Step-by-Step Guide On How To Register And Make Money On Opera News Hub

It has been over a year now, and Opera News Hub is still hunting for content creators(writers). Do you mind telling me why you have not registered as a writer for Opera News Hub?

Well, if your reason is because you are having issues with the registration process, then worry no more! In this article I will go through all the steps(with screenshots) on how to successfully register and earn as a content creator for Opera News Hub.
Note: For those who are yet to be aware of Opera News rates; Opera News pays its writers 0.036 naira per click.
Meaning that if you can get hundred thousand people to click one of your articles, then you have made 3600 naira from only that article.
You can choose to write as many articles as you want though. But there is a daily limit.
As I was; Here are the steps to creating an Opera News Hub creator account(bear in mind that it is free of charge. beware of scammers.)
STEP ONE: Click on
This will take you to a site that looks like what is on the screenshot below:

STEP TWO: Click on either “login with Google,” or “login with Facebook.”
I would suggest you pick “login with Google.” This is because your Facebook account can be easily hacked, or you could forget your Facebook password. But you can still go ahead to choose “login with Facebook,” if you so desire.
STEP THREE: After you have logged in using either your Facebook account or your Google account, you will be taken to a page that looks like the picture below.

All you have to do is to simply select your country. After selecting your country and, click ‘next.’

STEP FOUR: The next page that will be displayed to you will be asking you to input your username, your desired category, photo, and a biography.
Your username can be any name you desire. In the category section, you can write; entertainment, or sports, or history. Just write a category you are experienced in.
After that,select and pick any photo from your gallery. This photo would act as your display picture on the hub.
Then in the biography section, you can simply write a little about you, or how much passion you love for writing.
Then click ‘next.’
STEP FIVE: In this page, all you have to do is tell them more about yourself. Just type in your first name and your last name.
Next, you type in your National ID Card number. But do not panic! If you don’t have a national ID card number, then you can just skip it.
It isn’t entirely necessary.
After that, type in your current phone number, and then click ‘next.’
STEP SIX: This is the final and most important step.
In this page, you would be asked to fill in your Opay Number. This is because Opera News Hub pays its creators via Opay.
If you do not have an Opay account, CLICK HERE to register now.
The phone number you used in registering for your Opay account will be the number you will input in this page.
After inputing your Opay account number(which is your phone number), tick the “i have read and agreed to opera news hub terms and conditions.”
Note that it is important to read the terms and conditions.
After that, click on confirm. Wait for a few hours for Opera News to approve you as an Opera News Hub creator.
After a while, check back later, you can now write, earn and share on the Opera News Hub!
Do bear in mind that payment is made every 15th to 30th of the month.

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