JustCollect.Club Review Is Just Collect.Club Legit or Scam?

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JustCollect.Club Sign Up

To join this platform, the first step will be just to collect.Club sign-up process.

To begin just collect sign up, CLICK HERE.

JustCollect.Club Login

Want to access your account? You can log in HERE.

They just collect. The club login process will only ask for your username and password.

How to withdraw on JustCollect.Club

All withdrawals will be made directly to bank accounts, that is if the threshold of R150 has been reached.

So, for members that have at least R150 on them just collect. For club accounts, the withdrawal process is easy. Simply perform just collect.Club login process(to access your dashboard), head to ‘withdraw,’ then provide your bank details to the platform.

If you don’t get paid, your loss! LOL. Contact their customer care if your payment doesn’t arrive.

Is JustCollect.Club Legit or Scam

The most asked question about this platform is – Is just collect? Club legit or a scam?

Not surprising. There are just too many scam platforms out there. Unfortunately, there is a chance that Just collect is one of them.

If just collect. If the club is legit, then why would they pay members R150 per referral? That is extremely high for a free platform.

Sorry to break your heart readers, but there just might be a chance that just collects. The club isn’t legit but a scam website.

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