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JustCollect.Club Review Is Just Collect.Club Legit or Scam?

A lot of people cannot seem to contain the excitement they have for JustCollect.Club website. For those who haven’t heard, JustCollect.Club is a new site that allows making money online look so easy. Jokes apart, this platform is ridiculously easy! Earning money is as easy as taking a candy from a baby.


Sounds exciting, right? Well, have no worries. This Justcollect.Club Review article will be providing all known information about the platform. Amusingly, there really isn’t much to know about Justcollect.Club, but it is vital that every member knows about the little that there is.


So without further ado, let’s dive right into this interesting JustCollect.Club review!


JustCollect.Club Review

Here is a short summary of what this justcollect Club is going to be focusing on. Since many already know that it is a money making site, this article will focus on details such as: How to make money on Justcollect.Club, How to withdraw on Justcollect.Club, How to perform Justcollect.Club Login process...


And then finally, the secret will be revealed! For those asking the “million dollar question,” which is: Is Justcollect.Club legit?

The answer will be provided for you readers! So stick to the end.

What is JustCollect.Club

There is a very simple answer to the above question. When a person asks, what is Justcollect.Club? Then this is the perfect answer – JustCollect.Club or Just Collect is a ‘fun and gaming website’ that claims to pay its members for playing spinning games, and a few other activities.


This is the definition according to the website – “JC is a fun game where people make real money by just spinning, it’s a free game where you get free spins every day, you can achieve real dreams with this fun game if you invest your time and effort to work.”


Now that you readers have a clear insight on what Just Collect is, how about we move on to the more interesting part?

Want to know how you can make money on Justcollect.Club? Then the next sub heading would amaze you. *wink*

How does JustCollect.Club work / How to make money on JustCollect.Club

Earlier in this article, we described making money on Justcollect.Club as ‘ridiculously easy.’ Well, it wasn’t a metaphor! Making money on this site is extremely easy.


Here is how it works; As a new member, once you complete the justcollect.Club sign up process, what you ought to do next is play spinning games. The more you spin, the more you win.

However, there are limited spins for a day. And it is said that, members can make as much as R50 everyday on Just Collect.


Spinning is pretty easy and rewarding, but it can be boring. So if you get bored of that, then you can earn via JustCollect.Club referrals.


Justcollect.Club referrals is actually triple of what you earn from spinning games. The platform claims that for one successful referral, members will be rewarded R150.

Mind you, this same amount is equal to the minimum withdrawal amount. So with just one Justcollect.Club referral, withdrawal might actually be possible.



How to refer or invite on JustCollect.Club

Sounds interesting, right? So if you are wondering how you can go about withdrawing, then all that is needed is your referral link.


It is obvious that getting your referral link would mean y’all have to perform Justcollect.Club login process. So do just that!



When was JustCollect.Club launched

At the start of this Justcollect.Club review, it was made known that this is a “recently launched” website.

If we had to guess, justcollect.Club was launched in November, 2021.

The exact date of when it was launched is not made known.



Who is the CEO / founder of JustCollect.Club

The owner or founder of Instapay.Work is not known yet. Many are asking, but no one is getting any answers.

This is so unprofessional.



Where you can find JustCollect.Club

Dear readers, this platform only exists on the Internet. Keep that at the back of your mind.



JustCollect.Club Sign Up

To join this platform, the first step will be justcollect.Club sign up process.

To begin just collect sign up, CLICK HERE.



JustCollect.Club Login

Want to access your account? You can LOGIN HERE.

The justcollect.Club login process will only ask for your username and password.

How to withdraw on JustCollect.Club

All withdrawals will be made directly to bank accounts, that is if the threshold of R150 has been reached.


So, for members that have at least R150 on their justcollect.Club account, the withdrawal process is easy. Simply perform justcollect.Club login process(to access your dashboard), head to ‘withdraw,’ then provide your bank details to the platform.

If you don’t get paid, your loss! LOL. Contact their customer care if your payment doesn’t arrive.



Is JustCollect.Club Legit or Scam

The most asked question about this platform is – Is justcollect.Club legit or scam?

Not surprising. There are just too many scam platforms out there. Unfortunately, there is a chance that Just collect is one of them.


If justcollect.Club is legit, then why would they pay members R150 per referral? That is extremely high for a free platform.

Sorry to break your heart readers, but there just might be a chance that justcollect.Club isn’t legit but a scam website.

Have questions to ask concerning this site? Then drop a comment below.

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  1. Zinhle

    Just is a scam I’ve just bought spins now it’s pity because there tab to upload proof of payment isn’t working. What a loss I want my money.

  2. Siphokazi

    I want to joine this cluv

  3. Prudence

    I joined the past three days thy busy saying the gona upload my free 20spins thy didn’t how do I trust them to buy spins never

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