CocoLoan App Review: Is Cocoloan app legit or scam?

Getting a loan can be a stressful process, due to the requirements for the loan. Online platforms now offer loans to individuals, small businesses, and so on. And one example of a site that provides online is the Cocoloan app.


There have been lots of mobile loan apps that are helping people in times of urgent needs. The interesting about online loans is that they do not require collateral but only interest is involved.

Cocoloan app is not a recently launched site, but many individuals probably may have not come across it before.


This article is for everyone that wants to get a loan on the Cocoloan app and does not know how that platform works.


What Is Cocoloan App

Cocoloan app is an online moneylender app that provides loans to its users or customers.


And has its maximum loan limit for beginners to be #50,000, which tends to increase as user tenure increases on the Cocoloan app.

Loans from the Online moneylender platform are usually short-term loans.

And Cocoloan app is also a platform for short-term loans.


Honest Cocoloan App Review

If you are still reading this write-up, it means you intend to know the Cocoloan app work and how you can navigate through the borrowing processes.


And if the Cocoloan app is worth taking a loan from.

We bring to you the necessary processes to follow for getting loans on the Cocoloan app.


Cocoloan app offers quick loans ranging from N5,000 to 50,000 Naira


How to make money on Cocoloan App

The only way user can make money on the Cocoloan app is only borrowing loans via the app, which they have to pay back at a given interval of time.


How to go about Cocoloan App Referral

Simply refer family and friends to the Cocoloan app by informing them to download it on the Google play store.


And the app only works for Android phone


How to withdraw on Cocoloan App

To withdraw on Cocoloan app Cocoloan app, you must be ready to provide some vital information about your bank. And to get the loan you have to follow this processes:


1. Click on the three-lined icon at the top of the Cocoloan app dashboard.

2. Tap bank account.


3. Input your names.


4. Select gender.


5. Date of birth.


6. State the purpose of the loan you want to collect.


7. Enter marital status.

8. Input your bank BVN.


9. Fill in your email address.


10. Tap next.


11. Complete the personal photoshoot process.


12. Fill in the emergency detail and company detail section.


13. Select your bank name

14. Enter the account number you want to receive the money to.


And provide other necessary information that you are asked for. With this, you are ready to get the loan. With this, you are ready to get the loan.


Note that, for repayment of borrowed loans, when you make a bank transfer, an accurate phone number must be entered to verify the payment, coupons can not be used for

With this, you are ready to get the loan.


Who is the founder/owner of Cocoloan App

The Cocoloan app has not revealed the identity of its owner or founder.


And this seems to be a trend among unpopular loan apps to not reveal the identity of their owner.

When Cocoloan App was launched

Cocoloan app was launched in 2020. And it is quite shocking that only a few people know about this initiative.


Where to Find Cocoloan App

Cocoloan app is a Nigerian app or website because it is only a Nigerian that can get a loan from the app.

We currently do not have any specific location for the app but we promise to bring you more information about it. For more information about where you can find Cocoloanapp, the name and contact details of the Grievance Officer are provided at the bottom of the privacy and policy section of the app


Cocoloan App Login Process

After you must have completely signed up for Cocoloan.

To log in you have to follow these processes:

1. Enter your number


2. Get a four-digit code on the number you entered.


3. Input the code in the entering code option.


How to carry out Cocoloan App Sign up process

Sign up with Cocoloan with this simple process :

1. Download and install the Cocoloan app from the Google play store

2. Open the app


3. Agree to Cocoloan’s permission to access your Sms, contact list, phone, installed applications, location, third party account, camera, call log, and so on your device.


4. Enter a phone number.


5. Get a four-digit code on your number and fill it in the enter code option.


6. Accept privacy & policy

7. Click sign in


And you have successfully signed up.


Is Cocoloan App Legit

Cocoloan App is a new loan platform and so far there has been little review about it for us to determine if it is a legit one or not.

And we cannot guarantee our readers that their details are 100% safe on the app


Is Cocoloan App Scam

Cocoloan app is not currently considered to be a scam or legit because we have a little review about it and the site seems to be unpopular.

With few opinions about it from its users.


We promise to bring you more information about Cocoloan app when we find more information about it.

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