Reviews(Is Legit or Scam? Get your Answers)

Anyone with access to the internet should never complain of being unable to have three square meals a day. With sites like, there is a variety of ways you can earn money online.


Don’t be scared, gamesrez isn’t those site that will ask you to invest a few bucks before you can earn. This is more of a ‘Get paid to’ website.


Wanna hear something amazing?? On you can actually make withdrawals on the same day you join. But it depends on how determined you are. I will teach you guys how everything goes.

Now that you have heard all of these sweet words about gamesrez, I know you are tempted to skip this article and go over to the site homepage to begin sign up process. Wait! Don’t make such mistake. There are lots of important informations I would like you to know first. Review

I would be honest, there are a few other quality gamesrez reviews on other website, but trust me when I say this one is top-notch!


This review isn’t just a guide on how things work on the platform, you will also be provided with sound advice on what to do and what not to do.

In this review, I’ll provide answers to some frequently asked queries, like – “How to perform sign up process? How to go about gamesrez referral? Is legit or scam? How to withdraw from gamesrez?’


I know many of you readers are in dire need to know if Gamesrez is legit or scam. Do not worry. I will give you answers on that.


What is

GamesRez is a website that allows people earn money by giving them simple online tasks.

I even realized that a lot of us do these tasks without being paid. But now, it is about to change as Gamesrez has now monetized simple actions for internet users.

Let me add this too. You can literally play games to make money on this site. This explains why the site is called ‘GamesRez.’ And if you don’t really like playing games, there are other things you can do to earn from


How does work / How to make money on

Disclaimer – When you carry out actions on gamesrez website, you will be rewarded with points. This doesn’t change the fact that you are getting paid, because one thousand gamesrez points is equal to Five dollars.


If you are asking what to do to earn points, well the answer is ‘a lot!’

A lot of things can earn you points. Such as Downloading recommended apps, playing games, answering online surveys, and so on.


Any one you choose, will earn you points. But to get a quicker payout, then settle for activities with higher points.


Did I also forget to mention that you can refer and earn on this site too?! referral is totally worth your time. Each time you get a new referral, you will be rewarded twenty points. Mathematically, this is equal to One dollar.

So with five referrals, you earn five dollars. This amount can be withdrawn using PayPal.

I noticed that on dashboards, it is not easy to locate where referral link is.


To find it, access your dashboard and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on ‘Refer Friends,’ then copy your link from the referral page.


How to withdraw from

This website seem to be very considerate with members. If you check, there are different payment thresholds as well as different payment methods.


Did I mention earlier how surprised I am to find out that gamesrez can allow you withdraw as low as $5? It’s not something other survey sites allow.


Now, some of the payment methods on are – Paypal Method, Payeer Method, Google play card, Amazon Gift Card, Freefire diamond, e.t.c.


Whenever you plan to place withdraw, simply perform your login process, find and click on ‘Redeem.’ Then convert your points in dollars and withdraw using any method that pleases you.

When was launched

I gathered that was probably launched in the last days of February 2022.


The site is only being recognized now. Meaning that if it existed before, I/we will probably have been hearing about it before now.


I will like you readers to know that this is only an assumption. The website isn’t helping anyone with informations such as when was launched. So all I’ve got are logical assumptions.


Who is the CEO / founder of

After hours of research, it finally occured to me that the owner or founder of Gamesrez, whoever he or she may be, has been busy hiding from the spotlight(the public).


I am yet to determine why the ceo of a site that promises to earn you money, is hiding. Or could it be because isn’t legit?


Where you will find

Go online, find the website on google, and sign up.

Everything that has to do with Gamesrez, has to do with the internet. Sign Up

The step to perform sign up process is just one step!


Step One: Go to


The rest is something a ten year old can figure out(click sign in, punch in your names, password, and so on). Login

You do not need to perform login process each and every time. It is an action that needs to be done once in a while.


To login, go to the homepage then click on ‘Sign In.’


Is Legit or Scam

Some people online have been having debates about this website. Some say Gamesrez is legit, some say is a scam.

And there are still those asking again and again, ‘Is legit or scam?’


I suggest that you join the platform, give it a try, and see if is scam or legit. You don’t have anything to loose. The website is totally free!


Thanks for reading this review. You can drop comments below.

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