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Did you know? “Canada is one of the most favourite study abroad destinations among the international student population. And it is known for its outstanding and affordable education.” Apart from being an amazing country to be in, Canada boasts of having top-notch universities and more cheaper hostel than that of unilorin hostel fees.

Currently, there are 96 Public/Government universities in the country. And the good news is, these universities offer fully funded scholarships for foreigners. So even if you are not a citizen, you are still eligible to get to study for free from this highly esteemed country.

Don’t know how to go about with applying for Canadian scholarships? It’s cool. The whole purpose of writing this article, is for those who don’t know how to take the right actions. So this article is for you.

For foreigners outside Canada, if you plan to study in Canada, you should know that the average cost of a four-year university degree starting in 2022 is $96,004 for students in residence. As a foreigner or someone who have checked out campushints, you can school and not pay a dime. All thanks to fully funded scholarships.


Some of you folks might not have a full understanding of what a fully funded scholarship is. So here is a short and simple definition: A fully funded scholarship is a financial aid that takes away the burden of every financial needs.

In simple terms, when you are granted a fully funded scholarship in Canada, it means the scholarship will cover tuition, insurance, health, text books, and most likely every other expenses.

After giving this short explanation, you do not need to be given any further reasons why you should apply for a fully funded scholarship.

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The number of public Canadian universities that offer scholarships is ‘a lot.’ A few will be listed below. Bear in mind, these are one of the bests.


In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you will find one of the best university the world has ever seen. Mcgill University is a Governmental.

Mcgill is said to be one of the bests, and this is no hype. The university has students from about 150 different countries(not many universities can boast of this feat). They offer different entrance scholarships to their citizens. Meanwhile, foreigners are also not left out.

To apply for a Mcgill full funded scholarship, you simply have to head over to the school’s main website. There you will get all the necessary info you need.


In 2021, University of Waterloo was awarded as the number for Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics students. This first class public university is a good choice to consider when applying for a fully funded governmental scholarship.

University of Waterloo is considered to be one of Canada’s leading universities. They offer different programs for international students, and this includes different scholarships.

To make more enquiries, you can head to their official website to get more details.


There are many good universities in Canada, but in every list of ‘best universities im Canada,’ you are likely to see Toronto Metropolitan university come up.

Toronto Metropolitan University is ranked 801 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education. It is a public school that offers scholarship based on merits and financial needs. The school claims to be interested in helping students achieve their academic goal, and this is one of many reasons why this Canada Governmental university offers scholarships.

Best of lucks as you apply.


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