Robinson747 Review: Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now!!

Robinson747.Com Review

Robinson a.k.a Robinson747, is just another marvelous earning platform for internet users. The internet is a place where many people go to have fun, chat, and waste most of their time. Well, not anymore! With a platform like Robinson 747, one can make money without having to stress himself/herself. In this Robinson747 review, we will have an indepth analysis of how the platform works and everything you should know about them.

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At the end of this review, you will have answers to; Is Robinson747 legit or scam? How do I withdraw on robinson747.Com? How to make money on robinson747? Robinson747 login and sign up process? And so on!!

What is Robinson747.Com

This is an online money making app that pays users in U.S Dollars. South Africans, Kenyans, Zambians, and many others are allowed to access the Robinson app and make money with it. What’s cool?! Well, it is a free platform! Registration is free and everyone gets a registration bonus of $10(converted to R145) as soon as they complete the robinson747.Com sign up process.

How does Robinson747.Com work / How to make money on PalmShares.Com

After getting your $10 reward for registering on the platform via the site or app, the next step is to make more cash. Wondering how to make more money on Robinson app? Well, it’s not difficult at all. To earn you just need to perform daily tasks. These tasks can be as easy as watching videos online. Once you have done the required task, robinson 747 will provide your task reward which is about $0.40 – The more daily tasks you perform, the more dollars you accumulate.

Robinson747.Com Vip Levels

You can check out the robinson747 vip levels on the app. The reason for having various vip’s is because it can help increase one’s earnings. However to move to another Robinson vip level, you will need to deposit some cash. Another alternative way to make money on this app is by referrals. I’m pretty sure many of us are familiar with the term(referrals). The Robinson app gives $3 bonus for every referral you get. So it is smart to invite many people to join and register on the platform.

How to refer or invite on Robinson747.Com

To get referrals on robinson747, or to refer, you simply have to; head to the app, copy your referral link, then share to many people. Anytime someone clicks on your link and sign up, Robinson 747 will give you $3.

Who is the CEO / founder of Robinson747.Com

The founder of Robinson747 is not known. In fact, almost no personal information about this platform is known. Only thing we are aware of is that this site was launched on the 12th of June 2021. Perhaps, the founder of Robinson747 may, or may not, reveal himself in the future that is to come.

Where can I find Robinson747.Com

You can find this platform online, by heading to their website or downloading the robinson app. To earn, it is a necessity that you download the app. It is easy to navigate and operate the app, so be less concerned about having issues.

Robinson747.Com Sign Up

To sign up on Robinson747, go to the website(, head to the registration page and provide all that is necessary for the robinson app sign up process.

Robinson747.Com Login

The login process is also easy. Head to robinson747 login page, provide your phone number and password, then click on login. That’s all!

How to withdraw on Robinson747.Com

You can withdraw when you have reached the robinson747 withdrawal threshold. To withdraw, open the app aand navigate to the ‘Withdraw’ area. Provide your bank details and amount you wish to withdraw.

Is Robinson747.Com Legit or Scam

No one can confirm yet if Robinson747 is legit. All we know is the it was launched recently, so jumping into conclusions about the app is not right.

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Word of Advice: Do not deposit your money into the Robinson app(for now). Simply remain at your current vip level, perform daily tasks, and then attempt withdrawal without recharging/depositing. Avoid getting scammed!! Have questions about this robinson747 review? If yes, then drop comments below.

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