VideoMine Reviews(Is Videomine Legit or Scam VideoMine Sign Up and Login)

Welcome to a honest VideoMine Review! In this article, we will be making it clear on how the recently launched earning website, called videomine, works.

In Nigeria ponzi schemes, disguising as Investment platforms, is very common. And since the launch of Videomine.Org, some wonder if Videomine is actually a befitting site or just another ponzi scheme aimed at scamming people.

In this Videomine review, answers will be provided.m, explanations would be made, and the truth would be revealed.

Recently, many Nigerians have been coming online to show off their huge videomine.Org earnings. Although some show fake payment screenshots, while a few show the real deal. This doesn’t mean you should rush into the platform and give it a try.

Remember platforms like RackSterli, FieldsMine, Purvest, and so on??

These sites were all ponzi and Pyramid schemes. When they began, they paid members. But because of people’s ignorance, many got scammed.

You wouldn’t want the same thing happening to you on Videomine, right??

Therefore, you ought to read this Videomine review to the end!

VideoMine.Org Review

This Videomine review is for the purpose of information and enlightenment for the general public. We(the writers) are not trying to promote the platform, or bring it down either.

This is simply a honest review on Videomine.Org!

Many know very little about how things work. All they know is that this is a money making website.

Do not worry if you are in the category of such people. This is about to change, because broad and thorough explanations would be made in this article.

Another reason why you should read this review to the end is because, the final part of will be the most important.

At the final part of this article, we will provide answer to those that have been asking ‘Is Videomine Legit or Scam?’

The truth will be revealed, and those who read to the end will know if Videomine.Org is legit or scam.

What is VideoMine.Org

VideoMine is a Nigerian money making website. Many see it as an investment website because it involves initial deposit at the beginning, then waiting for return on investment(roi) after a while.

In truth, videomine.Org is nothing like an investment website. Real investment websites will not ask you to perform social media tasks before they can pay you back your returns after you have invested.

Curious on how members make money on videomine?? Then check it out below.

How does VideoMine.Org work / How to make money on VideoMine

To start making money on Videomine, you must first pay a registration fee of two thousand naira.

After paying the fee, you would instantly get a welcome bonus of one thousand four hundred naira(it cannot be withdrawn yet).

Here is how earning works;

1) Registration fee #2000

2) Registration bonus #1000

3) Referal bonus #1400

4) Daily visits #100

5) Video watching #150

6) Viral video posts #200

Videomine.Org claims ‘As an affiliate, you get to apply for your earnings twice weekly and get paid instantly.’

How to refer or invite on VideoMine.Org

Go to the login page of videomine.Org, then perform videomine login process. Next, scroll and navigate your way through your dashboard.

Your videomine referral link can be easily found. Then copy and share the link.

When was VideoMine.Org launched

Videomine was launched a couple of months ago. If we had to guess, we’d say November 2021.

We aren’t a 100% certain of this though.

Who is the CEO / founder of VideoMine.Org

The owner of videomine is not known. No member knows who he or she is. This person(owner) has been hiding and keeping himself a secret from the public.

No one knows why.

But we promise to do more digging in finding out who the founder / owner of Videomine is.

Where you can find VideoMine

You can only find videomine online. They have no physical or visitable office.

VideoMine.Org Sign Up

If you wish to join this website, all you need to do perform videomine sign up process. It isn’t free though.

To begin videomine sign up process, go to their website homepage –

VideoMine.Org Login

And for videomine login, simply head to their website, find and click on ‘Login.’ Then provide your videomine.Org login details(password).

Is VideoMine.Org Legit or Scam

This platform is currently paying, so many already believe that videomine is legit. Jokes on you!

Eventually, this platform will not pay anymore and by then it will dawn on you all that Videomine isn’t legit. But a big scam!

If you know people asking the question, is videomine legit or scam, show them this article!

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed this article. Enjoy your day!

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