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Are you a student who is looking for means or ways that would make furthering your education at Oxford easier? Do you want to get extensively updated on some of the most recent scholarships from the University of Oxford? If yes, you should hop on this train of ours as we dive in to reveal some of the most remarkable scholarship programs that the University of Oxford offers.


Before we go into details, let us discuss on the major factors that should move you towards studying at the University of Oxford.

Why Study at the University of Oxford?

The University of Oxford is one of the world’s most respected institutions of learning, a university that provides its students with top-quality education and also also a place where learning never ceases. It has been in existence for centuries and up to this moment, the University of Oxford is a station of learning that regularly produces elite, outstanding and out-of-this-world individuals.


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The system of education that this university has is one that has always yielded people with great academic excellence, individuals that have reformed the world and changed the way mankind studies its world.

It is important to note that nine out of the nineteen British Prime Ministers we’ve had in the 20th century, studied at Oxford. These are just few out of many other other notable personalities that have gone through the four walls of the University of Oxford.


“Why should I choose Oxford?”, “What are the benefits I get to receive if I am a student there?”. If you are amongst those asking the aforementioned questions, then the following should answer your questions:

You would be tutored by brilliant minds.


A degree or certificate from this university has a lot of perks, one of them being the fact that it’d set you in front, far from other job seekers.


You get to mingle with intelligent individuals.




You’re specifically trained to easily achieve academic development and eventually, success.

There are lots of scholarship programs to help you out.


All these astonishing feats we have listed above are actually some of the contributing factors towards the University of Oxford being part of top universities worldwide.


Now, let us talk about the various scholarships that this university offers to people who do not have enough financial capability to keep up with travel costs, tution fees and other costs of living.

Some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, do well to visit the University of Oxford official website.


1. Commonwealth Shared Scholarships

Are you a student from either Nigeria, Botswana, Dominica, India, Ghana, Cameroon, Namibia, Malawi, Jamaica or any of the developing Commonwealth countries (as specified by the scholarship committee)? If yes, then this scholarship program is for you.

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarships is dedicated towards helping and supporting students from the aforementioned countries as they pursue their educational objectives at the University of Oxford. This wonderful program will be offering between 5 to 10 scholarships to its successful applicants. If you eventually become a successful candidate of the Commonwealth Shared Scholarships, you get to receive the following:


Coverage of course fees in their entirety.


Additional grant that would cover your living costs, warm clothing allowance and also return airfares from your home country.

Study travel and thesis grants.



Before you can be considered as an applicant for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarships, you should note that:

Your application for graduate study must have been submitted first.


You are required to complete the online scholarship application formed issued by the commission.


You must be a citizen, ordinary resident or someone with refugee status of any of the countries listed in the official website.

For more information regarding this, do well to check their official website.



The Commonwealth scholarship commission will be accepting applications for the 2023 entry from 3rd of November, 2022. It is also important to note that selection for the scholarships is expected to take place between the month of May and July 2023.


For more information regarding this, do well to check their official website.


2. Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship (Fully Funded)

The Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that is available for both the Master’s and MBA year. If you know you are an International student from anywhere in the world and you are after your postgraduate studies, then this scholarship program at the University of Oxford should help you out.


If you eventually become a successful candidate of the Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship, you get to receive a full coverage of tuition fees and an additional £15,609 for your living expenses.

The courses offered in this scholarship program include: MSc in Sociology, MSc in Environmental Change and Management, Msc in Music, MSc in Computer Science and many others.



Candidates for the Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship are required to:


Be able to write and read the English language.


Have academic achievements.

Possess leadership potential, integrity, commitment, focus and other strong personal characters.

For more information regarding eligibility, do well to check the official website.



The Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship program has a variety of deadlines. If you have questions or queries concerning this, visit the official website immediately.


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3. Saïd Foundation Oxford Scholarships

The Saïd Foundation Oxford Scholarships are dedicated towards handing helping hands to students that cannot bear the weight of financial hardships. It is worthy to note that this scholarship has been supporting students since way back (the year 1984, to be precise).


As an applicant for the Saïd Foundation Oxford Scholarships, if you eventually become chosen, you get to receive:

Coverage of your course fees.

A grant of at least £16,062 for living costs.


Flights to and from the UK at the start and end of your course.



Before you are to be considered for the Saïd Foundation Oxford Scholarships, you should note that:


You must be a student who is applying to start a new full-time master’s courses at the University of Oxford.

You would be assessed on your potential to become great leaders, innovators and implementors of change.


It is not open to students applying for postgraduate diploma courses or certificate, non-matriculated courses or part-time courses.

For more information concerning this, visit their official website.


You are expected to apply to the Saïd Foundation by 28 October 2022. Decisions concerning selections are expected to be made around the end of June 2023.



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