Steps to Make Money With Freelance Jobs

Are you looking for a side business but have no idea which to go for? Are you searching for available freelance jobs you can venture into after your regular full-time job? Are you currently on a low-budget job and looking to make money with freelance jobs to supplement it?

No matter your condition as to looking for a freelance job you can start without a dime, this article will unravel lots of them for you.

To begin with, one of the beauties of the freelance job is that it doesn’t negate the main job, the two can be run side by side without one disturbing the other. The number of people venturing into freelance jobs has amazingly increased over the years now.

Findings show that nothing less than 57 million of the American population are working as freelancers. This is over one-third of the United States’ total workforce. Amazing, right?

This goes to the Asian, European, and African countries, too. The trends in freelance work indicate that plethora numbers of people will still join the gig business in the coming years. No doubt about that!

In the same vein, there are numerous numbers of ways to earn massive amounts of money by freelancing. Some are online while others are offline. Both in — some cases — involve using internet-based technologies to explore and exploit its proceeds. But before we move further, it is ideal to define what freelancing is all about.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing can be defined in different ways by different online entrepreneurs but nevertheless, it means working for multiple companies and clients simultaneously without one negating the other. A freelancer on the other is a self-employed individual who offers his services to companies and multiple clients at a time.

Reason For Freelance Job

Before unraveling the available freelance works you can venture into and make cool money, it is very pertinent to briefly highlight the reasons for Freelancing among these reasons are:

To Get Yourself Busy

There are plethora numbers of freelance jobs that entail you to work from the comfort zone of your sofa without any stress.

So as a full housewife or stay-at-home mother or babysitter who needs to keep herself busy with some other things that come with money, freelancing is the best option in this regard.

Flexible Work Hours

If you need a job that comes with flexible working hours, don’t stress yourself too much, freelancing is the real deal in such a regard. Freelancers are without any iota of doubt, independent contractors, there is no office hour binding them, they work whenever it pleases them.

And lastly, a freelance job is so flexible that you can render services to two to three people or a company at a time without one affecting the other.

Work From Anywhere

Another reason why you should freelance is that you can work from anywhere at any time of the day. Most especially, those freelancers whose work rests upon computers and connected internet.

As such, a freelancer doesn’t need to present himself in any office. He can perform his task even when visiting the restroom.

However, if you are pleased with the above reasons why you should work as a freelancer, though not exhausted, below are freelance jobs you can start to complement your full-time job.

Make Money With Freelance Jobs

The available freelance jobs you can do to make extra income are as follow:

1. Content Writing

Talking of the available freelance job, you can do to get extra cash, content writing is the most highly patronized freelance job. Even, it is the world’s largest freelance work that people imbibe every now and then. This is a result of plethora numbers of bloggers, webmasters, and organizations looking for a competent and professional writer to generate gigs.

As a freelance content writer, you will be rendering your service to websites and blogs, most especially, by generating unique and plagiarised free articles on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is no doubt the largest and favorite online freelance profession.

So if you have a good command of the language, are very passionate about writing, and are adept at carrying out research, freelance writing should be your side job. There are available freelance content writing gigs on certain websites just that it takes time before you — the first-timer — discover or get a client that will entrust you with writing projects.

Unless and until you know someone who is ready to give you writing jobs straight away, there are numerous apps for freelancers and websites that offer newbies the opportunity to land their first client, and among them are freelance, Fiverr,, Upwork, freelancer, Guru, etc. Even, there are numerous freelance writing groups on Facebook that you can join to pitch potential clients who will be ready to work with you.

This content writing business is no doubt ranked as my favorite freelance job because it pays and involves little or no hassle. But it requires freelance a special skill.

In line with the above, a freelance writing job is amazing, your office is anywhere that you can put down your laptop and connect to the internet. You can decide to work or play at any time of the day; it gives you enough time to rest. And at the same time, you will be your own boss from the comfort of your home.

2. Freelance Photographer

Do you plan to expand your horizon any moment from now or do you just find your present job monotonous? Well, this may not be new to you, but the truth still remains that; on the other side, the grass is not always greener. So it is advisable you stick with your present work and earn extra income through freelancing.

While the benefits that come with freelancing can never be overemphasized, if you are very good at handling a camera but currently on a full-time job, you can transform your hobby into a paying gig by venturing into freelance photography where you will earn extra income.

