How To Make Money On WhatsApp In Nigeria Without Spending A Dime

Hi there! In this article, we will discuss some of the not-so-famous ways to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria. It sounds too good to be truth right? Well, read on.
Making money online sounds like a fantasy to a lot of people. It is such a shame that those people are still in the dark. A lot of people are earning daily from the internet, and it is no fantasy at all.
Did you know there are hundreds of ways one can earn make money online? and one the numerous ways includes earning from social media.
Yeah, you read that right. Social media is not only a place to meet and greet new people. Social media is also a place to make cool cash.
In this article, I will unveil to you readers how to make money online from WhatsApp. Yea, you will learn how to make money from Whatsapp status views. Pretty cool right?

And guess what?
You don’t have to spend a dime.
Now don’t get me wrong, you will have to spend some little cash on buying data, but that is all you need. Data!!
A lot of people are earning cash from Whatsapp in so many different ways, but this method I am about to unveil to you readers is not known to many people.
It is known as owning a Whatsapp Tv. The moment you become a Whatsapp Tv owner, you are now a few steps from knowing how to make money on Whatsapp in Nigeria.
Firstly, What is a WhatsApp Tv?
Well, a WhatsApp tv is simply like an ordinary WhatsApp account. And all you have to do is to make engaging posts on your Whatsapp for the purpose of making your viewers glued to your WhatsApp status. So basically, all you have to do is to write on WhatsApp status and get paid.
To make money as a WhatsApp tv owner is pretty simple.
Firstly, you will need to come up with a professional name for your WhatsApp tv. You will also need a brand logo for your WhatsApp tv. This would make your WhatsApp tv look professional.
Secondly, you will need lots of WhatsApp contacts. Thousands of active contacts! You will need these contacts so they can view your status on a daily basis.
How to get WhatsApp contacts is pretty simple.
Simply share your WhatsApp contacts with your friends and families. Then tell those friends and families of yours to share your WhatsApp contacts with their friends too.
Another way is to create a WhatsApp link. This link automatically redirects whoever clicks on it to your Whatsapp direct message(DM).
Note: Make sure you save all the WhatsApp contacts you get. And also make sure they save your WhatsApp contact too.
Thirdly, you need to post on your WhatsApp status consistently. Posting on a daily basis is a necessity. This would make your WhatsApp viewers more engaged in your posts.
Having done the above three steps, you are already this close to earning on your Whatsapp tv.
The final step is making it known to your WhatsApp status viewers that you accept advertisements on your WhatsApp status.
Simply post on your status that you now run ads on your WhatsApp tv. Also, show your viewers the high amount of views you get on each WhatsApp status post.
This would convince them that you have a large audience.
Your viewers would then negotiate with you how much they would pay to advertise their businesses on your Whatsapp status. Voila! You are now in the business of making money from WhatsApp status views.

This method of earning is done by many individuals not only in Nigeria, but different parts of the world. Trust me, you can make a lot of money on Whatsapp here in Nigeria, by owning a WhatsApp tv. You just have to be devoted and consistent.
To make money on Whatsapp in Nigeria isn’t a fantasy, however, it isn’t as easy as it sounds too. Consistency is the key! That is a wrap! Do hope you readers learnt a lot.

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