Review | Is Legit or Scam?

Good at the referral game? Want to give online investments a try? Trying to make money from the internet, easily? If you answered yes to at least one of the three questions, then you have got good reasons to perform sign up process.

It all starts with signing up. Then, you begin earning like a true investor!


Interested in making investor moves? Then I suggest that you read this review to the very last line.


I would try to make this a juicy, interesting, and fun article. It’s best to smile all the time, regardless of how broke you are. LOL.

There is literally a list of vital informations you ought to know, if you wish to make money fron club40!

It doesn’t just end with performing club40 sign up process. There’s more!


Luckily for you readers who are inquisitive, I will be providing all the informations needed.


What is

This is an online platform that you can earn either in dollars, or your local currency. This website pays cash, and also crypto coins(litecoins to be precise).


Amazingly, you don’t need a skill to earn on, you just need commitment and readiness.


I will guide you on how you can earn from this site after you have registered. Don’t worry, registering is free! Also, you can earn money without having to make deposits.


Before I keep spilling more information, let me make a few things clear. Not everyone knows how this ‘review thing’ works. So read below.


Honest Review

This is a honest review. I won’t sugar coat this site, I won’t hype it, and I also promise not to provide false information.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with in any way. All informations provided in this club40 review was gotten from research.


Now, here are some of the things I will discuss about – How to make money on, who is the founder and owner of club40, when the platform was launched, how to get referral, how to perform login process, et cetera.

I hope you stick to the end of this review. You won’t regret it!


How you can actually make money on

Making money in club40 isn’t just a fantasy. It is 100% real! But can you do what it takes to earn???


Club40 Investments

This is the quickest way to make money from! People have been doing it!


It is said that you get back 100% returns after investing. E.g If you invest $50, you will get back your $50 plus another $50.

Doesn’t sound convincing though, but people have been claiming it’s true.

I am not a fan of club40 online investment scheme, so I do not recommend this action.




Club40 Referral

This is the method that I can give a hundred percent recommendation. It is way more safer, and logical. referral allows you to make $5.56 each time you refer a new person to the site.

You will also be given 0.06points as well(the points are valuable for the smart members on the website).


Try setting goals, aim for three referrals in a day. You’ll be surprised to have made almost $120 in just one week!

See why referral is way better than investment method??


Since sign up is free, it won’t be hard to get referrals. Trust me on this.


How to get referrals on

There is only one known way to get referals, and this has to do with sharing of links.

Without getting your referral link, there is no way you can refer. So first find where the link is placed in your dashboard.

Luckily, you don’t have to search too much. As soon as you complete login process, you will see your referral code.


Copy it, share it, and earn more and more money!


Who is the owner or founder of

Everyone knows that professional and big platforms never hide their owners. We know Elon Musk owns Tesla, Jeff Bezos owns Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook, e.t.c.

You would think that the owner of Club40 would be happy to reveal his or herself to the public, but no. Not a single soul knows who the owner of this online investment site is.


After hearing that the owner / founder of is unknown, do you think this site can be trusted?


When was launched

Since there is no ‘About Us’ area of club40, there is no possible place for the website to talk about when they launched their operations.

I have not even the slightest idea of date club40 was launched. I don’t think any member has any hint either. Sign Up

You can start by going to the website. Next step, click on ‘Create Account.’


Then provide your preferred username, email, password, and click on ‘Complete Sign Up.’


Sadly, there are no rewards for new members. Only those who get referrals, get rewarded. Login

If you want to perform club40 login process, go to the website and click on ‘Sign In.’

Then, punch in your username and password(correctly).


If you cannot remember your password, then click on ‘Forgot Password.’


How to withdraw money from

Disclaimer: You cannot make withdrawals without first adding your withdrawal details.

Withdrawal is made easy on! There is a tab that says ‘Withdraw Funds.’ When you click on it, you will be asked to provide the amount you desire to withdraw.

Ensure you are trying to withdraw above the minimum withdrawal threshold.


Is Legit

By investments, I wouldn’t say this is a legit website. Don’t ask why. The reasons are obviously stated earlier in this review.

But for the aspect of referrals, it is worth giving a try.


So I would say, isn’t 100% legit!


Is Scam

There have been payment proof from club40, but no one is yet to complain that he/she got scammed.

If you’ve been asking, Is ‘ legit or scam?‘ My answer is, this site is probably not a scam.


If you have further questions, kindly drop your comments below. Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day.

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