3 Ways To Make Money On Social Media In 2021

Hello esteemed readers! As usual, we will be having discussions about earning some cool cash.
That is literally all we do on this blog. We make money!

Making money is not as hard as people make it sound. What is even easier is making money online.
Incase, this is coming as news to you, well making money online is a ‘thing,’ and people earn a living by ‘hustling’ online.
If you are lost, well let me say this easier for you to understand.
You can use your smartphone, laptop, or desktop to earn online!!
I hope you get the point now.
Today, I will be revealing three smart ways to make money via social media(i.e facebook, whatsapp, instagram).
Like I always say, social media is not just an avenue for meeting and greeting new people and greeting new people. The smart ones make social media a place for making cool cash.
Without further adu, below are three ways to make legit cash on social media;
 1. Affiliate Marketing
Before you begin to develop thoughts of what affiliate marketing means, hold that thought!

Affiliate marketing in layman’s language, means finding customers for a company or brand. And whenever a customer purchases a product from that brand, through you, you get a commission.
It is that simple.
To be an affiliate marketer is not much of a task. If you are on social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the rest) you can easily earn money as an affiliate marketer.
Firstly and get registered to a good affiliate program to join(e.g jumia affiliate program).
Secondly, pick the offers you would like to promote.
Thirdly, obtain your unique link from the affiliate program you registered in. After obtaining the link, share it regularly on your social media accounts.
Anytime a person purchases a product through your link, you get to earn a commision.
Isn’t that a cool way to make money online?!
 2. Social Selling
This is another cool way to make money on social media. Social selling is also known as Selling on Social Media.
You just need to find and engage with other social media users who are in need of the products you sell.
As a social seller, you are simply making social media your own marketplace. And other social media users are your customers.

If you do not have a product to sell, that isn’t an issue.
Buy products from stores and other brands, then advertise and resell them on social media.
Incase you don’t know, a lot of people are already cashing out with this method. It is no longer a secret.
 3. Become A Youtuber
Unlike the two listed above, this method of earning on social media works only on youtube.
All you have to do is make really cool videos and upload them on YouTube.
NOTE: Do not copy other people’s videos.
Keep posting regularly, and always alert your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. When you are able to get over 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time on your YouTube channel, you can now join the YouTube partner program and begin earning online.
That is a wrap! I hope you leart a lot from this writeup!

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