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Witty.com.ng Investment Opportunity In Real Business


Witty.com.ng is one of the subsidiaries of Witty Enterprises, Witty Enteprises vision is to create a world without poverty.

Below is their businesses


  • Witfound magazine

A personal development online magazine with revenue from Google adsense.



  • Millionaire community

An online subscription plan that offers a monthly fee to it community to access book summary and other financial tested ideas.


  • Witty telecommunications

A telecommunications website and app that provide data, airtime, T.v subscription, Electricity payment e.t.c at affordable price.



  • Witservices

This is a website development service market.


The above businesses are services of Witty Enterprise which is a social enterprise, with the goal of organizing business and financial seminars, different empowerment programs to eradicate poverty and also to serve as business incubator to new entrepreneurs.


  • Witty Investment Opportunities

As our investors or partner of these great vision there is an opportunity to invest money to reach more subscribers of millionaire community, to meet the increasing customers demand of witty.com.ng, more readers for witfound.com and more client for witservices through advertisement.


ROI for our investors.

As a partner or Investor, you will be paid 10% of your investment capital every week from the weekly sale’s profit and subscribers fees.

You will be paid for 13 weeks.

Which will give you your capital and 30% profits..


The minimum amount to invest is ₦5,000. Investing ₦5,000 will give the investor 10% dividend after 7 days. Which ₦500, and the ₦500 will be paid for 13 weeks. Giving the investor back the capital and 30% profits.

The beauty of this investment is that it create another source of income which is one of the secret of becoming successful financially.


How Can Witty Enterprises Paid Their Investors

About 50% of Nigeria’s population is using the Internet and around 90% of the total population have mobile phones, as of January 2021, Nigeria had a population of 208.8 million, and about 104.4 million were Internet users, giving a mobile penetration rate of 50%. Of those, 93.3% accessed the Internet via a mobile phone.


Also DataReportal which reported the above statistics also stated that the number of internet users in Nigeria increased by 19 million, or 22%, between 2020 and 2021.


Furthermore, Statistica.com reported that the number of TV cable users in Nigeria is expected to increase from 6.5 million in 2018 to 7.4 million in 2023.


In addition, more than 500,000 candidates write WAEC or NECO every year and also every home in Nigeria pay electricity bills.


Magazine Subscription is a recurring payments from subscribers. And Witty make a substantial amount of money from subscribers and advertising from it’s media websites. Also witty launch it’s wit creative agency with the goal of becoming the largest freelance digital service in African.


Witty Enterprise promises an expansion in e-commerce, real estate and other internet businesses before the end of 2021.


To start or lean more about witty Investment visit.




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