Mysculpr Review: Is Legit or Scam?

In terms of making money quickly and fast, is something I would recommend to anyone. It is one of the few money making platforms that will allow internet users to earn without having to make any investments. Welcome to a detailed and thorough review.” Time you learn a new way to make money from the internet.


These days, rather than learn a digital skill for months or even years, some internet users are earning the dough by registering or fast money making platforms. Yes, it works! There are sites that pay, hundreds of thousands of them. The tough part is finding them, because unfortunately there are millions of scam sites.

In this article, I will be talking about a site that is ‘most likely’ in the category of legit and paying sites.

If you want to know how works, then the wise thing to do is to read up and learn from this review article.


Mysculpr is trending among South African users. Many of them are already claiming to have received payments. For non-South African individuals, you can also earn join this site and earn too – The trick is to get yourself a South African phone number and Bank account details.


Don’t be in a hurry though. Signing up on is easy, but after registering you may be lost of the right steps to take. Which is why you should read this review article first. Gain all the info you need first, before making up your mind on whether to sign up or not.

If you are already a member of, reading this review article means you have come here searching for an answer to a query. Well I guarantee you will get your answer. Review

Mysculpr website is not really helpful, in terms of providing info. They literally have no ‘About Us’ or ‘Frequently asked questions’ page. This means, as a member of, you would be deprived of the info you need.


Lucky for you all who are interested in the earning site, all the info you need, will be made available in this review write up.

For those of you who have questions, below are some of the questions I will provide detailed answers to: What is mysculpr? How to earn from mysculpr? Is legit or scam? How to go about sign up process? Who is the owner of mysculpr? How to go about login process? And many other questions.


What is is similar to the old earning site called TreasureStores. Many are even convinced that it is managed by the same individual(s).

This money making site gives a welcome bonus to all members. Mind you, there are not criteria to qualify for the bonus. Simply perform sign up process, and you will get rewarded with the sum of R15.


If this is interesting to you, then you are definitely going to love hearing about how members can make money from!


How to Earn from

Mysculpr is a site that offers different investment plans. The plans are called sculp levels, and they all offer mouth watering offers. The good thing is, depositing is not necessary on this platform.

You can earn in different ways. Such as;


Mysculpr offers daily surveys for all members. If you have done one before, you would know answering surveys are actually fun.


Playing Games

A lot of people play games for fun. But for members of, you get to play games for fun and for the money.

This site literally pays members to have fun. You see, life isn’t so hard!

Referral referral is the most popular way members use to earn. It is just as easy as the previously mentioned methods.

Referring is simply sharing a link and asking people to sign up on mysculpr.


The reward for every success referral you get, is a certain percentage of your referral’s earnings. The more they earn, the more free money you will get.


How to go about Referral

In my opinion, referral is the best way to earn. Here is how to go about it:

First, perform login steps. Then in your dashboard, find your way to the referral page.


Copy your referral link, then share the link. When people sign up with it, you start getting easy money!


When was Launched

Mysculpr started operating on the 5th of October, 2022.


I am certain this was the date was launched, because before then no one on the internet ever spoke about the site.

Who is the Owner of

The owner of should be considered a ‘ghost’ because that is literally what he or she has done to his/her identity.


No internet user or member of mysculpr has a hint of who the owner of is. Sign Up

Here is how you can register on this site and get your welcome bonus of R150.

First, head to the website( Next, click on ‘Register.’

After that, you will be taken to sign up page. Punch in your preferred username, mobile number, and desired password. Then you can submit. Login

To login is quite simple, because if you are logged out of your account and you attempt to head to the homepage, you will always be redirected to login page.

On mysculpr login page, type in your username and password. Then click on ‘Login.’


How to Withdraw on

To withdraw, you will first have to carry out login process. When you do that, find and click on ‘withdraw.’


On the withdrawal page, you will only be allowed to withdraw at least R150.

Provide your accurate bank details to receive your earned revenue fast.


Is Legit or Scam

‘Is mysculpr legit or scam?’ Many have been asking. Well, it is no longer news that this site is already paying members. Many members have dropped payment proofs on the internet, and for sure more will still get paid. is a legit site, for now.


For those that couldn’t stop asking “Is legit or scam?” Now that you have gotten an answer on that question, I want you to know that if you haven’t signed up yet, then you are running out of time!


That’s all for this mysculpr review” writeup. If you have questions, drop them below.

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