You are currently viewing Kkbt.In Reviews Is Kkbt.In Legit or Scam? Get Answers Here

Kkbt.In Reviews Is Kkbt.In Legit or Scam? Get Answers Here

If you think making money on the internet is hard, then you probably have never heard about Kkbt.In, the site that pays you 30 rands sign up bonus.


Now, that may sound too easy but be assured that there are other “too easy” facts about Kkbt.In website that you should also know. So this Kkbt.In review article all will be explained, and you readers will get the answers you probably have been looking for on the internet.


But before we begin this Kkbt review here are some things you should know; “You do not need $1000 to invest in forex nor do you need a university degree before you can become the wealthy man you always imagine to be.”


“With kkbt, the sites that mines money, you can become as rich as you have always wanted to.” Uf this sounds amazing to you then it is going to be worth your while as you read this Kkbt.In review to the end.


Kkbt.In Review

In case you’re wondering, this Kkbt.In review will be talking about; how to make money on the Kkbt.In website, how to withdraw money on Kkbt.In website, how to go about Kkbt.In login process, and so on, and so forth.


Because they are probably no other Kkbt review on the internet, this one you are currently reading will do it best to provide accurate information that can be easily understood, so stick around to the end.


Also, they have been questions about whether Kkbt.In is legit or a scam. Well, for those who have been asking, Is Kkbt.In legit or scam, the answer is right here in this Kkbt review.


You would be doing yourself a great favour if you read to the last line.



What is Kkbt.In

Kkbt.In is a website that can earn you money easily. You do not necessarily need a dime to be able to make money in on Kkbt.In! With just your internet connection and a smartphone earning monet is easy.


There are different ways to make money on Kate website, and they will be listed below.



How does Kkbt.In work / How to make money on Kkbt.In

Making money on Kkbt.In can be done through the following methods.

Daily Tasks(Mining Machines)

Mining machine work you can earn money by using the mining machine this is easy, and free to an extent.


If you are to use the VIP0 you won’t need to pay for anything, but if you want to use another VIP level, then you will need to upgrade and recharge into the Kkbt.In website.


It is best to stick with the vip0 level where you can earn without having to pay a dime.


Kkbt.In Referral

Making money by inviting or getting referrals is a simple action, especially for those that have an audience on social media platforms.


If you know that there are people you know that will be interested in making money online, then you can earn money via Kkbt.In referrals. Whenever you invite people to perform Kkbt.In sign up, you earn R3. The process is a very simple thing to do.



How to refer or invite on Kkbt.In

The best method to make money on Kkbt.In is by Kkbt.In referral. So if you would like to give this method a try, then here is what you should do.


First and foremost, perform Kkbt.In login process and you will be given access into your dashboard. Next, click on ‘invite friends’ and you will be taken to a new tab where all you have to do next is click on copy link and you will be given your Kkbt.In referral link.



When was Kkbt.In launched

Concerning the topic of when Kkbt.In was launched, well not many members are concerned about this. But if you are among the very few that have been worrying about when Kkbt was launched, then it is quite unfortunate that there is no answer to this question.


The platform owners have withheld this information and no one knows when Kkbt.In was launched. However, more research is still being done.



Who is the CEO / founder of Kkbt.In

Another topic to be discussed is the topic of who the CEO or founder of Kkbt.In is.


Just like the topic of when Kkbt was launched, members are also not too interested about this piece of information.


It is also unfortunate that the ceo or owners of Kkbt.In are not known. Also, whether the owner or founder is one person or a group of people, no one has a hint.



Where you can find Kkbt.In

Just to be clear, if you ever have any issue with Kkbt, then the best thing to do is to contact their customer care which can be found on the Website. Do not try to find a physical location for Kkbt.In, this website only exist on the internet.



Kkbt.In Sign Up

Enough said. Are you interested in becoming a member of Kkbt.In? Then the first step would be to perform Kkbt.In sign up process.


So not be deceived!! The Kkbt.In sign up process is free of charge and entirely stress-free. To begin, go to and click on register. Then provide the required informations(number, password e.t.c.)



Kkbt.In Login

Kkbt.In login process can also be done the same method the sign up process was done. Only that you would need to click ‘Login’ instead of ‘Register,’ then provide your mobile number and password.



How to withdraw on Kkbt.In

To withdraw on Kkbt.In the first step is to perform ‘Kkbt login process,’ then you would have to click on “Withdrawal.” Then, provide your withdrawal password and provide the amount you would wish to withdraw.


Mind you, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 60Rands.



Is Kkbt.In Legit or Scam

The question, is Kkbt.In legit or scam? Is very common among aspiring members.


Well, to satisfy your curiosity, Kkbt.In is legit not a scam. New members can go ahead with performing tasks on the platform, but be warned, it is not safe to deposit or recharge into Kkbt.


The fact that Kkbt is legit, does not guarantee that depositing is a Smart move.


Have questions to ask? Then provide them in the comment box below. Thanks for reading this kkbt review to the end.

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  1. Jane

    So is it really possible to make half a million with KKBT in a year after depositing R20 000? Or it’s just a false dream?

    1. Kwazi

      I would not trust this site at all. Definitely not worth my time either

    2. Tim

      Withdrawals are easy, I have already withdrawn 3 times

      1. Sandile

        I withdrawn yesterday 30 march 2022 time 09:10 now it’s 31 march time 08:18 but the money is not into my account why?

      2. Lo

        Prove it

    3. Carel

      Stay away.

      1. Priscilla

        Hi Carel. Have you had a bad experience with KKBT

  2. Angelo

    With the CEO name and release date not specified, this really seems like a scam like the recent TKL scam which had similar signs. Is the app available in the play store or is it apk?

