Funcidy.Com Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Now!!

Funcidy! Ever heard of it?! Whether if you have heard about it before, or not, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you are about to read this Funcidy review. You will be given the full details of how this platform/app works. If you are here because you have some questions about this earning platform, then there is a high chance you’ll get your answers here.



By the time you are done reading this Funcidy review, you will have gotten answers to questions like;
“How to make money of Funcidy?” “Is Funcidy legit or a scam?” ‘Who is the founder of funcidy?” “Funcidy login process?” “Funcidy sign up process?”

Without further adu, let’s dive right into it!

Funcidy.Com Review

Many people online are looking for a way they can make money online without stress or having to do much. This is the reason for this review. Funcidy is a platform that should be popularly known. They claim to pay in dollars for doing simple ‘things.’

For those that already know about Funcidy.Com but are confused on how it works, then this review is also for you.

What is Funcidy.Com

Funcidy is similar to a social media platform. It is very much like Facebook. Only that you earn money for the things you do on this platform.
This is a website where you make money online by performing the easiest sets of online tasks. You literally accumulate dollars on funcidy by reacting(liking) a post. How hard can it be?!

How does Funcidy.Com work / How to make money on Funcidy.Com

Everyone is welcome to make money on Funcidy. And the good thing is that, almost everything you do on the platform will earn you cash.

Funcidy.Com pays you for liking posts, creating posts, commenting, and so on.
However, you should note that they give points, and these points are then converted to dollars. Here is how it works;

  • You earn one point for creating a new post.
  • You earn one point for liking a post.
  • You earn five point for commenting on a post.

Please bear in mind that funcidy converts 1000 points to one dollar.

How to refer or invite on Funcidy.Com

You can also make money on funcidy by sharing your referral link. And when someone clicks on your referral link, then register, you will earn 0.10$ for it. The more people that register using your link, the more funcidy.Com referral or affiliate earnings you get.

In my opinion, referrals is the quickest and easiest way to make money on this platform.

Who is the CEO / founder of Funcidy.Com

Based on some reasearch done by us(beta hustler), we got to realise that Funcidy is owned by one Ibrahim A. Who hails from Knoxville.

Where can I find Funcidy.Com
You can find the platform online.

Funcidy.Com Sign Up

To sign up on Funcidy, or register, CLICK HERE.
You will be taken to funcidy sign up page, and you will need to fill a form to complete the process. It is simple, quicl, and not much personal information would bd required from you.

Funcidy.Com Login

Funcidy login process is also easy. To login, CLICK HERE.
On the funcidy register page, you can move to the funcidy login page with just one ‘click.’
Then provide your email and password to login.

How to withdraw on Funcidy.Com

You can only withdraw on Funcidy when you get to $50. Funcidy minimum withdrawal is $50, so if you don’t get to that threshold, then you won’t be able to withdraw.

When you get to the withdrawal threshold, you can simply head to the ‘earnings’ tab, select your payment method(Paypal or bank), then fill in your paypal / bank account details.



Is Funcidy.Com Legit or Scam

Funcidy is not a scam. Many have been asking the question numerous times, “Is Funcidy legit?” Well, they are legit, for now.

But working for them can be stressful. It is almost impossible to get to $50 since 1000points is only one dollar.
Funcidy is too hard!!


Have any further questions about this Funcidy review? Then comment below.

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