Latest Firevip Review(Is Legit or Scam? Get Answers)

Firevip is now trending across all social media platforms, and on the internet! Do you know why? Well, it is pretty is easy to guess why. There are only a few things that can make Nigerians over excited, and one of them is money. The platform known as is promising Nigerians huge amounts of money, if only they can sign up on the platform and perform daily tasks. Sounds tempting, but there are a lot of things you should know. is a new money making website in Nigeria. As Nigerians, these are the things we love to see. Sites that will earn us money without stress. So, a lot of us hurriedly sign up on the platform.


Please do not do anything ignorantly. If you want really want to make money from the internet, and you are yet to join firevip, then we highly recommend that you read this review first. Before going on to perform the sign up process on the website.

Everything that you need and ought to know about firevip, will be stated in this page. Please do yourself a favor by reading to the end of this review. Review

It cannot be disputed that information is power. And in this case, gaining info about is just the right thing to do. Lucky for you, this review article will give you answers you seek, and answers you need.


In this review, expect to see answers to queries like; How to make money from firevip, how to get referral, who is the owner of firevip, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, etcetera.

The A-Z of firevip will be explained in this page. And this includes the pros and cons(a.k.a advantages and disadvantages).

Please note: This blog is not in partnership with! This article is also not a form of promotion for any money making site. The whole purpose of this, is only for passing of info!


What is

Firevip, or, is an online avenue for earning easily. The site is made in Nigeria, but not made for only Nigerians. Anyone from any part of the world can sign up and begin earning on firevip(on the condition that you have a Nigerian phone number and Nigerian bank account).

Earning is ridiculously easy on this platform. The amounts you can make are too good to be true.


Did you know that, sign up bonus is fifty four thousand Naira(#54,000)?!

This is a very huge amount of money, and no money making platform in the history of money making platforms have given this much amount as merely sign up bonus.


The even more hilarious part about firevip is that, you would think because earning is easy, you would make a lot of money everyday. But that’s not the case at all.


How to Earn from

Making money is very easy, but the tricky part is how much you can make daily. LOL.

Can you believe that you earn just One naira from sharing your referral link with friends. At this rate, it would take forever to be able to place withdrawal.


The annoying part is, sign up bonus cannot be withdrawn. What then is it used for? No one knows!


Well, you can rent virtual machines on your firevip dashboard, then use them to make more money. No one can really understand how it works. The platform is just so complicated and tough to explain.


Here’s a piece of advice from us. Ensure you do not make any deposits or investments into this site. Yes, there are claims that when you deposit and rent more expensive virtual machines, you would earn more money to your balance. This isn’t 100% trusted yet. So, focus solely on earning via referrals.

How to get Referrals

You may not be able to earn much with firevip referrals, but it is still the cheapest way to earn on the website. You don’t have to pay for anything. And also, there are no daily limits when it comes to getting referrals.


To refer, find your referral link. The link can be found in your account dashboard. So the first thing to do, is perform login process. Next, click on ‘Invite.’ Then copy your link from that page, and begin sharing.


When you share the link, you will get One naira(or less). But when a person clicks and signs up using your link, you will allegedly earn One thousand and six hundred naira(#1,600).

When was Launched

Not many are curious to know when firevip was launched. Because obviously, most people are more concerned about earning money from the site.


Well for those of you that would like to know when firevip was launched, it is unfortunate that no one is sure of the exact date. All that is known is the month and year they began operation. The exact date is a mystery.


Firevip was launched in June, 2022.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of firevip is yet another unsolved mystery. For unknown reasons, the owner of has hidden his/her identity. And the person has never been known till this day. Sign Up

If you want to join firevip, simply go to


Next step to take is, click on ‘Register.’ This takes you to sign up page. Fill all your details correctly, then hit the ‘Register’ button again! Login

To log into your firevip account, head to the homepage. You will automatically ne redirected to login page.


On the login page, input your phone number and password. Then click on ‘Sign In.’

How to Withdraw on

It seems the minimum withdrawable amount on firevip is any amount(not confirmed. If you want to place withdrawal, go over to the ‘Withdraw’ page on your firevip dashboard.


Provide all of your details correctly, then request for your payment immediately.


Is Legit or Scam

By now it should have dawned on you already. Are you still thinking firevip is legit?? If yes, then you are obviously new to money making schemes in Nigeria. Because the professionals will know without hesitation, that is scam! Obvious scam!!


No site can give you such amounts so easily. And nothing about this platform is even logical! Do not trust firevip with your money. Firevip isn’t legit!!


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Thank you for reading this firevip review. Kindly drop your questions or comments below.

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