EaziPay.Club Review(Is EaziPay a Scam or Legit Site? Find Out Here!)

There are easy ways to make money on the internet now. It is such a privilege to be born at a time like this, or don’t you all think so??

Well, a new site called EaziPay is giving people the opportunity to earn quick money from just easy tasks.

EaziPay, also called eazipay.Club, is a new website that is mainly for South Africans(other African countries included as well). The website shows generosity to new members, as all new members get an eazipay sign up bonus of R10.

Now, if you are just hearing about this platform, you may be having some questions to ask. You may be wondering if Eazipay.Club is legit or not. You may also be wondering how members make money / withdraw on the website.

This write up will be explaining everything that you readers ought to know about EaziPay. Enjoy this article!

Eazipay.Club Review

Being that eazipay.Club is a new website, there are many questions people have been asking. There are also many ‘info’ we are to provide to you guys regarding this site.

To not waste your time, we only will focus on the important discussions.

In this eazipay.Club review, be rest assured that everything you read here will be of your benefit and will be worth your while.

NOTE: Read to the end to get the answer to the ‘ultimate question.’ Which is – “Is Eazipay legit or scam?”

What is Eazipay.Club

To avoid complicating things, here is the best definition of what eazipay is.

This is platform to earn free money. It depends on your consistency and zeal.

But keep this at the back of your mind, eazipay.Club cannot make you rich. It may only earn you a few bucks. Do not start getting high expectations.

How does Eazipay.Club work / How to make money on Eazipay.Club

A lot of things are not clear about this earning website. Annoyingly, and amusingly(yes it’s funny), one of the ‘not so clear’ things is how members can make money on the website.

Isn’t it funny that on a ‘money making website,’ people are not sure of ‘how to make money?’ LOL.

Well, the owners of Eazipay forgot to give a full explanation of how thi gs really work.

The good thing is that there is a Referral tab. This means that, although referral is not the main way to make money on Eazipay.Club, at least you can earn a few bucks with this method.

How to refer or invite on Eazipay.Club

EaziPay referral will earn you R5 everytime you get a new person to register on the site using your referral link.

To get referrals, firstly login into your dashboard. Then head to ‘Referrals’ to get your link!

Copy and share the link with friends online. Share link to earn R5! Sounds good??

When was Eazipay.Club launched

No one new anything about this platform about a month ago. For this reason, we assume that eazipay launched this month(December 2021).

While our assumption ‘may’ be wrong, all blame should be on the eazipay site for failing to provide information concerning their date of launch!

Who is the CEO / founder of Eazipay.Club

Not surprising that no one knows who the ceo of eazipay.Club is.

For the ceo / owner to be hiding, this can only mean a few things….

Eazipay.Club Sign Up

Kindly CLICK HERE to become a member of Eazipay. The sign up process is easy and quick.

Eazipay.Club Login

To gain access to your account, you will need to perform eazipay.Club login process.

This can be easily done by clicking HERE.

How to withdraw on Eazipay.Club

To withdraw on Eazipay, you will have to fill in your bank details in the ‘Bank Details’ section of the website.

Then, when you have over R11, you may attempt to withdraw and see if you get paid.

There is no assurance that you will receive payment from EaziPay.

Is Eazipay.Club Legit or Scam

No one knows for sure if eazipay is legit or not. The site is new(like we mentioned before). Everyone is testing it out, and you should too.

But please do not make any deposits into your eazipay accounts. Since we aren’t certain if Eazipay is legit or scam, its best to remain cautious for now!

Have questions relating to this Eazipay review? If you do, then feel at ease to comment below. Enjoy your day. Thanks for reading.

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