Tesla Now Review: Is Teslanowsa.com Legit or Scam? Get Answers

You probably may say it is not much, but TeslanowSa.com is actually doing something amazing by giving out R200 as a welcome bonus to all newly registered members. Or didn’t you know??


Let me indulge you more!


Tesla Now is a site for South Africans that just got launched not quite long. This site is a money making site that has got diverse earning means for members. If you want to earn with teslanowsa.com but don’t know how to, I would gladly enlighten you on everything important to know.

However, I will need your full attention and concentration in this Teslanowsa.com Review. I don’t mean to brag, but you most likely will not see any other detailed tesla now review anywhere else on the internet.


Yoy really are lucky to be currently reading this one. So have a sit, grab a drink, and get enlightened as you go through this informative Teslanowsa.com review!


What is Teslanowsa.com

Tesla Now is a new means to earn cash on the internet. The pay is in Rands, so this site is likely for only people that stay in South Africa.

Tesla now claims that members can earn even R2000 in just a single day. Seems like this is a platform with huge potentials.


Just to be clear, Teslanowsa.com isn’t just a money making site. It is also an investment site. At some point(not everytime) for you to make money, you will need to invest some money.


I will go on with the discussion of how to make money on Teslanowsa.com, but first let me clear the air on what this Teslanowsa.com review is all about.


The purpose of this Tesla Now Review

This review is a “go to guide” for mostly the new and aspiring tesla now members. If you have things that are a bit confusing to you, I will most likely provide an explanation to that topic here.


Here is a peek of some discussions that are likely to be looked into – How to withdraw money from Teslanowsa.com, How to place withdrawal, and how to earn much money on Tesla Now, How to get Teslanowsa.com referrals, How to perform Teslanowsa.com sign up, as well as Teslanowsa.com login process, e.t.c.


How does Teslanowsa.com work / How to make money on Teslanowsa.com

It is very easy to make money on this website. One way to earn involves capital, the other way to earn involves consistency and hard work.

Below are the two different earning options on Teslanowsa.com


According to the tesla now website, there is about 800% return on investment when you invest in this site for half a year.


That sounds really catchy, and also very hard to believe. It’s probably just fraud, so avoid it.


Yup! I just said do not invest any money in Teslanowsa.com! Except you just want to take a big risk. And it will probably not be worth it.

Tesla Now Referral

What do you know about Referrals? If you know little ot nothing about it, then I suggest you read an article about it. Or better still, use a dictionary.


And for those who know what referral is, I’m happy to inform you all that this is the easier and cheaper method to make money from tesla now.



Tesla now referral will earn you 10% of your referrals deposit.

This means if your referral invests R1000, you will be given R100 as a bonus.


How to go about Teslanowsa.com Referrals

First and foremost, you must perform the Teslanowsa.com login process. This will allow you gain access to your dashboard.

Next step is to click on ‘Share.’ You will immediately be shown your Teslanowsa.com referral link and code.


Simply copy the link/code, and share it with friends that are interested in joining.


How to withdraw on Teslanowsa.com

On the landing page of your dashboard, there are three tabs – ‘Recharge, Withdraw, and My Message.’


Obviously if your aim is to place withdrawal, then you need to tab on ‘Withdraw.’

Then, provide the amount you want to withdraw. Also provide your bank account details too.

Some important notice: Withdrawal time for Teslanowsa.com is Monday to Friday. Also, time of withdrawal is within two hours to twenty four hours from the time you did the withdrawal action.


Who is the CEO / founder of Teslanowsa.com

No one has seen, or knows, who the true ceo or owner of Teslanowsa.com is.


For some reasons unknown to all, the founder of this site decided to shy aware from the public.

This makes teslanowsa.com look like an un-serious and shady platform! Why should an investment website hide its ceo?


If you have hints of who the person is, feel free to share his or her name in the comment section.


When was Teslanowsa.com launched

As it seems, teslanowsa.com was probably launched just recently. The platform was even most likely launched this month(Feburary2022). Because before now, no one had ever heard of it.

More research will be done on this though. And when I get more answers, you readers will be filled in on when tesla now was truly launched!


Teslanowsa.com Sign Up

Tesla now sign up process steps is simple and easy. I will guide you on it, but first head over to https://www.teslanowsa.com


1. Click on ‘No account, register.’

2. Type in your phone number and desired passwords in the boxes provided for you.

3. Use this referral code – 1535000

4. Click on submit. And that’s the end of teslanowsa.com sign up process!


Teslanowsa.com Login

Login process is also similar, only that you just need to provide your phone number and password.

No referral code is required if you are attempting the teslanowsa.com login process.


Is Teslanowsa.com Legit or Scam

I can’t say Tesla now is scam, but the return on investment doesn’t sound true!

No legit platform gives something as huge as 800% returns in just few months. LOL.


Be cautious of this site, because there are chances that Teslanowsa.com isn’t legit!

If you have friends that always ask, Is teslanowsa.com legit or scam? Kindly share this review to them.


Also, if you have questions. Drop it in the comment section.

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