PalmShares.Com Review(Is Palm Shares Legit or Scam) Find Out Now!!

PalmShares.Com Review

Palm share a.k.a Palmshares.Com, is just another amazing recently launched money making site! You may, or may not, have come across this site though.
In this Palm share review, you will be given answers to questions that have been bothering you! All that there is to know about Palmshares.Com, will be discussed in this write-up. Such as;

Is Palmshares.Com legit? How can I withdraw on Palmshares.Com? Who is the founder of palm shares? And many more!!


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What is PalmShares.Com
Palm shares is an online company that helps South Africans earn money very easily. Just so you know, palmshares gives a registration bonus of R25 to all new members. Registration is free, so don’t bother about any registration fees.

In palmshares, one simply has to perform easy online daily tasks that doesn’t take time or stress. Truth be told, some tasks done on this platform are even fun to do.
Imagine making money and having fun. So cool, right?!

How does PalmShares.Com work / How to make money on PalmShares.Com
Making money on palm share is quite easy, and fast too! You can choose to earn money by performing tasks or by referrals.

If you are wondering what palmshares.Com tasks are like, well they are simple stuffs like sharing posts to social media(e.g WhatsApp, Facebook).
Members earn nothing less than R1.20 for one task.

PalmShares.Com Vip Levels
Palm shares has different vip levels. This is because some members want to perform more daily tasks and earn more Rands. For this reason, they deposit and upgrade to a higher palm shares vip level.

They are about six vip levels. So if you desire to accumulate more cash, you can choose to upgrade.
NOTE: All new members are on the free vip level, and they earn the least. *sigh*

How to refer or invite on Palmshares.Com
You can invite or refer members to join palmshares.Com by copying and sharing your personal referral link.
If you do not use your own referral link, you will not be given any bonus.

Oh, and incase you are wondering, there isn’t a limit on the number of palm shares referalls you can get. Even if you were to get a million referrals, chances are that you will most likely get paid. Yay!!

Who is the CEO / founder of PalmShares.Com
The founder of Palm shares is yet to be known. Platforms like these are not fond of releasing information about their owners. Do you know why? Well no one knows why!!

Where can I find PalmShares.Com
You can only find this platform online. That explains why it is called an ‘online money making site.


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PalmShares.Com Sign Up
To sign up on palm shares, you simply have to go to
You will automatically be taken to the sign up or registration page. Then fill in your phone number and other required informations.

The palmshares.Com sign up process is very easy to figure out.

PalmShares.Com Login
The login process for this platform is also very easy. Navigate to the login page, fill in your email/phone number and password.
Then click on ‘login.’

How to deposit on PalmShares.Com
The reason for deposits is because some people want to upgrade to palmshares vip level 1 or higher.
So to upgrade, locate the ‘deposit’ tab and click on it to make payments.

How to withdraw on PalmShares.Com
The minimum withdrawal amount is R100. If you are yet to accumulate R100, then you won’t be able to make withdrawals on Palmshares.Com

Whenever you reach the threshold, you can place withdrawal anytime you desire.

Is PalmShares.Com Legit or Scam
Yes. Palmshares.Com is legit! They have been numerous proof of palm shares payment on social media.

Do note that, the platform might stop paying in the future. We cannot guarantee that they would be legit forever!

Have any other questions related to the Palmshares.Com review? If yes, then drop a comment below.

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