is Legit or Scam

I am not a 100% sure if Theweeklyincome is legit or if it is a scam. Therefore, I cannot give any guarantees.

At the beginning of this review, I made it clear that it is worth giving a shot. Meaning that you may, or may not, make real money from this site.


However, for those that have been asking and asking persistently, Is legit or scam? I promise to keep digging, and see if a certain answer to this question can be provided.



Thank you for reading this ‘the weekly income’ review to the end. Kindly leave your comments below.

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