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Reside in South Africa and looking for a way to start making money easily? Well, do not think too much! You have got a smartphone and you have got mobile data, the best way to earn is online. And if you are looking for a site to test out, then try! A new version of Guru. is a really new and amazing way to earn from the internet. As for the sign up fee, there is none for now. Meaning that if you are worried about having to pay a fee to perform sign up bonus, be rest assured. It is totally free to become a member!


More amazing qualities about cashwallet includes;

The low withdrawal threshold. Many money making sites like to make the withdrawal threshold high, so members will have a tough time before they can become eligible to withdraw.


On, it’s a different case! The threshold can be easily reached in one day.

Further more, there is a high bonus for getting tasks done. Everyone should really give a try.

So read this review, and get to know more about this platform. Find out all you need to know now, so you don’t get to face any hurdles when you finally become a fully registered member. Review

To those that are know little or nothing about, this review will help you to fully understand the pros and cons of the earning site.


And for those that pretty much know everything about cashwallet even before coming to read this review, well you are obviously here for a reason as well. Whatever that you have come to seek, trust that you will find it.

This review will definitely be helpful to all who read to the end.


In this review, many questions will be answered. Questions like: what is, how to earn from cashwallet, who is the owner of, how to perform login details, is legit or scam, and others.

This article is information packed. Skipping any part of it is not a wise thing to do. Enjoy!


What is is a site for South African internet users. Although non-resident of SA can also register, the only issue is receiving your payment. Only South African bank accounts can be used to withdraw.


With, earning daily is no big deal at all. The site has offered ways to earn on daily basis, and members can always do so with ease.

“Cash Wallet Is A Powerful Platform Where You Can Earn Income By Just Joining And Watching Your Account Generate Income, This Is Not An Investment.”

Cashwallet is similar to an investment site. Because at some point, you may want to increase your daily earnings. Therefore, you will need to deposit/invest in one of the numerous packages. This isn’t a necessity though. It is 100% optional. Only members that are not satisfied with low earnings can decide to invest and upgrade.


How to make Money from

Cashwallet is an easy platform. If you want to earn, what you have to do is simple.


Either you earn more by having to upgrade your cashwallet package to a higher package, or you settle of referrals.

The latter is the better option. Because, when you target earning by referrals, you are likely to earn more daily. Also, depositing and investing is not necessary at all.

With referrals, you stand a chance to earn R50 for every successful link click and registration. With ten successful referrals, you’d be boasting of making R500 so easily!


How to get Referrals

We recommend referrals, so here is how to go about it.

To begin, start by performing login process. This will grant you access to your account dashboard. After doing that successfully, click on the menu icon and click on ‘Clicks income.’


The page you are taken to is your referral page. There, you will fins your referral link and you can copy it without stress.


When was Launched

There are few members that often ask when a site is launched. This is to know how long they’ve been operating, and to determine the trust score based on its age.


Unfortunately, date if launch is not something anyone is certain of. The site just came out of no where in the month of June, 2022.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of is not known. He or she or they seem to be concealing his identity for certain reasons. Whatever the reason is, it cannot be good.


No owner of an investment site is supposed to hide his identity from his members.


Anyways, we are still doing deep research. And we hope to discover who the owner of is soon. Sign Up

To register and start earning, kindly find your way to the homepage of cashwallet.

Then, click on ‘Sign Up.’ When you get to sign up page, fill in your informations correctly. Then finally, click on sign up again. Login

To access your dashboard, head to homepage.


From there, click on ‘Sign In.’ You will be taken to login page. Provide your username and password, then submit!


How to Withdraw on

Placing withdrawal is simple, easy, and fast. To begin with, withdrawal threshold is just R50.


To withdraw your earnings, start with adding your bank account details. Then, head to the ‘withdraw funds’ page. Type in the amount you plan to withdraw, then submit and wait for your payment.

Is Legit or Scam

Although is a newly launched site, there have been different payment proofs to show that is legit not scam.



For those asking the question: “Is legit or scam?” What we have to say is, it is a bit early to decide. But by the looks of things, it ‘seems’ cashwallet is legit!


That’s a wrap on this review. Thank you for reading to the end. Feel free to drop your questions and comments below!

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