Reviews(Is Scam or Legit?)

Immediately I became aware that is giving the sum of R288 to all new members(just as a sign up bonus), I figured most of you readers will find it interesting. In fact, who wouldn’t be interested in getting R288 for doing nothing? Pretty sure even Elon Musk wouldn’t turn down the offer. LOL.


The site I am currently speaking about, is called SolarCity. Most people would rather call it by its domain name, which is!


If you would like to start earning online, or make some quick money, then I am recommending, a.k.a Solarcity, to you.


If you don’t seem too interested or you feel less enthusiastic about this, I will like to tell you that the internet is the best place to make money from in 2022.

If you are feeling reluctant to try earning from the net, then you’ve got a lot of second thoughts to make.

What is

It is hard to really explain what SolarCity is all about. Some would say it is a website about electricity. Others would say it has to do with power banks.



It is quite confusing.


But then, who cares? Lol. All that matters is that, is a site that would earn you money if you do as instructed.


And I will be providing you readers with what is meant to be done, the instructions, and other related stuffs.

That’s the ‘purpose of this review!’


Honest Review

What does a review actually mean to you? If you have no idea, then you probably missed English classes.


This SolarCity review is to help members of the site to go through how everything works on

I also will be providing guides on how to perform some actions.


Such as; How to carry out the login / sign up processes, how to perform withdrawal, how to perform referral process, and so forth.


Are you still having second thoughts about the legitimacy of this platform? Worry not comrade! I will assist with that just before this review is wrapped up.

There have been those asking, ‘Is Legit or Scam?’ I assure you that there is a satisfactory answer to this question. And I have provided it in this review.


How to make money on

For obvious reasons, this is most likely going to be the most interesting part in the review.


Earning on SolarCity is possible by either carrying out the daily task action(which some call mining), or getting Referrals.

The daily tasks is like buying virtual products(solar power banks).

The platform gives you commission when you buy these products. It is just like investments, and you earn more than the money you spent in buying the product.


Didn’t find that interesting? Well, you will definitely find the next line interesting! referrals is a simply and free way to earn money on the site. You don’t have to pay for anything at all.

You share your link, and when people sign up with your link, you will earn your commission.


It is limitless, and you can earn huge amounts for referral program.

How Referral works

Like I made clear above, you only earn when you share your link and someone signs up with it.


Now, incase you are wondering where your referral link is, all you need to do is log into your dashboard and find ‘Invite friends.’

Click it, copy your link, and share.


How to perform withdrawal

I learnt that the minimum amount that is allowed to be withdrawn from a Solarcity dashboard is R100.

Let it be made known to all now. Any amount less than R100 cannot be withdrawn from!!


If you have already crossed the withdrawal threshold, then all that you need to do is to perform login process, find ‘Bank Card’ in your dashboard, click it and provide your bank details.


Then wait for your payment.


Who is the CEO / founder of

I don’t know who the ceo of this platform is. I don’t think anyone does either.

They didn’t provide this information anywhere in the website, and I don’t think they did any where else.

If you know who the ceo or owner of is, then kindly reveal him or her in the comment section.


When was launched

It is hard for me to actually tell the actual date that was launched. Why? Because the owners of the platform have kept quiet about this piece of information.


If you were to go through the website trying to find if there is any mention about when they launched, you definitely will end up being disappointment.


Doesn’t this show a sign of lack of transparency? Shouldn’t all professional websites be transparent?

What’s your take on this?

Where can be found

Only online. You can either download their mobile app, or use the website itself. Sign Up

The steps to perform sign up process are as follows;

1. Go to

2. Click on ‘Sign Up Now.’

3. Fill in your names, password, and a referral code(G27SR).

4. Agree to SolarCity policy, then click on ‘Register.’ Login

The steps are the same when you wish to login. Perform the same operations when signing up, only that you go to ‘Login.’ And you will only need to provide your password and username.


Is Legit

As long as you won’t be making any deposits or recharge(investments) then there is no way you are going to get scammed by SolarCity. Therefore, I conclude that is legit.


Just get to withdraw threshold, place withdrawal, and cash out! Why would you even think isn’t legit?


Is Scam

Are you one of those asking, Is legit or scam? Or you know people who do?

The answer is no! Solarcity isn’t a scam.

But do not invest into the site. With just referrals, there’s a chance that you can earn a lot.


Thank you for reading. Please drop a comment.

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