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Investment is cool, and there’s no dispute about it. Over 90% of the richest people in the world had to invest a lot of money at one point. If you too want to become as rich as some of the top players, then perhaps giving investment a shot isn’t a bad idea. For example, you could try out investment platform. One that internet users seem to be having lots of enthusiasm for.


Hold on a minute! Don’t just hurry off to the website to start investing without having full knowledge about how the site works. They say “ignorance is bliss,” but not when it comes to investment. If you ignorantly join sites like fcb7, it may not end happily for you. So, do research.


And by research, we mean read reviews about the earning sites first!

Now that you know the essence of this review, you shouldn’t expect any further reasons.

Enough said, this review begins now. Review

A lot of people are only aware that fcb7 is an investment site. Apart from that, they know absolutely nothing else. For instance, how the investment site works, or what members invest in.


You’re in luck though. If you knew almost nothing about fcb7 investment football, this fcb7 review will change everything.


This review has got the answer of many of those questions you probably have been asking. Questions like: what is, how to earn from fcb7 football investment, how to get referrals, how to perform login steps, is legit or scam, ans many more questions.

This would be fun, since earning is fun!


DISCLAIMER: This review is for the sole purpose of information and education. We do not own fcb7 football investment, nor are we in any partnership or affiliation with the site. Therefore, we shall not be held responsible if things eventually fail to go as planned.


What is

Fcb7 also called fcb7 football investment is a website in South Africa that allows internet users to make money based on how well they know how to invest in football matches.


On fcb7, members will invest certain amounts. Then after succesfully depositing, they(members of fcb7 football investment) earn at least 5% profits everyday.

It is not everyday you find investment sites that offer that much returns daily. So, ‘maybe’ you could take the risk. But do this at your own risk.


How to Earn from

Earning is not much of a big deal if you are ready to invest. You simply need to find your way to the deposit page, invest in any investment package, then start receiving your daily earning percentage.


Note: The minimum deposit on fcb7 football investment is R100.


An alternate method is by referrals. This is easier and much more preferred.

When you get referrals on, you earn huge amounts.


How to get Referrals

To start getting lots of referrals, you need to first have your referral link. The referral link is the only tool you can use in getting new referral. Also, referrals only count when people click on your fcb7 referral link and then register immediately.


So, the first step to getting referrals is finding your link in your account dashboard.

Simply perform login process. Find your way to the referral page. Then, copy your link and start sharing around different social media platforms.


When sharing links, try giving people good reasons to join the site.


When was Launched

There is almost no way of being certain about when was launched. This is because there is no ‘about us’ tab on that platform. The history of this platform and it operations have been kept a secret from members and the public.


However, we are certain that fcb7 football investment was launched in 2022. Most likely in the month of April. But the exact date is what is uncertain.


The disappointing part about this, is that the owners of fcb7 expect members to give the site their 100% trust. Meanwhile, they can’t trust anyone with their true identity. Really disappointing.


Who is the Owner of

Whenever you start to feel that fcb7 football investment is worth giving your 100% trust, then maybe you should try asking yourself who the owner of is.

Legitimate sites that are paying and have nothing to hide will never have a reason to hide his or her owner. Instead, they proudly flaunt their owners on the homepage of their site. Most even add a picture too.


But is different. The owner of has never been addressed. Not even once. No member knows the reason why the owner has been keeping his/her identity a secret. Sign Up

If a person sends you his fcb7 referral link, you can click on it and begin sign up process. If you didn’t get a link from anyone, then you can simply head to the site homepage and find the registration page.


On sign up page, provide your details, then submit. You will then become an official member Login

For fcb7 football investment login, you only need to get to the login page.


How to Withdraw from

The minimum amount to deposit on fcb7 football investment is R100. Similarly, the minimum amount to withdraw is R100.


If you have earned at least R100, then you can happily find your way to withdrawal page, and begin requesting for your payment. Ensure you provide your correct bank details. To avoid late payments.


Is Legit or Scam

For now, people are praising and giving accolades to fcb7 football investment because there are payment proofs to show that is legit. But we think this may only be temporary.


People are asking: “Is legit or scam?”


Well, not much people are asking. Because many are already convinced that fcb7 football investment is legit.

We advice all of our readers to take caution with this site. Nothing is guaranteed. Eventually, this site may stop paying. So be at alert!


Thank you for reading this review to the end. You can drop comments and questions below.

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