You are currently viewing SurveyJ.Co Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Now!!

SurveyJ.Co Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Now!!

SurveyJ.Co Review

In the world of making money online and performing surveys for quick cash, there is the famous platform known as SurveyJ. You probably may have heard of it, or come across the link before. Well, if you don’t know much about SurveyJ and you wish to find out how it works, then you are in the right place.

This is a detailed SurveyJ review. In this article, you will get answers to questions such as; Is SurveyJ legit? How can I make money on SurveyJ? SurveyJ sign up and login process? E.t.c.
Try to keep up!


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What is SurveyJ.Co

This is an online site that you(or anyone) can use to in accumulating cash daily. On SurveyJ, you get paid in U.S dollars. Hey, i’m sure we all know the exchange rates. *wink*
Making money on surveyj isn’t stressful at all. You simply need to answer surveys(just like the name says).

How does SurveyJ.Co work / How to make money on SurveyJ.Co

You can make money in different ways. You can either earn by sharing posts to your social media pages/account. You can make money on surveyJ by testing apps. You can also earn by answering surveys.
Doing these will help you accumulate much cash on your surveyJ dashboard. In a day, it is possible to accumulate about 40$. So cool right?!

How to refer or invite on SurveyJ.Co

Another way you can earn is by getting referrals. I’m sure we all know how referral works, so here is how to refer on surveyJ.

Login to your account, copy your surveyj referral link, then share it to anyone who might be interested. You stand a chance of getting $60 for every referral you get. Goodluck!!

Who is the CEO / founder of SurveyJ.Co

In truth, no one really knows who thr founder of surveyj is. In fact, this is one of the reasons why many people don’t fully trust the platform.

The date the platform was launched is also not known. We are a bit certain that SurveyJ was launched on July 2021, but the exact date is not known.

Where can I find SurveyJ.Co

You can find this platform online, only!

SurveyJ.Co Sign Up

To register on surveyj or sign up, go to and click on the surveyj register button.
Then provide all required informations.

It should take more than two minutes to carry out the survej sign up or register process.

SurveyJ.Co Login

SurveyJ login process is easy. Just head over to the login page, provide your phone number and your password.

If you have forgotten your password, then you might find a solution on the surveyj login page too.
All in all, surveyj login process is very easy too.

How to withdraw on SurveyJ.Co

To withdraw your funds on surveyj, login to your account dashboard, navigate to the withdraw or withdrawal tab, click on it, then provide your bank account details.

After your surveyj withdrawal, wait for about 24hours. Your payment may arrive after a day.

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Is SurveyJ.Co Legit or Scam

SurveyJ may be legit and it may not be legit.
Many people online have claimed surveyj is legit. But some said they are yet to get paid. Please be warned, do not deposit any money into your account.

Have any questions about this surveyj review? If you do, then comment below.

This Post Has 133 Comments

  1. Concern

    I requested to withdraw 48hours ago but still nothing what is happening?

    1. Scott


      1. Latisha curry

        Hi my name is Latisha curry and I was supposed to be paid on the 11/20/2021 and I haven’t received a payment yet I put in a lot of my time and I refused to let them get away with anything sorry but I can’t let that happen so I guess I will be seeing them in court.

        1. Valentine Aniche

          I was supposed to be paid on 04/12/2021 but up till now I have not received my payment,what’s going on please ?

          1. Susan

            Have u been paid now?

    2. Habib

      I was supposed to be paid today
      November 7,But uptill now have not received my payment yet.

      1. BreannaSmith

        Did u ever get it??? I’m supposed to be paid on the 29 world December should I stop worrying about it ‍♀️

        1. Charles

          Survey j is a scam nothing else

    3. Gloria

      Survey is a scam they postponed my payment days 3 times when i checked yesterday i had a message informing me that I was declared an inactive user therefore i will not receive my money. In order for me to be payed i had to get 2 referrals and 2 surveys in order to be active apparently thats when I will be payed. Survey J co is a scam sad enough they have videos on YouTube. Stay away

  2. Williams

    I made a withdraw on 1st of August and the schedule date of payment is 2nd of September , that’s the payment schedule date I was given , I wonder while one month look scam to me because there is no proof of payment buy any one , but let’s hope and see , 2nd is not far.

    1. Yoshlin

      My withdraw was for yesterday 15th August I got nothing as yet and another one on the 19th August and a last one in I am hoping for a draw my full amount is $5978

      1. Charles chris

        This is the best site I have ever seen I made withdraw of 10500$ and it dropped at the due date all thanks to this site poverty goodbye.

        1. Joseph

          Please sorry for my disturbance, but can we see a proof of payment please???