    1. Oyena Ramncwana

      CEO name dololo

      Location dololo

      Founde dololo

      This is same as bitcoin no proper trace when theres a damage

      1. Angelique

        Not having placed a single sent into KKBT and after upgrading to the VIP1 machine within a few months we wlready withdrew more that we have put in. Regardless of what people say I have had no issues with them. Yes I can prove that the money was payed into my bank account and so can the person that introduced me and also the people I have introduced it to. KKBT had been a real life changer for me… If you looking to get rich quick look elseware yo follow the rules and you will have no issues all they really expect is your time the rest will follow.

  3. Josefa

    Guys i regret my self KKBT is scam you can’t withdraw your money to withdraw it you have to fight dont deposit i already deposit that’s why i regret my self

    1. Stephen

      I don’t understand why you say that, my friends are making money at KKBT and it works

      1. Nkhensani

        My account says it’s frozen I can’t log in

  4. Thabo

    How much did you deposit and what’s the problem with your withdrawal, asking cause I wanted to deposit?

  5. Chris

    Nobody should invest, let the 30 plus all the 3’s you gather be the investment, thus no loss, then do mining & referrals each day to grow the investment…see after 3 months if you hit the withdrawal target, then fight…. or not

  6. Elijah

    I think it’s best the CEO or owners details can be relived.
    Then we will know whether is is legit or a scam.
    It’s screams scam to me, but from the articles I ran.
    All saying almost the same thing.
    But they warn us taking a risk

  7. Pearl

    they just sent me a whatsapp I don’t know but I will not deposit any money

    1. Pepsi101

      Smart move eishh theres vultures every where these days

  8. King

    This Is Just another Ponzi Scheme Like TKL, How come the The site developers are not known?.. and you can just tell by the look of the interface that it’s a scam.

  9. George

    The name of the developer is not necessary at all. No one really knows the real person who developed Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto is just a pseudonym and not the real name of the person who developed Bitcoin. After all its just a mining game and no deposit necessary. Disclaimer: However every investor is required to exercise due diligency before committing money.

  10. Lez

    I was supposed to withdraw now they ask about input coin password of wch i dont know..thanks for the info i wont deposit

    1. Thapelo

      I will like to ask at the end you withdraw it?or it’s scam?

      1. Tim

        I successfully withdraw my funds and I am pretty sure it is not a scam

    2. Shawn

      How can you withdraw anything if you’ve deposited nothing???

  11. Tim

    I’m pretty sure it’s not a scam! I have withdrawn money from KKBT many times, why do you say that I cannot withdraw money? Why don’t you ask customer service if you have any questions?

    1. Annelize

      Hello Tim
      Did you withdraw small amounts?

  12. George

    bro Tim mine change to “First Solar”and i cant lock in it a problem ?

  13. Edwin

    Hi, please try and find out how Ponzi scheme works, yes they will let you withdraw small amounts but when you deposit more money they will be gone

    Please I advise anyone to be patient and not deposit anything but get profits from the 40rnd for signing up

  14. C

    Well to all we were on First Solar and it burned last night with a lot of peoples money. All of them is scams. Think by yourself who is going to give you money for nothing. They run for 2 to 3 months and then all of a sudden they dissapear. Website, app, managers all gone with your money

  15. Pepsi101

    Cant believe they claiming the members have no iterest in when this thing was established or who the founder is , these blood sucking vultures just use those who dont wanna use their common sence … heck even yhe website looks like it was made from contribution money

  16. Pieter

    Why does the team members keep changing their phone numbers?

  17. Kk

    Lol I withdrew 3 times now it says incorrect password… When i ask them how come they say I forgot my password.. how can I forget it while i havent even changed it? So bored

  18. Peter Watson

    Why do you recommend that you should not recharge or deposit?

  19. David

    How do u join it asked for an referral code

    1. Samantha

      Hi DAVID I have been with KKBT for a month and the transparency on the group is phenomenal. It may not be evident to the general onlooker as most info is shared on the Whatsapp work groups where all members are required to post screenshots with date & time of withdrawals, upgrades, recharges, gifts, bonuses etc. for all to see. i’ve grown my balance from R40 to R3500 in a month. pretty phenomenal if you ask me. Please use 122683 as your invite code,

  20. Andre

    I had withdrawn four times in a month and a half and had withdrawn a amount of R 6500 two times and smaller amounts earlier. I have build up my account up to R 25000 from R 8000 that I have deposit . Well It works for me and I have never heard from someone that didn’t get his money . I had withdrawn all the money that I have put in and more.

  21. Chane

    Well guys I was also skeptical. But after 3 months I can successfully say I have no problems. Infact it’s great. I am earning R112 a day now and I withdraw every week. I already made my 3000 back that I put in. Also when u struggle y don’t u just spk to the admins in the group to help u. Esp with withdrawals. There are 2 withdrawals on the app and I struggled also at first because I was trying on the wrong one. But I got it right eventually and things run smoothly every week.

  22. Ricky

    So far kkbt is still doing good, I won’t say take it or not cause I’m not the owner as well but I would say risk it maybe you are one of the lucky people

  23. Santash

    Hey i registered on 5th May 2022 and i referred a few people and they registered my balance now is at R64.00 and i didnt invest a cent. i am waiting to see how withdrawal works.

  24. Petrus

    Ive upgrade to VIP 2 now cant start my machine says insufficient funds but there is in

    1. Gavin

      You Clearly didn’t read properly. R200 is to rent the machine VIP2 and R700 is minimum balance to mine. Meaning VIP2 cost R900 in reality.

      Vip1 R250
      Vip2 R900
      Vip3 R3000
      Vip4 R10000

      And so on

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