Tkl-Online-Revenue Reviews(Is Tkl Online Revenue a Legit or Scam Site? Get Answers!)

Hi, online billionaires, welcome back to another in-depth guide, which would be on Tkl-online-revenue.Com reviews. In this tkl online revenue review, we would touch on various aspects of tkl-online-revenue like giving answers to frequently asked questions, if tkl-online-revenue is legit or scam, and more.

TKL Online Revenue was established in 2018. It is an extensive online group with a new business system based on platform technical support and enterprise support, supported by finance and technology.

TKL Online Revenue also known as (takealot) is also a make-money-online website that you can earn real money from by just doing some few tasks on your mobile phone.

With TKL Online Revenue you can earn R300 for a welcome bonus, R9 – R12 for daily tasks, and the minimum withdrawal is R200.

Also for now the only country that is eligible to work with TKL-Online Revenue is South Africa.

In today’s article, we’ll give answers to all questions about tkl-online-revenue, which includes: tkl-online-revenue reviews, tkl-online-revenue Login, tkl-online-revenue sign up, tkl-online-revenue Referral, tkl-online-revenue contact, is tkl-online-revenue legit or scam, and more.

By the end of this article our team is sure you must have arrived at a solid decision on if tkl-online-revenue is legit, safe or scam, or maybe fake, as we assure every piece of information provided is authentic.

Without wasting more time, let’s get started with tkl online revenue review.

What is Tkl-online-revenue.Com?

Tkl online-revenue Review

Alright here is Tkl-online-revenue.Com review, just stick around till the end and make sure you read “word for word” in this article carefully.

Here are the top facts that we review on tkl-online-revenue.

1. Tkl-online-revenue URL availability to Google:

TKL Online Revenue website URL is on Google with their website description beneath the domain URL.

2. Website Security:

Yeah, TKL Online Revenue is a secured website, I guess Maybe because they established their website in 2018 that’s why it’s secured. Unlike new make money online websites these days, that don’t secure their website.

3. Interface (Website Design):

TKL Online Revenue is a very fast website, like that of “the flash”. TKL Online Revenue scored 81% on Mobile and PC it scored 98% almost 100%. This would help users stay longer on their website.

Apart from speed, what I like about this website is the design. The design is very cool, with animations, especially checking the VIP page you’ll see the text colors changing. I wonder how this didn’t slow down the website

TKL Online Revenue is also Mobile friendly not PC friendly, which makes it easier for only mobile users to navigate through the website. If you are using a PC to access this website, you’ll get a mobile page view.

4. Contact Us and About Us Pages:

On the home screen, you won’t find they’re About Us and Contact Us page. But when you register an account with TKL Online Revenue, you’ll get access to that feature.

5: Social Media Accounts:

At the time of this article, we couldn’t find their social media accounts. This means they are not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

What is Tkl-online-revenue.Com?

TKL Online Revenue was established in 2018 (South Africa). It is an extensive online group with a new business system based on platform technical support and enterprise support, supported by finance and technology.

TKL-online Revenue’s long-term cooperation businesses include Amazon, Alibaba, and Jd.Com. Internationally renowned platforms such as Flipkart, Allegro, Mercadolivre, etc.

How does Tkl-online-revenue.Com Works | Earn Money from tkl-online-revenue

TKL Online Revenue works pretty simple. With this website you can earn money from referrals, completing tasks, and also after signing up you get a welcome bonus of R300.

After completing the required tasks you can withdraw your earnings. Before, when you reach R100 you can withdraw your earnings, but due to a recent update on the Takealot website, the minimum threshold is now R200.

Earn R9-R12 from daily tasks.

Earn R300 after signing up.

Minimum withdrawal of R200.

TKL Online Revenue VIP levels

To earn more from Tkl-online-revenue.Com you need to upgrade to VIP.

Experience VIP: R300 (Number of Tasks: 16)

One star VIP: R300 (Number of Tasks: 16)

Two-star VIP: R800 (Number of Tasks: 16)

Samsung VIP: R2000 (Number of Tasks: 16)

Four-star VIP: R5000 (Number of Tasks: 16)

Five-star VIP: R20000 (Number of Tasks: 16)

Six Star VIP: R50000 (Number of Tasks: 18)

Seven Star VIP: R120000 (Number of Tasks: 20)

Eight Star VIP: R200000 (Number of Tasks: 22)

Nine Star VIP: R400000 (Number of Tasks: 25)

Who is the owner (CEO) of Tkl-online-revenue.Com?

TKL Online Revenue a.k.a (takealot) is owned by a South African unknown individual. After that, there is no order information known about TKL Online Revenue, like the CEO and more. In the future, if we discover the owner of TKL Online Revenue we’ll update this article.

Tkl-online-revenue.Com Referral | How to Refer and earn on tkl-online-revenue

Anytime you refer people to join TKL Online Revenue, you’ll earn R10, and here is how to go about it.

Go to your dashboard on TKL Online Revenue, copy your referral link, and then share it to Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, and more.

Tkl-online-revenue.Com Sign Up | How to Register on tkl-online-revenue

To learn how to Sign up on Tkl-online-revenue follow this guide.

1. Click on this link to be redirected to Tkl-online-revenue.Com sign-up page.

2. Input your name, password, transaction password, phone number, and then click on Send, to send the O.T.P to your sim card.

3. After getting the OTP, input it on Tkl-online-revenue.Com and then click on Submit. That’s all, you’ve successfully created an account with TKL Online Revenue.

Tkl-online-revenue.Com Login | How to Login to tkl-online-revenue

To learn how to Login in tkl-online-revenue follow this guide.

1. Go to Tkl-online-revenue.Com login page, by clicking on this link.

2. Input your mobile number and password, and then click on login. That’s how to login to Tkl-online-revenue.Com.

Is Tkl-online-revenue.Com legit or Scam?

Tkl-online-revenue is not a scam website. TKL Online Revenue is legit. This website has been paying its members for several years now, I don’t think they’ll stop anytime soon.

So for now, tkl online revenue is a legitimate website, feel free to work with them, they are safe and trusted.

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