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Université de Paris, Sorbonne Universite, Universite Paris Saclay, Universite Grenoble Alpes (UGA), University of Aix-Marseille and Sciences Po. These aforementioned schools are some out of many other top educational institutes that France has. In this article, we are going to be focusing on Sciences Po, which is also known as The Paris Institute of Political Studies.


This public research university was created back in 1872, which is about 150 years ago, by the renowned Émile Boutmy. Created first as the École libre des sciences politiques, this university has since been dedicated towards producing world leaders, individuals with high intellect and people who are up to reforming today’s world.

According to QS World University Subjects Rankings, Science Po is actually at the second place when it comes to study of Politics globally. This university has about 14,000 students and it remains one of the most elite institutions in France. It is also important to note that five out of the eight presidents of the French Fifth Republic have attended this great school.


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Each year, Sciences Po produces well-meaning individuals who are after the objectives of positively reforming and supporting the French society. Imagine yourself as an employee with a certificate or degree from one of the the most respected institutions in France – it is definitely going to put you several steps ahead other job seekers.

With all these features and astounding achievements, there are lots of students out there who are filled with the need to attend Sciences Po. The unfortunate issue here is that some of these students do not have enough financial strength to bear the weight of tuition costs, travel fees and many other costs of living.


This is why the Paris Institute of Political Studies has several scholarship programs that are dedicated towards helping students in both developmental and financial means. With these scholarships, students with the aspiration of furthering their studies in France can now get the golden opportunity to do so without stress.

Some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, do well to visit the official websites.


1. Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarship (Undergraduate African Students)

Are you a student who has been effort fully looking for how to cope with tuition prices in France? Are you a tired student, ready to give up on furthering your studies due to financial hardships? Hold on, because the Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarship might be just your savior.

Back in 2005, Geneviève McMillan established this great foundation as a commemoration of her friend, Reba Stewart. About ten years later, the foundation had a partnership with the Sciences Po American foundation in order to hand out merit-based scholarships to African students from sub-Saharan countries.


If you eventually become a successful candidate of the Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarship, you get to receive:


Full coverage for the Sciences Po tuitions fees each year, all for the duration of their undergraduate studies programme.

An additional grant to cover your living expenses. This is also dependent on the fact that social criteria are taken into account.



As an applicant of the Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarship, you should note that:


You must be a citizen of any sub-Saharan African country.


You must first be accepted to the undergraduate Europe-Africa programme from Science Po.


You must have completed your high school education in a sub-Saharan African country.

A motivational cover letter would be needed, preferably one that outlines what you’d gain and benefit from studying at Sciences Po with this scholarship.


For more information regarding this, do well to visit the official website.



The deadlines for the Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarships are scheduled as follows:


For undergraduate programme applicants from French secondary schools: 10th of April 2023.

For undergraduate programme applicants from foreign secondary schools: 22nd of February, 2023.


If you have other questions or queries concerning the deadline for Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarship, visit their official website.


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2. Émile Boutmy Scholarships (International Students)

If you are a committed student and you’re after the need of chasing your educational objectives in France, then the Émile Boutmy scholarship program should be a whole lot of opportunity for you.

Named after the excellent founder of the Sciences Po institution, this scholarship has been and will always be dedicated to those who can not counter financial issues they are facing. This scholarship program seeks for top students who are ready to meet individual course requirements and also the admission priorities of this elite institution.


International students who eventually become successful applicants would get to receive wonderful allocations which includes:


For Master’s Level:

A €10,000 grant each year to cover tuition fees for the two years of the Master’s program.

An additional €5,000 tuition grant per year for the two years of the Masters program.


For Undergraduate Level:

A €7,300 tuition grant of per year, that will help you for the three years of the undergraduate programme.


A 19,000€ scholarship may also be granted for the coverage of the three years of College, on an exceptional basis.


In addition to a grant of about €5000 each year that will deal with coverage of part of the cost of living.

With these perks, international students can now receive the golden opportunity of achieving academic excellence and also pursuing whatever they are after, career-wise.



As an applicant of the Émile Boutmy Scholarships (for International Students), you should note that:


You must NOT be an exchange student.


You must NOT be a candidate for the 1 year Master’s programmes.


You must NOT have dual citizenship (including an EU citizenship).

You must NOT be a Norwegian or Swiss applicant (since you may be entitled to CROUS scholarships).


For more information regarding how to know if you are eligible for this scholarship, you should do well to check their official website immediately.


The deadline for the Émile Boutmy Scholarship for International students is scheduled to be on the 10th of April, next year (2023). If you are desiring applicant and you have queries or questions related to the scholarship program, please do well to check their official website immediately.


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