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Interested in doing tasks to earn commission, and eventually earn money online? Then try BountyBox! A new South African site that was made to make you smile.


I got to discover about app, an app that can make you richer without having to put you through any hard work. To me, it looks exciting and really intriguing. So, I decided to write a honest review article. Just to do some explanations about a thing or two.


This bountybox review will answer questions and queries. If you have any, then you are lucky to be reading this now.

Would you like to get an answer to the frequent question, Is legit or scam?

Prepare to get an answer to the question.


I wouldn’t want to waste too much of your time, so let’s get started with this review.

I’ll start with a definition and explanation of what this really is.


What is

Bountybox or is an earning app. It is free, and totally easy to join.

Here is a part I find interesting. You would too.

Bountybox gives the sum of R20 to every new member they get. Doesn’t matter your gender, age, or personality. If you perform the sign up process for the first time, you will definitely receive a bonus of R20.


That is just the tip of the ice berg, earning doesn’t end there. Let me now indulge you on the different ways to make more money on the app.


How to make money on

Pertaining to earning, there are actually two things that could be done.

You can choose to do daily tasks on app. This one is a bit complicated and requires consistency. Or you can choose to go for referral.


I suggest you go for the latter!


With referral, there is a lot of money to be made. Especially, if you are a social person that also knows how to convince others.

Anytime you successfully get a referral, you will be R3 richer.


And the person you referred will be R20 richer. That is, after the sign up process.

I bet this is starting to sound more interesting as you keep reading.


How to refer on

You can simply invite by sharing what they call a referral link.


Your referral link is available in the app.

When you perform the steps to login, you will be taken to your dashboard. Then, you will be shown your referral link.


How to withdraw from

Payment will be made to your bank account directly. But you must have at least R50 in your dashboard wallet.

If you have more than R5, then go to withdraw and provide your bank account details correctly. Sign Up

To get started, you must first head to

On the homepage, you will be asked to download the app.


After downloading bountybox app, simply go to the sign up page and provide all details needed. Login

You hardly get logged out of your account. But if you logged yourself out manually, then you should have no problem performing login process by yourself.


Is scam

Bountybox doesn’t look like a scam. In fact, there has been no complaints from anyone that scammed them.


Is Legit

I cannot say for a fact, that is legit. But it ‘might’ just be.

The site is new. Everything looks logical and it all makes sense. Let’s see how things go.


But by the looks of things, there is a high chance that is legit.


If you have questions please drop below.

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