Latest Review: Is Legit or Scam

Instead of HODLing crypto(keeping it for a very long period of time), have you considered investing it in the website called Richsociety.Live? Or are you only just hearing about RichSociety for the first time?

If indeed you are hearing about this for the first time, then brace yourself because we are about to blow your mind. is a newly discovered site that could lead to attaining financial freedom. We are going to talk about the pros and cons of this website. And all you need to know will be discussed here(this page/article).


Remember, making money isn’t so hard. With access to the internet, all you need to do is make research on the right platforms to get into. Researches help you to understand if it will be worth giving a shot. And this review will be serving as an important tool for all those making research about! Review

“What’s the essence of this review?” If you are still asking such question, then perhaps you are new in the affairs of making money online. If you do not read reviews and make research before jumping into any new earning platform you find, you ‘might’ eventually regret it.


Spoiler alert! Some sites like are only going to be a waste of your precious time. While some have plans to scam you of your hard earned money.


So, in this review, we will be answering most of y’all questions. Questions and queries related to richsociety that you have probably been asking on social media platforms and on google search.


In this review, we assure that we will give answers to a lot of questions about richsociety. Which includes: how to make money on, how to get referral, sign up and login process, is legit or scam, and many more.

We are fully aware of how many readers will like to know if is legit or scam. Do not worry, that will be talked about before this review is wrapped up! Just read to the end.


What is

RichSociety.Live, also called RichSociety, is a crypto currency investment website. You actually earn crypto by investing crypto. It seems to be a better means of earning rather than just waiting for your crypto coins to either rise or dip in your normal crypto wallets.


According to what is written on the website, The mission of this platform is: “To become the world largest reliable business where members are earning revenue.”

Maybe, just maybe, they might achieve this goal in years to come.

Anyways, is a simple website. If you wish to become richer, then you know what to do(invest your crypto).

But hold on a minute! There are actually two different ways you can make money from this platform!


How to Earn Money on

We already made it clear that the primary way to earn money on, is by investing your crypto coins. Note that, the only coins accepted are Bitcoins and Litecoins.


Once you have successfully made investments, you will be privileged to earn daily revenue on the website. Not a day would go by that you won’t earn. Also note that, the package you invested in, will determine how much your daily revenue will be.


Below are all the packages on richsociety.

Starter Package

Cost: R600.00

Daily Income: R50.00

Total Income: R1,000.00


Senior Package

Cost: R1,000.00

Daily Income: R75.00

Total Income: R2325.00


Founders Package

Cost: R5,000.00

Daily Incomo: R69.00

Total Income: R25,185.00


Monsters Package

Cost: R25,000.00

Daily Income: R68.00

Total Income: R495,000.00

Obviously, these packages are costly. And there’s not a 100% guarantee yet that is legit. So, investing in any of the packages is a risky thing to do.

What we suggest you do, is go into the second method of earning!


The other way you can earn money on is by Referral.

You got that right! referral is actually risk-free, and cost-free! It is better to get yourself involved in getting referrals, because it even pays well.


How to get Referrals

Getting referral is a very simple and easy act. The only thing needed is your referral link. Then, you will need to share the link across to all your friends online.


We don’t think it’s necessary to emphasize on how referrals work, most of you already know about it. So instead, let’s talk about how you can get your referral link.


Firstly, and most importantly, you need to perform login process. This is done in order to gain access to your dashboard.

When you are in your account dashboard, click the sidebar at the top left corner of your screen, find and click on ‘My Referrals,’ then in the referrals page, copy your referral link and share.

The amount you receive for every referral is $5.36!


When was Launched

At the footer credit of website, they hinted that this platform has been existing since 2020. They wrote, “All rights reserved 2020 – 2021.”


That is all we know about launch date.


Who is the Owner of

The owner of does not seem to be someone that likes popularity. Since richsociety was launched, nothing has been said about the owner of the site.


This is quite unusual and surprising because, is a crypto investment website and they need to be transparent in all ways. Unfortunately, the they lack the basics of transparency. No one knows who the owner of is. Sign Up

To perform sign up process, go to the register or sign up page, provide your name, password, and email address.


It is a very simple thing to do. Login

To login is also very easy as well. Simply find the login page, then input in your username and password only. Then click on ‘Access my account.’


How to Withdraw from

You can either withdraw using your bank account, or an XRP ripple address.


Just find the tab that says ‘Withdraw Funds.’ Click on it, punch in the amount you wish to withdraw and provide your accurate withdrawal details(either bank account details or wallet address details).

That’s how you withdraw money from!

Is Legit or Scam

Concerning the legitimacy of richsociety, it has come to our knowledge that many members and even non-members are curious to know if this platform is legit or scam.



Well, what do you think? The owner of is hiding himself from the public. This doesn’t look good at all, does it?


Chances are that might be legit, but we are not 100% sure. What we advice is that, members should NEVER invest any amount or coin. Instead, just try out referrals instead.

For those asking, ‘Is legit or scam?’ Kindly read the lines above again. That’s the best advice we’ve got!


Thank you for reading this review to the end. Drop your comments below.

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