Is 1Face.Xyz a Scam? Learn How to Make Money On The Website

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Owners of social media platforms(e.g Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) are usually the ones that earn with their platform. But on 1Face.Xyz, reverse is the case!

1Face.Xyz is a newly launched social platform where members can make money and socialize at the same time.


If you are a social media ‘addict'(meaning you love to connect with known and unknown people on the net), then why haven’t you tried 1Face?!

If it is because you are only just hearing about 1Face.Xyz, then you are lucky to be reading this review right now.


You probably have a lot of questions about this earning social media platform. Be rest assured that in this 1face.Xyz review, accurate answers will be provided.

Also, lots of explanations will be done. And some 1face hacks will be provided in this article.

Its a new year. And if you are determined to make some cash this year, then you should read this 1face.Xyz review. Because this review will inform you on whether to give the platform a try, or not.

1Face.Xyz Review

There is more to 1face.Xyz than you know. Which is why this 1face.Xyz review will be quite lengthy(but information filled).

One very common question among people is, ‘Is 1Face.Xyz legit or scam?’

The answer to the above question is in this review. If you go through every line, you’ll get to know whether 1face is legit or not.

That’s not all, in this 1face review, other important matters will be talked about. For example; How to make money on 1face.Xyz, How to withdraw on 1face.Xyz, How to perform 1face.Xyz Login / sign up process, When was 1face.Xyz launched e.t.c.


What is 1Face.Xyz

1Face.Xyz is a new website launched for online social activities. It is very similar to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. However, no one pays you to post on Facebook.

But this is actually possible on 1Face.Xyz!

Although the main purpose for this platform is to help people connect to one another from any part of the world, most people are now more interested in the earning part.

This isn’t surprising at all. The world is tough, and money must be made! *wink*

How does 1Face.Xyz work / How to make money on 1Face.Xyz

The best part about 1Face.Xyz is that it is entirely free! Meaning that you don’t have to pay for any membership plan or vip level before you can be eligible to make money on 1Face!

So far so good, we have been able to record two ways or methods that will earn you U.S Dollars on 2Face.Xyz!

1Face Engagements

Creating new posts, commenting on people’s posts, liking / reacting on on other people’s posts too, is termed as ‘engaging’ or ‘engagements.’

On 1face.Xyz, the more you engage, the more money you are likely to make.

Liking posts, creating posts, and commenting on posts can earn you points on the website. This points can be converted to dollars. The exchange rate is hundred points is equal to one u.s dollar.

Here is how the points are given out when you engage on posts;

  • You earn 10 points by commenting any post.
  • You earn 15 points by creating a new post.
  • You earn 5 points by reacting on any post.
  • You earn 15 points by creating a new blog.

1Face.Xyz Referrals

This singular act can earn you up to $10 for any person you successfully refer(according to the website).

How does 1face referral work? It is very easy! First, you find your 1face.Xyz referral link. Then share it to friends.

When your friends register on 1face.Xyz, you get rewarded.

How to refer or invite on 1Face.Xyz

1Face.Xyz referral link can easily be found in your profile area. But first, you will need to perform the 1face.Xyz login process.

To refer, you can choose to invite people by using emails, or sharing your referral link(more preferable).

Try as much as possible to not just spam people with your 1face.Xyz referral link. Instead, give good people good reasons to click on your link and sign up on 1face.

This will earn you $10!

When was 1Face.Xyz launched

We think that 1Face.Xyz was discovered and launched in the month of December. In the year 2021.

Although we are not a 100% certain of this insinuation, but this is actually logical.

As at November 2021, 1Face.Xyz was not known by anybody. It most likely didn’t exist then.

This is why we strongly believed 1face.Xyz was launched in December 2021. The exact day or date remains a mystery to us.

Who is the CEO / founder of 1Face.Xyz

The owner, founder, or ceo of 1Face.Xyz has been unknown since this platform was discovered till this day!

No one knows why, and no one has anybody to ask.

The owner of 1face remains a mystery to all!

1Face.Xyz Sign Up

If you wish to make money online and you wish to give 1face a try, then you will need to perform 1face.Xyz sign up process first.

Just hop on to

1Face.Xyz Login

To perform 1face.Xyz login, the homepage of this website is also where you should head to.

You would easily find the ‘Login’ tab.

How to withdraw on 1Face.Xyz

It is said that withdrawals can be made using a Paypal account.

If you don’t have one, create one as soon as possible!

Is 1Face.Xyz Legit or Scam

We wouldn’t want to sugarcoat this, so here lies the truth. 1Face.Xyz isn’t legit! The operations are very fishy, and even if they pay now, they would soon stop paying.

The reason why we claim 1Face.Xyz isn’t legit but a scam is because:

1. Getting to the withdrawal threshold is very difficult. One would need a miracle before he or she can make $200 on 1face.Xyz website.

Without having at least $200, withdrawals will not go through for you.

Doesn’t that show that 1face.Xyz isn’t legit?

2. Similar platform with sites like this all ended up scamming people.

If you have been asking the common question, Is 1face.Xyz legit or scam, well the answer is – “1face is a scam!!”

If you have contributions or something to say, drop it in the comment section.

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