Zappi.Co.Za Review(Is Zappi.Co.Za Legit Or Scam? Get Answers Here!)

Do you have a smartphone? Do you also have data? If your answer is yes to both questions, then why haven’t you started making money on zappi.Co.Za?

Zappi.Co.Za is an earning platform for South Africans to make good use of their mobile data. It is a platform that promises ‘goodies’ to all its members.

In this article, we will have a close look at Zappi and all that there is to know about it. This zappi.Co.Za review will help members, and aspiring members, to fully understand what they are going into, how they can earn, and if it is even worth going into.

Just so you know, a lot of members have been having one or two complaints about Zappi.Co.Za and how they operate. That will be discussed in this review too.

Zappi.Co.Za Review

This Zappi.Co.Za review is going to be a mouthful. In the sense that, there is a lot to discuss about this earning site and it’s definitely going to be a detailed writeup!

We promise to provide answers to you readers. Some of the most asked queries includes: How to withdraw on zappi.Co.Za? Is Zappi.Co.Za legit or scam? Who is the founder of Zappi.Co.Za? How to make money on zappi?

The above queries, and more, and will be answered in this review. Stick around to the end!

What is Zappi.Co.Za

Zappi is an earning website for South Africans. The goal is to test apps, find critics, amazing features, and give your opinion on what you think about the apps.

Upon doing so, zappi.Co.Za rewards you for your honest opinion.

Below is how you can make a lot of money on zappi.

How does Zappi.Co.Za work / How to make money on Zappi.Co.Za

Zappi.Co.Za rewards members of the platform whenever they test new apps given to them. The apps that you test, the more cash that you accumulate.

Amazingly, you do not need a certain skill or ability before you can be qualified to test apps on Zappi.

According to the site, “anyone with Andriod/IOS,can connect to the internet and can write in english.”

How to refer or invite on Zappi.Co.Za

Concerning referrals, well it’s not necessary on Zappi.

Apparently, zappi.Co.Za does not pay members for referring new people. There is no such thing as referral links or code on this website.

But if you feel the need to, you can still go ahead and invite your friends to join this earning site.

When was Zappi.Co.Za launched

Though not confirmed, there is a high chances that Zappi.Co.Za was launched in 2021(probably in the month of September).

No one is a 100% certain of when zappi was launched. Blame this on the owners of the platform for not revealing this to the public!

Who is the CEO / founder of Zappi.Co.Za

It is unfortunate that the founder or owner of Zappi has made it a necessity to keep himself/herself a secret!

For some unknown reasons, the owner has been hiding from the public.

The fact that the owner or founder of Zappi.Co.Za is unknown, this shows that this platform cannot be a 100% trusted!

Zappi.Co.Za Sign Up

Zappi.Co.Za sign up process can easily be done by clicking HERE.

For the zappi sign up process, the requirements are your email address, phone number, and password.

In the zappi.Co.Za sign up page, you will also be asked a few simple questions to prove that you are eligible to be a part of the platform.

Zappi.Co.Za Login

To begin zappi login process, CLICK HERE.

You will only be required to fill in your email and correct password.

Also, zappi.Co.Za login page can help you in recovering your password(if you forgot it).

How to withdraw on Zappi.Co.Za

When you become eligible to withdraw, your zappi payment will be sent to your debit card – This is what the platform claims.

Is Zappi.Co.Za Legit or Scam

Zappi is not a trusted website at all. It would be a big risk trusting them. For this reason, we conclude that Zappi.Co.Za is not legit but a scam!

If Zappi.Co.Za was legit, they wouldn’t hide their owner or ask for people’s debit card details. Be warned that Zappi isn’t legit! It is most likely a scam!

Have questions related to this Zappi.Co.Za review? If yes, drop your comments below.

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