The premise of this, studies reveal that freelancers are prone to a better family life plus, they are entirely happier people. So, if you want to earn money through freelancing and your Canon camera is intact, you can start going to weekend parties, get together, events, and ceremonies as a freelance photographer.

Tell your friends and family about your new freelance business to tell their friends that you freelance as a photographer in case they have any family event, birthday, etc. you are at their service.

3. Freelance Journalists

Are you also searching for a more flexible work schedule or you are just trying to scale through your dreaded commute? Whatever it is, indulging in freelance journalists as a lover of words is not a bad idea.

Essentially, there is no amount of staff a media house may have, they will surely need a freelance journalist – they can’t do without one. In fact, journalism and freelancing are two inseparable entities. So, if you have a flair for writing and a nose for news but are presently on a full-time job and you want to earn more through freelancing, then a freelancing journalist is the best option for you.

Most importantly, since TV channels, radio stations, newspaper industries, and online news channels compete with one another in terms of potential and seasonal readers and audiences, they are always on the watch for excellent and captivating news stories. Hence, they need freelance journalists in many jurisdictions.

Moreover, it is not possible for any media organization, no matter how large it is, to station full-time journalists who will be sending them the latest happenings around the world or better still, at various locations within and outside the country.

As such, all media houses depend greatly upon freelancers. So with your writing skills and prowess and ability to spot newsworthy events, you can visit any media house around you or look for online news websites that are in need of freelance journalists, offer them your expertise, and start earning as a freelancer.

4. Freelance Driver

Another interesting freelance work you can do in the evening after your office work without a problem is driving for Uber, Lyft, and other cab service industries. These cab aggregators are always in need of professional drivers who will work with them as freelance drivers.

The beautiful thing about these Taxi services is that they will allow you to work from any location of your choice at a convenient time. Isn’t this a plus? So if you know your way around your local area and your driving license is up-to-date, why don’t you sign up for Uber Drive as a side job after your daily job or during the weekend?

However, there are certain criteria you need to possess if you want to work with these cabbies companies as a part-time or freelance cabbie. So if you will like to freelance as a cabbie and you have a very nice vehicle, this is an easy way to double your sources of income.

5. Amazon Flex Agent

Haven published our post on Top Internet Business Ideas That You Can Start To Make Money Anytime, there is no need to explain want Amazon is all about, you all will agree with me that it is one of the giant online marketplaces where people shop globally. So if you will like to earn money through Amazon as a freelancer, you can register as an Amazon Flex delivery on its official website.

Informatively, there is this program on Amazon called Amazon Flex. It is meant for people who are interested in serving as a delivery boy or girl for Amazon. So if you will like to freelance with Amazon, you will need to register on Amazon and then download the Amazon Flex application on App Store or Google Play.

So as an Amazon Flex agent, your job will be to deliver parcels to customers. To your own advantage, Amazon allows its, delivery agents, to pick delivery slots that suit their location and times. However, it is very pertinent for you to know that the Amazon Flex program is currently available in a few places in the USA. But sooner, it will roll out globally.

6. Visiting Chefs

Yes, a freelance visiting chef also rakes in money for a freelancer who can cook without any problem. So if you have amazing cooking and baking skills for any or specific cuisine, you can earn money with such skills as a freelancer.

Generally, as a freelance visiting chef who is very good at making special dishes, there are numerous numbers of hotels and restaurants out there that are ready to pay for your service. They only need you for a short period of time to prepare a special cuisine for their special guests.

Even, if you are that good at preparing very spicy food with uncommon recipes, you will get a series of invitations from both the rich, famous, and royals to prepare delicious meals whenever they have an occasion or party.

Another interesting thing about this visiting chef freelancing is that most international hotels are always demanding their service. They can go as far as taking them to a very distant country just from them to prepare an unknown cuisine for the people of that jurisdiction.

However, if you have an excellent command of recipes in preparing uncommon cuisines, becoming a freelance visiting chef will surely earn you more than you could imagine.


What business are you good at? Now, it is time to talk about the kind of work you would like to do as a freelancer. This may be another roadblock for wannabe people like you that really want to involve in the gig economy.

To select the one that suits you the most, look at yourself, peruse the above-discussed freelancing works that are available, and check if there is one that has any of the features that you possess.

If you are good at writing engaging articles, freelance content writing should be your target and if your camera skills are exceptional, don’t hesitate to start taking pictures during your leisure.

Time waits for nobody, if you are really passionate about earning through freelancing, now is the time to make it happen.

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