You are currently viewing Share-za.Com Review: Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!!

Share-za.Com Review: Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!!

Share-za is another amazing earning platform very similar to TakeAlot. If you are familiar with these kinds of site, then you probably have a hint of how Share-za.Com works. However, if you are confused on how things work, then it’s a good thing you are reading this article now.


This is a share-za review article. All informations about this platform will be stated here. Read to the end.



Share-Za.Com Review

The essence of this share-za review is to enlighten and provide answers to all those that have questions and need answers.

At the end of this article, you will have knowledge based on;


How to make money on share-za? How to withdraw on share-za? Is share-za legit or a scam? What is share-za vip level? Share-za login and share-za sign up process? And so on…


What is Share-Za.Com

Share-za is an online site made for the sole purpose of helping internet users to make money. It would be fun to note that, Share-za gives a registration bonus to all new users.

For South African users, they get a R300 bonus for free!!


Registration is also free too!!


How does Share-Za.Com work / How to make money on Share-Za.Com

To make money on share-za, one has to do the needful first. This means you’ll have to perform some tasks to accumulate and earn money.


Share-za allows new members to perform a maximum of ten tasks a day. When you complete all ten tasks, your earnings will be added to your dashboard immediately. When you get to the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can freely withdraw.


Share-Za.Com Vip Levels

There are different vip levels on share-za, to move to a higher vip level you will need to deposit on the site. The higher the vip level you are in, the higher the tasks you get.

And the higher share-za tasks you get, the high income you generate.


However, I recommend that you do not deposit on share-za. It’s better to remain in the current free vip level.


How to refer or invite on Share-Za.Com

Did I also forget to mention that you can make money by participating in share-za referrals. This simply means that you can refer and get paid on share-za.Com


When you share your unique referral link, you will be given share-za referral bonus. This is an easier and quicker method to cash out on the platform.


Who is the CEO / founder of Share-Za.Com

Many are less concerned about who the ceo or founder of share-za is, but a few people want to know.


Unfortunately, the founder of this site is not known. Many similar earning sites like these also didn’t reveal their founders too. It still remains a mystery to me that many are not bothered about why the founder of share-za (and other similar platforms) hides behind curtains.


Where can I find Share-Za.Com

You can only find this platform by going online. The website of share-za is their main office / office, for now.

Share-Za.Com Sign Up

To register on share-za CLICK HERE.

Then provide all required informations.


The share-za sign up or registration process doesn’t take more than two minutes to finish up.


Share-Za.Com Login

If you want to login to your account, CLICK HERE.


The share-za login process is very easy. You simply have to fill in your phone number and your password. The click on the share-za ‘login’ button at the bottom of the screen.


How to withdraw on Share-Za.Com

It is reported that Share-za minimum withdrawal amount is R100. When you have made R100 or more, you can freely withdraw by heading to your share-za.Com account dashboard, click on ‘withdrawal,’ input in the amount you wish to withdraw, then await your share-za payment.



After placing your share-za withdrawal, wait for about 24 hours, and your payment will most likely arrive.


Is Share-Za.Com Legit or Scam

As at the time this article was written(august 2021), Share-za is still legit and paying. Share-za is not a scam. Members are happily and excitedly cashing out.

But please be warned, I do not advice anyone to deposit any amount in this platform.


Have any other questions about this Share-za review? If so, then drop your questions and comment below.

This Post Has 13 Comments

  1. Hlengiwe Mpanza

    Good morning
    I need to log in into my account. But i dont know where to go

  2. Nontsikelelo

    My 300 for the trial has disappeared nd im left wth my accumulated money nd its less than 300 so wat do I do becz I cnt continue with completing the task. Nd u also advicing us not to deposit so wat do I do now

    1. Nomfundo

      I also have that problem to and If I try to withdraw it says I have to deposit first before I can withdraw

  3. Catherine

    When you click the link to sign up it’s all in chinese

  4. Siyabonga

    I also have the same problem of “You need to recharge before withdrawing”

  5. Mpumelelo


    I have been doing tasks everyday on this platform for 4 months now, i am on VIP 4 and making +R480 in under 10 minutes per day and have made 3 separate withdrawals that made me over R8000 straight into my bank account, for me this is the most amazing platform out of all the other platform i have tried before because it is the quickest way to make money and their customer service is professional, quick to answer any problems you might have.

    Yes in the begging this platform was totally free, up until greedy people started creating loads of fake account using one phone to earn money maliciously and to earn recruiment rewards so the platform decided that in order to verify that you are not using a fake account you have to deposit a minimum of R400 and that money will be added on top of the money you have already accumulated on the platform and can start withdrawing your money anytime you want even on the same day of your deposit, you will never be asked to deposit any money again ever again.

    I am an ordinary South African just like many of you but believe me if you willing to work hard on this platform you will be heavily rewarded.

    If you are interested or want to learn more on how to succeed on this platform feel free to contact or whatsapp me anytime on 062 416 5839

    To register here is my link :

  6. Simphiwe

    Find me the founders of this platform Share-za not jumia coz i know it’s a big company with high reputation. I need to know who created this site

  7. Kash

    I want to delete my account. How do I do that

  8. Mimz

    What exactly are we “submitting” ? When we click on order submit? Where does that “task” go to? Where does the money come from to make payments?

    1. Danie

      It’s a Ponzi. I’ve created many shopping websites and have never heard of a shopping website so behind on technology that requires 3rd party members to manually click a button to “complete an order” for customers and they are willing to pay you a % for that, rather than just simply programming that into their website for free and save all of the so called “commission” that they need to pay out. Total nonsense, it’s just a front to catch people who think it’s legit.

      The worst is people think it’s legit because it is paying out, ALL Ponzis pay out in the beginning, that’s how they work and that’s how they catch the fish.

      They rake in millions and one day you will log in and everything is gone, yes people might withdraw and brag that they made more than they lost, but how much did their actions to recruit cost others or coming to this site to brag in the comments that they received a payout? How much did their comment cost others?

      1. Maggy

        I think this is a scam. It is a duplicate of cmall that crashed. Everybody thougt it was legit because they got money when they withdraw.
        Be very carefull in whose account you deposit money.

  9. Shirley

    For 2 days this does not work It keeps saying ” the balance is less than 300, and the transaction cannot be continued ” now i loose 2 days to do the thing How are we supposed to make money if you cannot do anything

    1. Khaled

      Hi, I’ve been on Share-Za for over a month, I’ve invested R40000 and currently I’ve withdrawn my R40000 and have a balance of 173000 in my Share-Za account…I make about R10000 a day without withdrawing. Maximum withdrawal per day is R50000. I’m saving now for my car and will be buying a new house in 2022.

      If you want to share in my profits click this link.

      You can contact me on WhatsApp on 067 970 7421. I’ll send you pics of my withdrawals and we can work through it together, I’ll explain everything.

      This is not a scam, but at any stage if u think it’s a scam, by all means walk away.

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