Latest Review Is Legit Or Scam?(Find Out)

You know how hard it is to find a legit and paying money making site these days? Yup, it is extremely hard! In fact, some folks believe there are no legit paying sites anymore. If you are one of those that believe that online sites don’t pay anymore, then wait till you hear about the newly launched earning site! is a Nigerian owned money site(people from other countries can earn from this site too). And the tricky part is, this platform is very similar to the recently crashed earning site called FireVip. Many are of the belief that the owners of Firevip are also the ones that launched Hugevers.


Since Hugevers is a newly launched site, you would most likely have a lot of questions about it, and since there are lots of rumors going on about this site, you probably landed on this page to get ‘factual’ answers. In this review, you would get all the answers to the questions that you have been asking. is a controversial sites. Different internet users, both members and non-members of hugevers, are having mixed feelings about this platform.

So, this review will be providing explanations, solutions, and remedies. Do well to read every line. Review

If you have read to this part, then it obviously mean you are ready to get all info regarding hugevers and how it works.

So in this article, expect to get answers to many kinds and types of queries.


This review article kicks off with a thorough explanation to the question; “What is” Moving, answers to questions like “how to make money from hugevers, who is the owner of, how to perform login process, and is legit or scam,” will be provided in this article.

What is has been making headlines for the past couple of days. Many believe they will earn fortunes from the site, others believe it will end up like the usual scam platforms that have come and gone. Want to know what this money making platform really is? You will find out soon enough!


Hugevers is a site that will pay you for being one of their esteemed members. Mind you, it is a free to join site. And, this site have got money bonuses for new members of the site.


When you perform sign up process, the site gives you the sum of Nine hundred Naira as a welcome gift.

Basically, is an order grabbing site. The whole point of it, is to increase sales of particular products. But in a site like hugevers, you do not need to buy this products. You only place ‘unreal’ orders on these products. And you get rewarded for it!


Hugevers isn’t doing anything new. This is not the first time we would be seeing something like this. So if you do not understand what ‘order grabbing’ is, or how it works, then do some google research.


How to Earn from

On this ‘esteemed’ money making site, there are two ways that you can go about earning revenue everyday.


The more popular means of earning, is by Order Grabbing(which we talked about earlier).

However, the thing about grabbing orders is that you would need to buy/pay for a virtual machine. This machine is what gives you daily earnings when you log in everyday.

Note that, has got different order grabbing machines with various prices. The more expensive it is, the more money you will make daily.


The second way to make money, is by Referring. referrals is an easier way to drastically boost your daily revenue. Your reward for referral is six percent of the earnings your friend made. So, when your friend earns lots of money, your six percent would also increase as well.


Between order grabbing and referral, it is more advisable that you focus on referrals ONLY. We do not advice any reader here to make deposits or investment into this site!


How to get Referrals

To earn by hugevers referrals, you simply have to share your referral link about. When people click on the link and perform sign up process, you would start getting rewards.


When was Launched started to make waves on the 8th of August, 2022. The site was probably launched before this date, but no one knows for sure.


The owner(s) of didn’t seem to think releasing the site’s launch date is important info to members.


Who is the Owner of

Another hidden info about this platform is the identity of the owner(s).


For some reasons, the owner of has withheld his/her identity. Some would say he/she did it so that when the site becomes a scam, the owner would be untraceable. Sign Up

If you are confused on how to join this site, well there are two ways you can perform sign up process. You can either sign up using a person’s hugevers referral link. Or, you can find your way to the site’s sign up page.


When you get to sign up page, provide your phone number and desired password. Then click on ‘Register.’

It is pretty simple. Login

To login, find your way to login page, then type in your phone number and password.

It wouldn’t take up to a minute to log into your account dashboard.

How to Withdraw on

The least you can withdraw from is four thousand Naira. If you don’t have up to such amount, you would never be allowed to withdraw.


If you want to withdraw, perform login process first. Next, find and enter the withdrawal page. There, type in your bank account details(accurately) and amount you wish to withdraw. Then submit.


Is Legit or Scam

Many people are curious, and this has made this question a popular one, “Is legit or scam?”


The fact remains that, even if hugevers pays now, a time will come when the site will stop paying. So in fact, isn’t legit! The site is a pure scam. Be warned.


Do you have questions related to this review article? If yes, then drop your questions in the comment box below.

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