          1. Leon Haskins

            Wasted 4 months.
            Still waiting for payment.

          2. Xoliswa

            Months passed by since i made a withdrawal till now november 28 2021 still no payment i have put my effort and time in this why surveyJ please pay me dont do this to us we really need the cash

        2. Joydip Roy

          hellos sir, I have withdraw from this site. But my withdraw did not come back. Waht can I do to get my withdraw back.

          1. Destiny Nat

            Today is my withdrawal date I am hoping to withdraw to receive my payment of 26,000 dollars

        3. Mich

          Blessing that follow you on the site go follow me thank you.

          1. Moses

            Thank you Joseph

        4. Oliseh

          Pls send me a screenshot of prove to my email address God bless as u do so

        5. Agofure Jackson

          I can’t even withdrawal my money at all they keep giving me conditions

        6. Joy

          Can you helpe then my withdrawal was yesterday and nothing happened

        7. Paulinus

          Wow please help us out on it

        8. Peta

          Charles can you please tell me if you got your money from surveyj cause I want to know before I got any further with this company

        9. Abdul

          Did you have your money then

      2. Aletan Fiyinfoluwa

        Have you received the payment now?
        I think the site is a scam and waste of time and effort

        1. Marvel

          Survey j try and pay me please
          I have request about 3 withdrawals now it’s has not arrived yet still pending instead up to 2 weeks plus now

          1. Gloria

            They dont pay, mine has been reschedule 3 times.

      3. Lordswill

        I am yet to be paid since from 19 Sept to date

    2. hancock 489

      Have you cashed out already

      1. Precious

        Have they paid you?
        I requested payment dis month 2nd ND they said it’s on pending until next month 2nd. I checked my pending payment and realized they’ve shifted it to 17th of next month instead of 2nd. Pls re they yet to pay you? Cos am beginning to think it’s scam

        1. Simons

          Have you received ur payment?

          1. Habib

            Have not received my payment uptill now

    3. Edwin

      Pls i want to know if the man who applied for withdrawal in have been paid?

    4. JungleJords

      Have you been paid now?


      But have they paid you now,? Please reply

    6. Peta

      Have you gotten your payment yet from surveyj?

  3. Emma bliz

    Heip me

      1. Gloria Nwabueze

        My first pending schedule date was 21st of November but another one on 23 of November another one on 24 of November another one on 6 of December till today all of them are still showing pending, and i have completed everything that was need 100% why is my payment not coming
        Please i put so much effort on making this possible to the end hoping to get paid please even if just one you people should pay me please.

        1. Qudus

          You haven’t yet complete everything. After proving you are not a robot, that is, getting 15 clicks(100%), 6 referrals (100%), 8 offers(100%), and 130 referral commission (100%), they will give you 1 month duration and there, if you happen to be inactive on the platform, they will keep rescheduling your payment until you meet their requirements. I suggest you make sure you get 2 referrals and 2 offers (surveys) daily till your scheduled date. Thanks

    1. Ngozi boniface

      Non payment of referral commission
      They have not paid me my referral commission it’s hanging I brought 12 people registered under me I only saw 9 in my invitee line ,my referral commission is not moving why

      1. Basil

        No dear
        Your referral commission
        Can be paid when your invite complete a survey wall
        You get 10 percent

        1. Abdurrasheed

          What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

          1. Habib

            Have not received my payment uptill now

        2. Moses

          Do any of you think this program is real? please tell us?

          1. Esqueen22

            Survey J is a big scam, after working heart referring people, wasting my data i decided to request for payment on 24 August which they gave 23rd September as the payment day i waited patiently but 5 days to the day, they extended it to 8th October and On first October again they further change the date to 23rd October.
            Another reason you will know it’s a scam is that there is no way to reach them and the leaderboard is always the same

        3. Oliseh

          Pls is it legit

      2. fidelis

        Why your referral commission is not moving is because those you Invited have not done any survey yet
        The referral commission moves only does you invite download app or answer question so advice them to do so

      3. Kiwi

        Yes same here! Is this a scam site or not honestly.

        1. Jayson


      4. Kate Mmuolokwu

        This is the exact thing I am experiencing. My referral commission is not adding. Its on stand still. They are making it difficult for me to reach my withdrawal goals. Really thinking this is all scam. Wasted my data and I lost money as well trying to get WhatsApp confirmation

      5. Qudus

        Referral commission, if you may get me well, is The bonus you gets when your referrals complete offers (surveys) in the survey wall. Like, assuming your referral complete survey worth $60, you get $12 as your commission. And that’s the referral commission

    2. Ghulammuhammad

      Hello can you help me anyone I’m working with survey j but I’m download my apps they don’t give me paid of my apps survey apps don’t give me paid

  4. Joseph

    Survey j is scam !!!!!
    Do anyone have any online site that rally pay??

