Is SweatCo.In Legit Or Scam? A Honest 2022 SweatCo.In Review

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The whole idea of getting paid on the internet, for physical activities you do(walking to be precise), sounds like fantasy/something that can’t happen. But surprisingly, SweatCo.In has made it possible!

Just to be clear on this, members are paid for literally walking! While this might sound ridiculous, it is actually a ‘thing.’

SweatCo.In isn’t a new platform. So if you heard of it just recently, then you have some catching up to do.

There is really nothing much to worry about if you are just hearing of sweatcoin. Because this SweatCo.In review will provide all there is to know about how possible it is to make money with the sweatcoin app.

The whole idea of making money on Sweatcoin, is something no one ever saw coming. It really is amazing hearing for the first time that earning money can be so easy.

We wouldn’t want to waste much of your time, so let’s go straight to the point of how this Sweatco.In review is going to be.

SweatCo.In Review

Before we dive into how making money works on sweatcoin, bear in mind that we won’t only be discussing that in this review. Since this sweatcoin review, is a thorough one, we all will have a discussion on other Sweatco.In related matters.

Such as; Who the founder of sweatco.In is, When was SweatCoin launched, How to withdraw on SweatCo.In, How to perform Sweatco.In login process e.t.c.

Before this sweatco.In review is wrapped up, an answer to the famous question: “Is SweatCoin Legit?” Will be provided.

So if you are hell-bent on discovering if SweatCo.In is legit or scam, then it is necessary that you do not skip any line in this article.

What is SweatCo.In

SweatCo.In is an international online website(and app too) that gives people from all part of the world, the chance to earn online by doing what they term as “Making the world healthier.”

The founders of sweatcoin, believe that we make the world healthier as we walk in it. So the more you walk, the the more money you accumulate on your Sweatco.In app.

With the way it seems, SweatCoin pays people for making the world a better place. Sounds amazing! reviews

How does SweatCo.In work / How to make money on SweatCo.In

This is going to be the best part in this sweatco.In review, because here we will be talking about how to make money with sweatcoin app.

Pay close attention!

There are three ways to make money on Sweatcoin app. All three aren’t so hard. They just require patience, consistency, and working smart.


This is what we have been speaking about since the beginning of this article. Sweatco.In app gets access to your physical surrounding, and the app counts your footsteps.

It takes a certain amount of footsteps you would need to earn ‘One SweatCoin.’

This sweatcoin can then be converted into your local currency.

Sweatcoin Daily Rewards: Watching Ads

Watching online videos is something people do everyday, for free!

But on the sweatcoin app, you get paid for watching some videos online. Mind you, these are short ad videos, and they might even be interesting to you.

There are always daily videos to watch. So if you’re being consistent, you’ll definitely earn everyday.

SweatCoin Referral

Amongst all the ways to make money on sweatcoin, Sweatcoin referral is the best of all!

The reason is because, one succesful referral can earn you more coins than watching ads or walking will earn you.

Also, sweatcoin referral just requires you to share your link. Then hope for people to perform the sweatco.In sign up process with your link.

If you are very good at convincing people, or you have friends that wish to make money on line, then there is very little doubt that you won’t earn via sweatcoin referral method.

How to refer or invite on SweatCo.In

Perform sweatcoin login process in the sweatcoin app, find and click on ‘Claim Bonuses,’ then click on ‘Add a friend.’

After following the steps above, the sweatcoin app will provide your sweatcoin referral code. It can be easily shared to friends on all social media platforms.

One successful referral gets you five sweatcoins!!

When was SweatCo.In launched

Even though we are not a 100% certain of this, we believe sweatcoin has been operating since 2020.

We know for sure that this isn’t a newly launched website though.

But according to the footer section of the “Sweatco.In website,’ it says ‘© 2015 – 2022.’

This insinuates that the platform has been operating since 2015. Sounds hard to believe though. How come we never heard of it until about a year ago?

Who is the CEO / founder of SweatCo.In

Again, we aren’t certain of who the founder of sweatcoin is. However, we know the name of the co-founder of Sweatcoin.

Anton Derlyatka is the co-founder, and usually, the face of Sweatco.In!

According to Mr Anton’s Linkedin handle, he is an “Entrepreneur and investor in digital health and fitness technology. Cofounder and current CEO of Sweatcoin.”

SweatCo.In Sign Up

The steps to performing sweatco.In sign up process is easy and simple. Just go over to Google playstore, search and download the sweatcoin app there.

Then sign up with your email or create an account.

Instantly, you would receive sweatcoin sign up bonus!

SweatCo.In Login

All you have to do is open the sweatcoin app. You will be automatically logged into your own account.

Is SweatCo.In Legit or Scam

Many people keep asking if Sweatcoin is legit or scam. People are scared because there are a lot of scam platforms out there, and it would be a shame if after wasting your time you later found out that Sweatcoin isn’t legit.

Well, the goodnews is that Sweatco.In website and sweatcoin app is legit. However, it’s too difficult and hard for people to earn a lot of sweatcoins.

Take a look at this analysis done by a fellow reviewer; “20k steps equal 1k SWC. In other words, if you want to actually earn 1k SWC then, according to the above limitations, you must walk for 15 km (9.3 miles) for 3 years straight! Does this sound realistic to you? Probably not…”

For those that can’t stop asking the question, is sweatcoin legit or scam? The ball is now in your court to decide if it is worth giving a try.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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