3 Ways To Make Money Online As A Writer In Nigeria

Hello there! If you are reading this article right now, then that probably means that you are a writer looking for an online writing job.
Well, hurray! You are at the right place.

There are numerous ways one can make money as a writer in Nigeria, however, very few people are unaware of it. For this reason, five amazing ways to earn money as a writer will be revealed to you in this article.
These are one of the most legit ways to earn money in Nigeria, so do not be bothered about scammers platforms.
Also, you do not need to pay a dime to start writing for these platforms. All you need is a laptop, and if you don’t have a laptop, you can even use your smartphone.
Oh! Lest I forget, you also need data. Lots of it.
You would be using your data to make researches before drafting articles.
Without further adu, below are three amazing ways/platforms you can earn money as a writer in Nigeria.
 1. Applying as a Writer for Opera News Hub
As a Nigerian, you must have heard of the famous Opera News playform. Opera News is one of the biggest news platforms in Nigeria.
Have you ever wondered who writes their news for them?
Well the answer is easy. People like you and I write articles for them, and they get paid monthly.

Having said that, here is how to become an Opera News creator;
To register as an Opera News creator; CLICK HERE.
Note: You must have an Opay account to receive your payments.
To open an Opay account, simply head on Google play store to download it.
 2. Creating a Fiverr Gig
Fiverr is recognized as the world largest marketplace for creative and professional services.
Yes, it is that huge!
As a writer, you can easily create a fiverr seller account(not a buyer account).
To create a seller account, CLICK HERE.
After creating your seller account, the next step should be creating a GIG. Only then can you start getting orders from clients.
 3. Applying as a Content Creator For Scooper
Just recently Scooper PGC, formerly known as Eaglee app, started hiring writers to create contents on their app.
It is a really nice platform with not so strict rules, so if you are looking for a way to earn online by writing, you can consider becoming a content creator for Scooper.
How to register is quite easy. To register, click HERE.
That is a wrap readers. I hope you all learnt a thing, or two!

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