  5. Austia eyo

    Please I have a little problem with the survey wall, one of the four aps (universe) is not compactable with my device. I need help on that thanks.

    1. Nwankwo Chiderapeter

      I have find it hard to sign up

  6. Nahum Elihu

    Why are there only three app on the survey wall?
    Little option to earn on the survey wall.

  7. Lateef Akanbi

    If SurveyJ is legit, let them send messages to the emails that people used to register with them. They’ve not done that. So, their trust level is 0.001%.

  8. Rosemary

    Have anybody been paid before by surry j?

    1. Oluwafemi oluwafunmilayo esther

      I requested my payment since last year and I’m supposed to be paid on the 29 Jan of this year but instead I saw payment hold and that I should refer 2 people and complete 2 offers. Ive been doing that but they are yet to pay me. why??

  9. Fa'iz Ibrahim

    The rate at which dollars are earned on surveyj is enough to tell u it’s a scam. Except if they print dollars, there is no way they can pay the amount people generates. If it’s advert money, then surveyj users will earn more than even the companies that produce the products

    1. Jessie

      Exactly. It is too real to be true.

  10. Olaleye Olayinka Oladipo

    Why it’s so hard to get in to surveys wall please any solution and again many people has been complaining about this program that they have applied for cash but nothing has happened
    Thank you

    1. Season change

      Surveyj.Co is a totally bullshit they ain’t real they just consume your data and leaving you hanging this pure nonsense

  11. irenprosper

    my survey wall ……I can not continue with the 4 questions ….mi don’t know why???

  12. Johnson Adeyemi

    Have you been paid?

    1. Christian

      No I have 3 pending payment now and all the scheduled date have passed they are still showing me pending

      1. Emme

        Seriously it can be scam, because the rate of dollars giving to us,they can’t pay for it seriously

  13. Christian

    I think survey j is a scam my withdrawal date have passed i didn’t see any payment

    1. Matthew

      Good morning dearies but at most of the times I login to page I always saw people been paid on my page that gave me courage to proceed but dose that could be handiwork or realistic because I saw some payment via Bitcoin,vemno,and check pay ETC. well all the best I’m still in the process to reach to conclusion I wish myself best of luck until I reach to finally conclusion..

  14. Ubaidullah

    Survey wall is not refreshing is still 2 survey their how can continue to get all 8 survey which the want??????

  15. Scott

    I think the surveyj is a scam. I have pending payments of $1550, $7550, yet to be paid .
    They are scammers and time wasters. I haven’t met anyone they have really paid.

      1. Scott

        BTC and cash app
        $7500 BTC
        $1000 BTC
        $1550 cash app.
        Till now no payment

      2. IBN WAHAABS

        I have 6 pending payments and instead of 30 days, another 15 days is added totaling 45 days. We just hope survey pay.

        1. Young cash

          You just wait till the date they postpone it to

    1. Sulaiman Yofo

      Man I de get my cash today SurveyJ no be scam as u think, what u guys need to do is that you should not be referring fake emails and duplicates social media posts. I received $30000 via BTC wallet, which u luck

      1. Ozuluoke

        Are you for real bro, surveyj actually paid you can I see proof please

  16. Scott

    Please who knows how we can reach surveyj call centre or message centre

  17. Young cash

    Is this survey really pay according to their schedule payment

    1. Sodiq

      How can I get refferals comission please

  18. Theodore

    It not legit
    Don’t waste your Time

  19. Emme

    They are very big scammer

  20. Alfred

    Surveyj.Co is a totally bullshit they ain’t real they just consume your data and leaving you hanging this pure nonsense

  21. Daren Hlongoane

    It’s a scam I tell you! Time wasting mofos just consuming your data for nothing, been awaiting my payment and Everytime the scheduled date nigh’s they move it further giving you false hope

  22. Adedeji Micheal Adenuga

    Let see, it might be legit……I will come back to tell you guys if am credited

    1. wesley

      How to get survey commission

  23. igwebuike

    I rechest to withdraw & i never see arlat

  24. This surveyj. Co is real or fake I request payment since last month but never sent me my money

    1. Kabir

      Is there anybody paid?I need proof please tell me!I met all requirements I’m waiting payment!

