Reviews: Is Scam or Legit Site?

Some know it as Fortuner, others will rather call it, whatever you prefer to call it, did you know this platform can actually make you richer than you currently are?

I would love to enlighten you on how you can get richer on, but you will have to provide something first.


All I need from you is your attention.


This review will provide loads of amazing facts, informations, and answers to queries. All that is needed from you, is that you pay attention as you read this article.

As you most likely know already, getting a job these days can be tough. And getting an online means of earning is way easier now more than ever. So, why not be among the online earners?

Thanks to, becoming an online earner is free and very easy!


I really would love to go straight to the point on this one. So let’s get started right this instance.

Make sure to enjoy this review!

Incase, just incase you are lost on what this review is going to be all about, I’ll be happy to inform you that this is your ticket earning much, cashing out, and becoming richer. All at the expense of being a fortunerautoev member.


This review will be providing informations in areas such as – How to withdraw from, how to make money on, how to get Fortuneautoev referral, and other similar discussions.


If you have also been asking this question, Is legit or scam? Put it at the back of your mind that you will be provided an answer in this review you are currently reading.

You can trust that it is not just going to be educative, but also fun as well.


What is, or Fortuneauto, is an online platform that was made for the primary purpose of providing earning means for individuals that want to do more with the internet.

The most intriguing part about this platform(in my opinion), is how it is totally free. And anyone can earn with it.


Now, let’s skip all these and head to the really interesting part. The part that talks about earning everyday on!!


How does work / How to make money on

Did you know that you can make money daily on this platform? Let me teach you how to.

There are two ways you can earn daily. Both ways do not require stress of any sort.


There is a way to make money daily by doing fortuneauto tasks. It is simple and easy. However, there is a limit of just twelve tasks to perform.


The fact that this has limited tasks also means that the daily earnings are limited. Which is why, I recommend you earn via Referral!

Referrals have no limit, it is easier, and it is most likely to earn you more money on fortuneautoev. So wouldn’t you like to give it a try??


How to refer or invite on

What is the easiest way to get R5? Let me answer that for you – “By getting a successful referral.”


That’s right, you earn R5 each time you get a new referral. And with just ten invitees, you would have accumulated at least R50 in your Fortuneautoev dashboard.


That’s almost the amount for the minimum withdrawal amount.

To refer, you will need to click on ‘Invite Friends’ before you can see your referral link.


How to withdraw on

If you have been making queries about Fortuneautoev withdrawal threshold, well sorry I’m just mentioning it now. The minimum amount you can withdraw from this platform is R54. Any amount less than that will not be allowed to be withdrawn from!


Placing withdrawal is a process that doesn’t need to be explained. Even a kid could figure it out.

Once you perform login process, you will see a tab that says ‘Withdrawal.’ Click the tab, and provide all your payment details.


If you make any mistakes in your payment details, your payment may never arrive. So make no mistakes!


Who the CEO / owner / founder of is

There is no need bothering yourself about who the ceo or founder of is. This platform have made no attempt in revealing their owner / founder. Chances are that, they never will.

In the past, similar platforms like Fortuneautoev never made mention of who their founder is. This is the reason why there is a high chance that the founder / owner of this site too may never be known.


When was launched

If you are among the “very few” people wondering when was launched, well it is unfortunate that I do not have an answer to that question.


Though it is certain that was launched in the month of January, 2022. But the exact date isn’t certain. By the look of things, this platform isn’t really familiar with what “transparency” in business is all about.

Regardless, I will keep digging to find answers to this. SignUp

Here are the easy steps to perform sign up process.


1. Go to the website(if you are not yet a member, you will automatically be taken to sign up page).

2. Provide your phone number, password, security code, and a referral code(MZPTP).

3. Click on ‘Register.’ You can then download the app. Login

From the sign up page, scroll down and click on ‘Go to Login.’


Provide your phone number and password only. And if you forgot your password, the good thing is that login page can always assist with your account recovery.


You just need to click on “Forget password”.


Is Scam or Legit

I know you want to find out if is legit or scam. Everyone wants to. And that explains why this query, ‘Is legit or scam?’ Is becoming more frequent online.


As at now, no one has been paid by this platform, so I cannot conclude if Fortuneautoev is legit or not.

Let’s just see how things turn out.


Thanks for reading. Drop a comment below, if you have any.

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