RainMakersSa Review (Is RainMakersSa Legit?) Find Out Now!

RainMakersSa.Com Review

Rainmakerssa is something you probably may have come across on social media, or anywhere else. In case you are wondering, it is a money making platform for South Africans(and a few other African countries). Rainmakerssa was just launched recently, and a lot of online hustlers have been speaking about it. In terms of operation, this platform is similar to Bamboo and Fixmyptwallet. Let’s all just hope it is better.

This is a rainmakerssa review, and what this means is that all that there is to know about this site will be stated here. In this review of the rainmakerssa platform, you will get all your answers.


You will get answers to questions like; Is Rainmakerssa legit? How to go about rainmakerssa.com login? How to withdraw on rainmakerssa platform? Who is the owner of rainmakerssa? And so on.

Read this rainmakerssa review to the very end!!


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What is RainMakersSa.Com

Rainmakers is an earning platform in South Africa where members earn by performing tasks such as visiting social media posts(liking and sharing), watching youtube videos, and so on.

To make money on rainmakerssa, one doesn’t need to own a certificate or have any experiences at all. Everyone qualifies to be a member on the platform. IT’S FREE!!!


How does PlamShares.Com work / How to make money on RainMakersSa.Com

Like I said earlier, members make money via online tasks, which are very simple and quick to perform. These tasks do not take much of one’s time, and members make R12 from daily task.

However, rainmakers members can also earn more than just R12 from daily tasks, but that is if you upgrade or level up to a higher rainmakerssa vip level.

RainMakersSa.Com Vip Levels

What are vip levels? These are the different stages of this earning site. The vip level you are on, will determine how much you can earn daily on rainmakers.

Rainmakerssa vip levels are about six, and they all vary in different ways. The higher rainmakerssa vip level you are in, the more cash you can earn daily.

NOTE: All new members are in the free vip, and they earn the least from daily tasks. The other way to make money is by referrals.

How to refer or invite on RainMakersSa.Com

Rainmakers referrals is quite fair. For every referral, you get a bonus of R10. It’s really nice right? Getting ten referrals means you have accumulated a R100!

To get rainmakerssa referral bonus, log into your rainmakerssa.Com account, head to ‘invite,’ copy and share your referral link and code. That’s all!

Who is the CEO / founder of RainMakersSa.Com

The founder of rainmakerssa.Com is not known for now. Honestly, there is a high chance that this person may never reveal himself/herself. That’s how they all bea have. *sigh*

Where can I find RainMakersSa.Com

Curious on where to find Rainmakers? There is only one place. The internet! It is an online site, so what do you expect?

RainMakersSa.Com Sign Up

The most amazing feature about rainmakerssa is that they give a sign up bonus of R200 to all members.

When people hear they can get such amount when they register on Rainmakers, this gives makes them want to join immediately. To register or sign up on rainmakerssa, go to their website(https://www.rainmakerssa.com) then provide all necessary info for a smooth rainmakerssa sign up process. It shouldn’t take you too long to do rhe sign up.

RainMakersSa.Com Login

To perform the rainmakerssa.com login process; Go to the site page, provide your phone number and password, then click on login. It is almost impossible to face any issues during the rainmakerssa.com login process. But if you forgot your login password for your rainmakerssa account, then you might need to contact the customer care.

It takes about a minute, or less, to go about rainmakerssa.com login process.


How to withdraw on RainMakersSa.Com

Withdrawal on rainmakerssa isn’t a tough task. Simply login to your account, find and click on the ‘withdrawal’ button, provide your bank details and the amount you wish to withdraw. The place your rainmakerssa withdrawal. Hopefully, it should take about 24 hours for your payment to arrive. If you don’t receive payment, then contact rainmakers customer care support.

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Is RainMakersSa.Com Legit or Scam

Rainmakerssa cannot be classified as a scam. The reason is because this earning platform is very new, and many people are just testing out rainmakerssa.Com for now. We still are yet to confirm if they pay, but no one has been scammed so far. Have any questions about this Rainmakerssa review? If yes, then comment below.

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