      1. Ojo bayonle

        Please, how did you complete ya survey wall. Please give me hint on how to

  25. Michael

    Well I can’t say any thing now because I have requested payment so let see hoe it goes

  26. I request for payment since and today is the schedule date for it but haven’t seen anything yet..

  27. Jagaban chris

    They told me to complete my process before i can withdraw my cash through paypal act.

  28. Chigozie

    Please how can i reach surveyj customer service i made a withdrawal and they gave me a schedule date and the date has gone but i haven’t gotten the money

  29. Fairest

    Surveyj is 100% scam.
    Don’t bother wasting that data of yours downloading heavy useless software apps and games.
    After convincing your referrals to also participate in your fruitless downloads and repeated surveys…and you complete all criteria…I mean all green and 100%.
    This is where the truth and frustrating part begin to set in.
    I have 6 pending payments for over three months. None has been paid.
    Surveyj. Una Papa!!!

  30. Ngozi Ibe

    Has the person sent the payment proof please?

  31. Nakoo gibson

    I made request since 30 September and my payment date was 30 October but till now have not received my payment why.
    And another one is coming up by 16 November what should I do to get my payments please help me out.

  32. Moshood

    Please surveyj j I am supposed to be paid November 9 and till now, I have not been paid, it just pending and I maid another request today which is for December 10, I mean i just did that now. Am now having two pending payment now

  33. Moses

    Thank you Joseph

  34. Larry

    I was supposed to be paid November 6 a complete scam

  35. Destiny Nat

    Today is my withdrawal date I am hoping to withdraw to receive my payment of 26,000 dollars

  36. Humphrey

    I submitted first cash out in October and was scheduled for payment for 9th Nov. 2021 but nothing is heard from survey j up to date. What must be the reason for the delay

  37. Favour

    Good day,
    My name is favour.
    I tried joining you group but it’s full.
    Can you please add me to your group??

  38. Jessie

    Payment Invoice


    Congrats! You have successfully requested to cash out your earning.

    Right Now, our team is reviewing your clicks, invites and social post submissions for fraudulent activity such as fake referrals, spam clicks, bogus or duplicate social post submissions. If your stats are authentic, your payment will be sent on scheduled payment date.

    In the rare case that you do not receive your payment on the scheduled date, please contact us using the live chat section in help page. Thank you and happy earning.

    Dont forget to share this on your social

    That’s what is on my pending status after 2 months of withdrawal. They’re a big scam.

  39. Ajibola Benjamin

    I am yet to get paid. I have three pending payment but unable. Please, what can i do….?

  40. Anointed

    My scheduled date to receive my payment was Thursday 18th 2021
    But today is Monday 22nd and am yet to receive my payment…. I don’t know why it taking this long after waited for a whole month and now they haven’t paid yet

  41. Onwugbufor

    I request for payment twice but haven’t received anything yet and the schedule date have passed, please what is the problem someone should help.

  42. Ojo bayonle

    How did you complete your survey wall? Cos i have being trying to complete mine,but i haven’t.
    It always re direct me to another site. Can you please give me hint to do that

  43. Gloria Nwabueze

    Please i was supposed to get my payment on 21st of November but till now i have not seen anything, and is still showing pending please you people should do something please

  44. Gloria Nwabueze

    My schedule date was November 21st but i have not received my payment till today been 5th of December, please am tired of seeing pending let something be done please

    1. Gloria Nwabueze

      My schedule date was November 21st but till today i have seen received any payment, please what’s keeping main?

      1. Goodnews zubydo

        Good sir my scheduled date is on December 10th but up till now date December 12 the money never been send to my Paypal account.really confused here sir

  45. Gloria Nwabueze

    My schedule date was November 21st but till today i have seen received any payment, please what’s keeping main?

  46. Olarewaju

    I think surveyj is a scam and wasting of time

  47. Big Nigga

    Big scam, there father. They wasted my data and time, God go pushing them
    I have two pending payment
    3000$ Via BTC
    1000$ via BTC

  48. Mario

    survey j is a big scam, just lets you waste your precious time and data and at the end they will not pay, they were supposed to pay me on 13th december but till now, nothing happened. pls dont waste your time and energy there. thanks

  49. HMD

    Pls, stop eating your precious time looking for a site that will be paying you only just only by posting adds.. Their is no site on this planet that will ever pay such amount of dollars only by posting adds on social media. Its completely a scam..

    For those of you that are still asking if its a scam, no body to tell you, you should know by now that its completely a SCAM.

  50. ugoniso Stanley

    I am interested to work as much as possible looking forward tomorrow and you will see the signed contract and the code for that thing guy

  51. Maxmilian

    Looking for an online site that really pays

  52. Micheal

    Help me please i have been trying the survey but is not unlocking please teach me how to do it

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