Review | Is Legit or Scam?? Check it Out

Richfarmza is a website that deals with agriculture and livestock. It is a rare kind of money making website, but it does of have the traits of most online sites. Hence, we didn’t have to think twice before agreeing to write this review.

And incase you are bothered the fact that you probably know very little(or nothing) about agriculture. Well, we are happily telling you that it’s not necessary to have knowledge about Agriculture before you can make money from richfarmza.


You only need to know how to operate a mobile device, and also know the basics of using the internet. With these, you are 100% ready to easily start making money from Richfarmza.

By the look of things, being a member for means not just making money for yourself, but helping the world to be a better place. By funding farms in making more meat. Or weren’t you informed that is a meat farm??? Review

According to Wikipedia, “A review article is an article that summarizes the current state of understanding on a topic.” This is actually very correct, and of course this review will basically be summarizing all things related to richfarmza.

Here is a heads up on what we are going to be talking about. This review will answer questions people have been asking repeatedly. Questions like: How to make money from richfarmza, how to withdraw earnings from richfarmza, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, who is the owner of richfarmza, and many others.


What is

Rich Farm, or richfarmza, is a South African meat farm(we mentioned this earlier). However, this farm has decided to launch a website. A site to help their business, and also to help internet users.


When you join, your sole purpose is to make money from it. But the owners of rich farm also have a mission to also make money from you as well.


They simply plan to use your investment money to fund their business. Then in future, they give you ROI.

Ooops. Did we forget to mention earlier that is an investment website??


How does work / How to make money on

Now that you know that richfarmza is a not really a task where you you get paid to do little tasks, but rather, a site where you have to invest before you earn, you may now be having second thoughts of being a member.


Well, hold that thought!


Did you know? After competing sign up process, you will be given sign up bonus of R300. All members are given this bonus.

Now, you can easily invest the sign up bonus given to you. This way, you won’t have to use your own money.


Please note that we do not support the act of placing investment(using your own money) into rich farm. It is really risky. And if you may unfortunately loose your money.

Now, concerning making money on richfarmza, you can actually make money without investing at all. What you will need to do is get yourself involved with referral program.


Here is how much you can make from richfarmza referral:

You can earn 10% of deposit money from your first level referral deposit. You can earn 2% of deposit money from your second. You can earn 5% of daily profit from your first level referral. You can earn 2% of daily profit from your second level referral deposit. You can earn 1% of deposit money from your third level referral deposit. And you can earn 1% of daily profit from your third level referral. referral works like that. It’s straightforward!


How to get Referral

If it is your first time in the richfarmza website, you might get confused and not know where to find referral link. Here is how you can find it.


1. Firstly, you obviously have to perform login process to gain access to your own dashboard

2. Click on ‘Team.’ It is at the bottom of your phone or PC screen

3. In team page, you will find your unique referral link. Copy link and share it with friends.


While looking for possible referrals, never forget to mention that they will gey R300 from just completing sign up process.


When was launched

Richfarmza was launched a couple of months ago. It is quite surprising that this platform has been in existence for quite a while now. Similar platforms like rich farm do not stay for so long.

While we are not 100% certain of the date was launched, we do know for a fact that the month and year of launch was February, 2022.


Who is the Owner / founder of

Richfarmza acts and claims to be one of the best farms in the world. Amusingly, no one knows who the owner of is.

Apparently, they only gave themselves this title. And they obviously do not deserve it!


Where you will find

Funny enough, no one knows the location of any richfarmza farms. How would a legit farm hide it’s location?! Food for though. Sign Up

You can easily sign up on richfarmza by entering the website(, find and click on ‘Register.’

In the sign up page, provide your number, password, and any other required information. Then tap on ‘Submit. Login

If you enter rich farm homepage, you will find out that it is also the login page as well.

So enter your password and number, before clicking on ‘Log In.’


How to withdraw on

Find and click on ‘Withdraw.’ Then in the withdraw page, provide the amount you wish to withdraw. Also, provide your bank details.


The minimum amount you can withdraw from is R100.


Is Legit or Scam

Rich farm has been operating for some months, but we are yet to find people claiming that is a scam.


Does this mean is legit? Not entirely. But it actually means this site is worth giving a try.

If you just keep asking again and again, ‘is legit or scam?‘ You may never get the answer you are looking for. So just try it out and find out yourself.


We have come to the end of this review. Thanks for reading to the end. Drop your comments and questions below.

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