Firstsolar-Ng Review(Is Legit or Scam? Find Out)

Fun Fact: Did you know? The top richest men in the world today were only able to achieve it because of the way the utilized the internet. Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, these men see the internet as a tool for earning money daily. You should be like these men. You too can earn money from the internet, and one of the ways to achieve this, is by signing up on, a platform for earning cash daily.


Hold on a minute! With a site like, you stand no chance of earning like the top richest men in the world. So don’t get your hopes too high. But, at least you are starting from somewhere. Remember “Small steps lead to big changes.”


Earning from might be a small step, but with consistency, you may reach greater places.


Enough of the motivational and inspirational talks! Wanna know how you can make money everyday from firstsolar-ng? Is that a big yes you just said? If you did say yes, then take a seat back and read to the end of this review.

This article will fill you in on everything you need to know about the money making site that a lot of Nigerians(and even non-Nigerians) have been hyping. Review

Firstsolar-ng launched not too long ago. And as usual, there are going to be lots of questions on your mind concerning how the platform works, how legit the site is, and so on.


So, this review article will answer many questions for you. Questions(with the answers) you should expect to see in this article, includes:


What is firstsolar-ng, how to make money from firstsolar-ng, how to get referrals, when was firstsolar-ng launched, how to perform login steps, how to withdraw from firstsolar-ng, is legit or scam, and many others.

What is

Firstsolar-ng is a platform launched for Nigerians, and probably owned by a Nigerian. However, people from other countries can sign up and earn from the site(if you have a Nigerian phone number and bank account).


On, you can earn money easily. Earning starts the moment you take the first step, which is becoming a member.


As a new member of firstsolar-ng, you immediately receive a bonus of Six hundred naira.

This reward is called sign up bonus. Every member is eligible to receive it.

Firstsolar-ng is a website for making money. Mostly, earning money on the site is by investing. When you invest, you get back daily returns from the site until the duration(days) elapse. It is up to you to decide if you would like to invest again, or not.


How to Earn from

It is actually very easy to make money on this site. And the good thing is, there is more than one way to earn from the site.


The first way to earn, is something wr talked about earlier. It is investment! investment is pocket friendly, and has got a high percentage of return on investment. On top of that, the investment packages that this site offer, is actually very cheap. And there are different levels to it.

How many times have you seen investment sites that give returns of up to 1000%?! It’s obviously very rare. But firstsolar-ng gives such high amount of returns.


Checkout all the investment plans that this platform offers.

Invest: 3000

Daily Earning: 300

Total Earning: 30000

Keep Earning For: 120days


Invest: 5000

Daily Earning: 550

Total Earning: 63000

Keep Earning For: 120days

Invest: 10000

Daily Earning: 1200

Total Earning: 132000

Keep Earning For: 120days


Invest: 50000

Daily Earning: 6000

Total Earning: 720000

Keep Earning For: 120days


Invest: 100000

Daily Earning: 13000

Total Earning: 1560000

Keep Earning For: 120 days

Invest: 300000

Daily Earning: 45000

Total Earning: 5400000

Keep Earning For: 120days


The second way to make money from this site, is by Referrals. This is the act of convincing and urging people to become members of firstsolar-ng.

Whenever a person performs sign up process using your referral link, you will instantly get rewarded.

The reason why this method of earning(referral method) is better than investing, is because you do not earn daily fixed amounts. Also, you do not need to deposit before you can get referral bonuses.


As long as you are already a registered member, you can immediately begin referral earning!


How to get Referrals

To refer, you simply need to share your referral link to your friends and families on the internet. When they sign up using your referral link, you instantly get rewarded.


When was Launched is a platform that was launched very recently. The site only started to operate a couple of days ago. If we aren’t mistaken, firstsolar-ng was launched on August 3rd, 2022.

The platform hasn’t been in operation for a very long time, so don’t give it too much of your trust.


Who is the Owner of

Just like you, many other members of firstsolar-ng have also been curious to know who the owner of this platform is.


Unfortunately, the owner of prefers to hide his/her identity. No one, not even us, know who the owner of this platform is. Sign Up

If after you have read, you have made up your mind that you want to be a member of this platform, then what you need to do to start earning, is to perform sign up bonus.


On the sign up page, provide all of your personal details(phone number and password), then click on ‘Register.’ Login

To login, find your way to this site homepage. Since the homepage is the same as the login page, the only thing left for you to do is to, type in your phone number and password. Then, click on ‘Sign In.’


How to Withdraw on

To place withdrawal, you must have a balance of at least one thousand naira in your firstsolar-ng account dashboard.


So, perform the login process and locate the ‘withdrawal’ page. In the withdrawal page, fill in the amount you wish to withdraw, and your bank account details. Then submit!

Is Legit or Scam

Since the launch of this site, both members and non members have been asking questions and making remarks regarding firstsolar-ng legitimacy.



Many have been asking repeatedly, “Is legit or scam?”

No one knows the answer to this question. But what we know is, depositing or investing in this site is a huge risk!


That’s all for this review article. Thanks for reading. Drop your questions or comments if you have any.

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