Spin2Money.com Reviews | Is Spin2Money.com Legit or Scam?

Hi there! It is time for you to earn money on the internet based on how lucky you can be! What we are talking about here, is Spin2Money, the one-of-a-kind money-making platform that just started making rounds on the internet. This is a website that doesn’t ask you for a special skill or ask you to carry out tasks for them. All you need to do is spin a wheel and make some money. Spin2money.com is not the kind of website you stumble upon every day.


Since it is new, we expect that a lot of you are hearing about it for the first time. So, we’ll do all the necessary explanations. Be assured that when you are done reading this spin2money.com review, would have primary, secondary, and tertiary knowledge about this platform. You would know all there is about Spin2Money.


Let’s get started on this.


Spin2money.com Review

Most people tend to hurriedly sign up on spin2money without making any research at all. This is not a smart thing to do, because you could get stuck or make the wrong moves while carrying out an action.

That’s why we do what we do. In this blog, we provide reviews that also serves as guides. We have the answers to those questions that you have been asking yourself.

In this article, we have the answers to questions related to spin2money.com and we will be providing all the answers here for you readers.


Some of the questions include, How to withdraw money from spin2money, who is the owner of spin2money, how to perform spin2money.com login process, is spin2money.com legit or scam, and others.


If you are yet to join or perform spin2money.com sign up process, then we recommend you read this review to the end first, before registering.


What is Spin2money.com

Spin2money is a website where you earn money daily by spinning a wheel. Best thing about this platform is, you don’t need to invest. It is literally written on the website “Get Paid Daily Without Investing.”


Like we stated earlier, no special skills needed to earn on spin2money.com, it is based on how lucky you are. And you don’t really have to worry about being lucky because there’s a chance for you to spin everyday.


Did we forget to mention that spin2money actually pays in dollars??!


How does Spin2money.com work / How to make money on Spin2money

Since we began this spin2money.com review, we have made emphasis on how you earn via spinning a virtual wheel. But here is something you should know too. Spinning wheels is not the only way you can make money on spin2money.


Before we tell you the other way you can earn, let’s first explain how spinning the wheel works.

On spin2money.com, there are different ranks. And the purpose of this rank is basically to determine how much you can spin and earn daily.

As a new member, you are on the Starter rank. Spin2money starter rank is free, but it earns you a few dollars. Check out the other ranks and how much you need to unlock them.


Bronze Rank

Price: $20 (8316 ₦)

Daily earnings range: $1.36- $4

Number of spins per day: 2

Total number of spins: No limit


Silver Rank

Price: $50 (20790 ₦)

Daily earnings range : $3- $10.2

Number of spins per day : 3

Total number of spins : No limit


Gold Rank

Price: $120 (49897 ₦)

Daily earnings range: $6.8- $23.8

Number of spins per day: 5

Total number of spins: No limit


Platinum Rank

Price: $250 (103952 ₦)

Daily earnings range: $17- $50

Number of spins per day: 10

Total number of spins: No limit

Diamond Rank

Price: $600 (249486 ₦)

Daily earnings range: $30- $90

Number of spins per day: 15

Total number of spins: No limit


Super Diamond Rank

Price: $2000

Daily earnings range : $60- $200

Number of spins per day : 20

Total number of spins : No limit


It is best to remain in spin2money starter rank. It is free, and you can still make money daily from it.


The other way to make money from spin2money.com is by Referrals!


Spin2Money referrals is a very simple way to earn. When you get new referrals, you get 10% of whatever they earn. Meaning that they do the work, and you get free money! Imagine one of your referrals getting 100$, this would mean $10 is yours!


How to get Spin2money.com Referrals

You can easily get new spin2money referrals by sharing your referral link. If you don’t know where to find your referral link, just follow the steps stated below.

1. Perform spin2money.com login process

2. When you’ve entered your dashboard, click the sidebar icon at the top left corner of your screen

3. Find ‘Referrals’ in the list of sidebar options. Then click it

4. On referral page, copy the link you see there and share the link with all of your friends.


What’s the reward for the new members? Well, they(new members) get one free spin for being a new member of spin2Money!


When was Spin2money.com launched

Spin2Money.com was launched very recently. Probably in the month of April, 2021.

We are quite certain the platform is just a few months old.


Who is the Owner of Spin2money.com

We are not surprised by this, and we do not expect anyone to be surprised either. The owner of spin2money.com is unknown.


We are still doing our findings, but they is a high chance that we will never get to know who the owner of spin2money is.


Where you can find Spin2money.com

You will only be able to find this platform online.


Spin2money.com Sign Up

You can sign up on spin2money by going to the website sign up page(www.spin2money.com/register.php)


In spin2money.com sign up page, fill in the boxes provided. These boxes simply want to have your names, email, password and so on.

Then click on ‘Register’ to finish up.


Spin2money.com Login

To perform spin2money login process, go to the login page(https://spin2money.com/login.php)

Provide your username and password, then click on ‘Sign In.’


How to withdraw on Spin2money.com

Before you can place withdrawal, you must have made at least $5. Then, go to spin2money withdrawal page then provide your bank account details.


Is Spin2money.com Legit or Scam

There is a likelihood of spin2money.com being legit, but ofcourse we cannot be 100% certain.


Spin2money is probably legit, but we warn your readers to not upgrade to any paid rank. Just remain in the starter rank, earn your money, then place withdrawal. This way, you have nothing to loose!

If you have friends or people asking this question, ‘Is spin2money.com legit or scam?’ Then kindly refer them to this article.


That’s all for this writeup. Thank you for reading this spin2money.com review to the very end, you can now drop questions, comments, and opinions.

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