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1Cashpay Review(Is Legit or Scam? Find Out)

As new money making platforms keep springing up everyday, it becomes tougher to identify the legit ones. What makes it even tougher, is when each new platform brings a more irresistible offer. For instance, is a recently discovered earning site) is giving the sum of R800 to all new members.


No online hustler out there will ever overlook this nice offer. There is no way a normal person won’t hurriedly perform sign up process after hearing the huge sign up bonus that comes with is.

What’s more amazing? The fact that 1cashpay sign up is totally free for all internet users.


Well, to those that would like to know if is legit and totally worth your while, then let’s gladly indulge you with one thousand and one important informations about this new site(metaphorically speaking!).

In this article, we won’t be doing the usual speech of reminding you how great it is to earn from the internet. Or how much you are missing out if you are not already earning from the net. Instead, we’ll go straight to the point. Let’s focus 100% on this review! Review

1Cashpay was recently launched. This is something you probably know already. As usual, most of these new sites fail to provide enough info about how they operate. So, we take it upon ourselves. Hence, the reason there are articles such as this one.

In this review, you get to receive all of the explanations, guides, and answers that the owners of 1cashpay neglected to provide in their own site.


This 1cashpay review will have answers to many questions that you have in mind.

Questions like: How to make money from, how to get referrals, who is the owner or 1cashpay, how to perform login steps, is legit or scam, and so forth.


Before we move any further, please bear in mind that this review is meant for informative purpose. Not for the promotion of 1cashpay!

We do not own!!


What is is a very simple website for earning. The currency earned is ZAR(South African Rand). Which means the platform was made for people in South Africa.


However, if you do not live in South Africa, you can also earn from 1Cashpay. All you need is a South African bank account. Wherever you are in the world cannot stop you from making money on the site.


What is getting people attracted to this new platform, is how the rewards/bonuses are extremely high. In most sites, you could get R10 for signing up. But sign up bonus R800! Something that has probably never happened in the history of money making websites.


What is even more amusing, is the fact that there is actually no sign up process.

You’ll eventually understand the above statement as you continue to read this review article.

How to Earn from

If you have already gotten to your 1cashpay dashboard, then you should know what to do already.


To start earning on, there is only one thing to do! And this is, sharing your referral link to as many people on the internet, as possible.


1cashpay is not an investment website. There is never a need to deposit or invest. The one and only thing to do is get new referrals, everyday!


If you are really good at digital marketing, or you know a thing or two about it, then you would most definitely have no issues in making lots of South African rands from! Just be good with your words, and people would be ready to click on your referral link.

How to get Referrals

To start getting referrals, it starts with knowing where to find your referral link. Thankfully, this is no issue at all.


Once you are already a full-fledged member of 1cashpay, the remaining thing for you to do is enter into your dashboard area. Scroll down a bit, and you will find your referral link.


Copy the link, share it on forums and media platforms, and make more money!


And incase you were wondering, the reward for one successful referral, is R50. Compared to the price other money making sites pay per referral, this is really huge!


When was Launched

Not many people really care about when earning sites were launched. Because, some of these platforms lie about their dates of launch. Many of these platforms do not even address their date of launch at all. And is one of such sites.


No one is really sure of when was launched. But by the looks of things, it seems this site was launched in the first days of the month of June(2022).


Who is the Owner of

The owner of is also not known. This isn’t important though. 1Cashpay is not an investment site, so no one cares. Sign Up

Unlike most earning sites, there is actually no sign up process. If you want to register, you either click on a person’s referral link. Or, you head to the homepage.

There is no such thing as a sign up page where you start filling boxes with your information. Login

Just like registration, there is also no login page. If you are already a member, you won’t have a need to perform any steps to log into your account dashboard.


How to Withdraw on

Placing withdrawal can be done at the bottom of your dashboard. The minimum withdrawal is R1500.


To place withdrawal, click on ‘Withdraw 1500 ZAR.’

Is Legit or Scam

For those that want to know if is legit or scam, well technically there is no way 1cashpay can be a scam. Because, the site is not collecting a dime from anyone. Members really have nothing to loose!


If you are wondering or asking: “Is legit or scam?” Then you probably thought there was a way you can loose money. Well you can’t.


The main question should be, “Is paying?” And the answer is, “No one knows yet!”


Thanks so much for reading to the end of this review. You are free to drop comments and ask questions below.

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